In the Midwest, Exmark is prevalent in the commercial landscape industry. It’s rare to drive around my area and not see numerous Exmark zero turn, walk-behind, and stand-on lawn mowers.  

While Exmark has a premier lineup of lawn mowers for the commercial industry, you may wonder if Exmark makes a lawn mower with the same great cut and quality and at a lower price point. 

The Exmark Radius is one of the best high-end residential lawn mowers on the market today. They definitely put a lot of thought into the features of the Radius and stand behind their product with a good warranty period. 

Exmark Radius Zero Turn

What We Like: 

  • Full-suspension seat available on the S-Series and X-Series  
  • Tow hitch 
  • Cut quality from UltraCut deck 

What We Don’t Like: 

  • Fuel gauge window is sometimes hard to read 
  • 12-Volt port doesn’t come standard (can be added as an option) 
  • Prior S-Series model had a suspension platform that sat too high & levers would hit lap. Exmark removed the suspension platform as a standard option with the latest S-Series release

Where toBuy 

The Exmark Radius can’t be bought from the big box stores like Home Depot and Lowes. You will need to purchase your Exmark Radius from an independent outdoor power equipment store.  

Exmark produces a superior lineup of mowers and they want to make sure the quality of service is provided after the sale by only allowing independent stores to sell their product. Independent outdoor power equipment locations are required to have trained staff on site. 

Retailers of the Exmark Radius must attend sales and service training so they are best able to promote and repair their products. Knowing you have a place that can address any future problems you have with your Exmark will provide you with piece of mind. 

Check out current retail price on Exmark’s website.

Setup & Delivery 

The qualified staff at your local Exmark dealership will setup and go through a list of inspections to ensure your lawn mower is ready and safe for use. They check the operating system, safety system, fluids, tire pressures and more.   

This is also the time where any additional accessories you choose to add to your lawn mower are installed on your Exmark Radius. 

Many Exmark dealerships provide a delivery service. Check with your local dealership to find out what their store offers. You can find your closest Exmark dealer near you by visiting Exmark’s Dealer Locator. 

Exmark Radius Lineup 

Exmark carries three different models in their Exmark Radius lineup. They are identified by series letters of E, S, and X. 

  • Exmark Radius E-Series 
  • Exmark Radius S-Series 
  • Exmark Radius X-Series 

Exmark Radius Features 

Exmark offers a variety of premium features standard on their Radius zero turns. 

Toolless Floor Pan & Belt Shields 

The Exmark Radius is designed with a removable floor pan and belt shields that don’t require the use of tools. Lifting up the floor pan and removing the black molded plastic belt shields provide easy access to the top side of the mower deck.  

You will gain access to pulleys, spindles and mower deck belt. Having this removable pan is a plus when you need to keep the area clean of debris so you don’t ruin a belt or pulley. Replacing a belt or pulley is also an easier task with the removeable items. 

Commercial Grade Engine 

Commercial engines are installed in all models of the Exmark Radius series. The S-Series and X-Series models are set up with the large heavy-duty canister style engine filtration system. Having a heavy-duty filtration system will assist with extending engine life. 

The E-Series Radius model uses an Exmark branded engine that is set up to Exmark’s specifications. It utilized a self-cleaning air filtration system and two-barrel carburetor.  The nice option provided on the Exmark engine is a system to drain engine oil that doesn’t require tools. 

The Radius S-Series and X-Series zero turns currently use Kawasaki’s commercial FX651V, FX691V, or FX730V engines. These range between 20.5 HP and 23.5 HP. 

Full Suspension Seat 

The Radius E-Series mower comes with the standard seat. Upgrading to the Radius S-Series or X-Series mowers will give you the full suspension seat. This seat gives you 3 inches of adjustable vertical suspension.  

The full-suspension seat provides a comfortable ride and reduces the amount of vibration you feel when operating your lawn mower. It’s seat design provides additional stability and support to the operator. 

Exmark’s UltraCut Deck 

The Exmark Radius decks include maintenance-free sealed bearing assemblies in their patented UltraCut deck. This deck provides a superior cut quality that other manufacturers are trying to achieve. 

The E-Series mower uses the Series-3 UltraCut deck while the Radius X-Series and Rear Discharge models use the Series-4 UltraCut deck. The Series-4 decks uses a large cutting housing and spindle. It also has a deck depth of 5.5” which is a half inch deeper than the Series-3 deck at 5”. 

The blade tip speed at 18,500 fpm along with the patented flow-controlled baffles give the Exmark Radius its premium cut. 

Exmark uses a 10-gauge steel on the top of the Radius deck and a 7-gauge steel on the side skirt for durability.

Tow Hitch 

Every Exmark Radius zero turn includes an integrated 80-pound capacity tow hitch. Great for pulling light weight implements. 

Available Accessory Options 

Exmark offer a variety of accessories available for the Exmark Radius series mowers.  

