Do you want to bring a brighter appearance to your garden? You can easily plant Coleus plants in your garden. With proper care and nursing, this plant will bring a natural and captivating look to the entire grassland or veranda. In addition to having incredible coloring options, they come in different leaf sizes and shapes. Coloring options include green, pink, maroon, yellowish, pink, etc.

There are many reasons why you should plant Coleus in your hobby garden to give it a more creative and natural appearance. But many gardening enthusiasts don’t know how many Coleus seeds per pot and how to care for them. It is recommended to plant three to four seeds per pot to ensure that Coleus grows quickly and successfully.

However, just knowing the number of Coleus seeds per pot is not enough to grow Coleus plants. In this article, I will discuss everything related to this, which will help you a lot.

How Many Coleus Seeds Per Pot Should Be Planted: Considering Factors

Though you can plant 3-4 Coleus seeds per pot, the number of Coleus seedlings varies from pot size, depth, width, garden environment, soil pH, fertility, etc. Let me describe these factors one by one elaborately.

Factor #1: Pot Size

How many Coleus seedlings you can plant in a single pot depends mainly on the size of the pot. Hence the size of the container is considered a significant factor in this regard. However, it is good to say that the bigger the size and shape of the pot, the more seeds you can plant in it.

So you need to know what size pot for Coleus is perfect. But if you want to plant many seeds at once, it is better to choose larger pots. In more detail, the seeds will take less time to germinate and will have enough space to grow.

For instance, an 8-inches pot can hold more than 4 seeds, whereas a 10” or more size pot holds 5+ seeds. However, planting the seed often depends on you. How?

You can understand better if watering can be done properly or not. If your seedling is more frequently planted in the pot, the plant’s roots can get damaged or all plants won’t get adequate water.

Factor #2: Depth Of The Pot

The second thing to consider is the depth of the container. What size do you want the tree to be? I would want the plant to be gigantic. So the roots must be allowed to grow.

Bobvilla Says,

“Select a pot or container that’s just a few inches larger than the root ball, and it will make itself a happy home.”

The deeper the roots penetrate, the more nourished and faster growing the plant will be. Now the question is, how big a pot for Coleus is suitable? In this case, you can choose a pot with a depth of around 24” to 36”.

Factor #3: Width Of the Pot

You should also consider the pot’s width when planting more seedlings. The wider the pot you choose, the better the seedlings will be, and there will be more space to sow the seeds.

As a result, the plants can get the right light, air, water, oxygen, and nutrients they need. Thus, the seedlings will grow, and their leaves and branches will also spread evenly. The pot’s width should be around 2” to 20”, depending on the number of seeds.

Factor #4: Garden Atmosphere or Environment

Plants are sensitive to growing perfectly. The surrounding environment affects the growth of seeds. If the environment is friendly for germinating Coleus seeds, then you can sow more seeds in a pot.

Ensure the garden environment, especially making sure the air is not polluted. So ensure eliminating unhygienic stuff from the garden and making it safe for plants to grow.

Factor #5: PH Level Of Soil

Choosing the right soil is a very important as well as a tough task. In this case, the correct pH value of the soil, the ratio of potassium, calcium, sodium in the soil, etc. should be observed.

Generally, the ideal soil pH range is between 3.5 to 10. If the soil is within this range, assume it is suitable for crops or plants. However, if the soil pH level is within this range, you can easily sow 4-5 seeds per pot.

Factor #6: Fertility

Another considerable fact is soil fertility. The seeds get proper nutrition as all kinds of nutrients are present in the fertile soil. In this way, seeds germinate easily. Therefore, it is not difficult for many seeds to grow together even if they are sown together.

So try to increase the fertility of the soil. This will help you to sow 3-6 seedlings in a pot. However, when the plant grows bigger, it should be moved to a larger container. This way, plants can receive the adequate nutrients it needs.

Factor #7: Seed Predispositions

How many seeds to sow also depends on the quality of the seeds. If the seed quality is good, then 5-6 seeds can be sown easily. Good seeds also take less time to germinate. In addition, they grow very quickly. But it is best to sow 3 to 4 seeds to get better results.