  • Mulching Kit (Includes baffles, chute blocker and mulch blades) 
  • Light Kit (Installs on rollover protection system ROPS bars) 
  • Operator Controlled Discharge (allows operator to block chute when going around garden beds and other areas that you don’t want grass to discharge) 
  • Trash container 
  • UltraVac Collection System (for grass and leaf collection) 
  • Striping Kit (try the mower out on your lawn before purchasing. You may be impressed with the striping performance you get without the kit) 
  • 3-Bushel Bagger 
  • 12-Volt Power Port 
  • Sunshade 
  • Mower Storage Cover 

Exmark Radius Performance 

Using the Exmark Radius S-Series mower to cut my lawn left my lawn looking great and it even put in those nice stripes in my lawn that made my neighbors envious. The machine seemed powerful enough to tackle my large 2-acre lawn.  

The Exmark Radius I with the 60” Series-3 UltraCut mower deck had the standard high-lift mower blades installed. The cut quality was amazing and the grass was dispersed with the side discharge deck. I didn’t have any clumping of grass and you couldn’t even notice the cut grass in the lawn. 

I went through some thick lush grass to see if the engine would bog down. The mower managed the thick patch fine. I didn’t test the mower with a grass collection system option added to the mower as I’m sure that will make the engine work harder. 

However, I did ask a friend that just purchased an Exmark Radius S-Series with a collection system about his mower performance. He stated the mower works great with the 2-bag collection system and has no problem bagging his thick (watered consistently) lush grass. He’s pretty picky and it took him 4 years to decide on the right mower set up.

I love the extra comfort that is provided with the full-suspension seat. My spouse and I have about a 100-pound difference in weight and after trying out this seat, I can’t go back to a standard seat. It was so easy get into the seat and reach down and turn the dial on the seat to my own weight.  

What a difference in comfort this makes when mowing my, not so smooth, lawn. I don’t feel like I’m beat up by the time I finish my mowing project. 

The Radius S-Series mower reacted well to the motion I made with the levers. I was able to cut in a straight path without putting a lot of effort into keeping the mower on the path. 

Exmark Radius Competition

The Exmark Radius S-Series zero turn is closely comparable to the Husqvarna Z460. There are still several differences. Take a look at our side-by-side comparison in our article, “Exmark Radius vs. Husqvarna Zero Turn Mower: Which is Better?“.

Warranty Coverage 

Manufacturers can update their warranty coverage periods and parts & labor coverage at any time that goes into effect when the mower is purchased. Always consult with the manufacturer or your local dealer to verify your warranty coverage. 

Here are the current warranty coverage periods for the Exmark Radius Series. Note: The engine carries a different warranty period than the mower. 

Exmark Mower Model Warranty Period (Whichever Period Comes First) 
Radius E-Series 4 Year or 500 Hours Limited 
Radius S-Series 4 Year or 750 Hours Limited 
Radius X-Series 4 Year or 1000 Hours Limited 
Exmark Radius Warranty Period
Radius Engines Warranty Period (Whichever Period Comes First 
Exmark on Radius E-Series 4 Year or 500 Hours 
Exmark on Radius S-Series 4 Year or 750 Hours 
Kawasaki Engine 3 Year 
Exmark Radius Engine Warranty Period

Exmark Radius Specifications 

 Radius E-Series Radius S-Series Radius X-Series 
Engine 24.5 HP Exmark 708 20.5 HP Kawasaki FX651V 
22 HP Kawasaki FX691V 23.5 HP Kawasaki FX730V 
20.5 HP Kawasaki FX651V 
22 HP Kawasaki FX691V 23.5 HP Kawasaki FX730V 
Deck Size 44”, 48”, 52”, 60” 48”, 52”, 60” 48”, 52”, 60” 
Deck Style Full-Floating UltraCut 
Series 3 
Full-Floating UltraCut 
Series 3 
Full-Floating Ultra Cut Rear Discharge (60”) 
Full-Floating UltraCut 
Series 4 
Cutting Height 1.5” to 5.0”  
0.25” Increments 
1.5” to 5.0”  
0.25” Increments 
1.5” to 5.0”  
0.25” Increments 
Hydro-Drive System ZT-2800 (44”, 48”, 52”) 
ZT-3100 (48”, 52”, 60”) 
ZT-3400 (Rear Discharge 
Speed Up to 7.0 mph (44”) Up to 8.0 mph (48”, 52”, 60”) Up to 9.0 mph Up to 10.0 mph 
Fuel Capacity 7.0 Gallons 7.0 Gallons 7.0 Gallons 
Seat 18” Commercial High Back 20” Premium Adjustable Full-Suspension Seat 20” Premium Adjustable Full-Suspension Seat  
Font Casters 13×5-6 Pneumatic (44”) 13×6.5-6 Pneumatic (48”, 52”, 60” 13×6.5-6 Pneumatic 13×6.5-6 Pneumatic 
Drive Tires 22×8.5-12 (44”) 22×9.5-12 (48”, 52”) 22×10.5-12 (60”) 23×9.5-12 (48”, 52”) 23×10.5-12 (60”) 24×9.5-12 (48”, 52”) 24×10.5-12 (60”) 
Warranty 4 Year or 500 Hours 
4 Year or 750 Hours 
4 Year or 1,000 Hours 

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