Factor #8: Temperature

The standard temperature for Coleus seeds germinating is between 60 degrees and 75 degrees Fahrenheit. So judge the temperature in the garden, and sow seeds accordingly to meet the best results.

5 Tips To Germinate And Grow Coleus Plant in Pot Without Damaging Seeds

Often, without knowing the exact information, the Coleus seeds can’t germinate properly, let alone grow. Therefore, I am here to mention some effective tips for germinating seeds accurately.

Tip 1: Make Sure The Seeds Are Sown Deep Enough

If the seed is sown without proper proportioning, it will never grow. For example, if you sow the seeds too far apart, they will be slow to germinate. Sometimes there is a possibility of not getting up.

Also, if you sow the seeds a little below the ground, they may rise when watered. So it is important to understand how deep to plant Coleus seeds. For Coleus seeds, it can be about 5 to 6 inches, but it varies.

Tip 2: Keep Adequate Space

Keep accurate spacing one after one seed is necessary. When it comes to Coleus spacing in pots, 6” to 12” spacing is enough. Therefore, you should sow each seed by keeping 6 inches gap. If you do so, the seeds will get adequate space to spread their roots and grow better.

Tip 3: Watering Adequately

The lack of regular watering after sowing often results in late germination of seedlings. Unfortunately, indeed, sometimes the seedlings never come out of the ground.

Therefore, if water is not given regularly in the right proportion, the plant will not grow from the seed. So water regularly and see the seedlings at the right time.

Tip 4: Place The Pot To Get Adequate Sunlight

Another way to grow seedlings in time from seed is to keep the pot in proper sunlight. If the soil does not get enough heat, it loses its fertility. By doing this, the quality and uniqueness of the soil are lost. As a result, it is no longer possible to produce seedlings from seeds.

Tip 5: Select Nutritious Soil

It is better to save the soil with all the nutrients that help the plant grow. It is foolish to expect good plants or crops without the right soil. It should be checked whether the pH value of the soil is correct and whether there are other organic elements in the soil, sodium, potassium, calcium, etc. So be careful in choosing the soil.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Many Coleus Seedlings Are In A Pot?

Usually, depending on the pot size, shape, and depth, you can sow 3-5 seeds in a pot. But if the container is big enough and has enough space, you can sow more. Remember to keep space from each seed after another. Otherwise, they can’t get enough moisture, nutrients, temperatures, and water adequately.

How Do You Grow Coleus Seeds In A Pot?

The growing process of Coleus seed in a pot is straightforward and has fewer hassles. It includes selecting the perfect pot, sowing the seeds in the right number, preparing the soil, watering the seeds, and waiting for the plants. Remember to choose the right soil that is perfect for Coleus. Also, make sure adequate sunlight is present.

Is Coleus Hard To Grow From Seed?

Admit it or not, Coleus seeds are sensitive, depending on the environment and weather. Not every weather and season is perfect for growing Coleus from seeds. Often, gardeners find it slightly hard to propagate at home and this is the most concerning issue. But it will be pretty easy if the exact process is applied.

How Far Apart Should Coleus Be Planted?

Typically, the minimum gap between two seeds is around 6 to 12 inches. Undoubtedly, too frequent sowing of each seed after another will damage the root and keep them away from getting nutrients in the right proportion. So ensure the spacing is correct for optimal results.

How Long Does It Take Coleus To Grow From Seed?

Usually, Coleus takes 2-3 weeks to grow from seed. But it can vary from place to place and weather to weather. Also, proper care and maintaining the exact procedure mean a lot in this case. If there are lots of damping conditions, moisture, mildew attacks, roots rot effects, and powdery mildew effects, the growing time will be lengthy. So caring properly is suggested to grow the plant well.


There is often a lot of confusion about how many Coleus seeds are appropriate for each container. Because if the seeds are sown in the right proportion, the seedlings will grow fast and healthy. Moreover, the seeds will get the right sunlight, air, water, and other nutrients in the right proportions.

So hope all your doubts are cleared about how many Coleus seeds per pot are suitable. Usually, experts say 3 to 4 seeds are enough per pot. Because planting a lot of seeds in a single pot may result in unhealthy plants. The plants won’t get enough nutrients.

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