Buying a zero turn mower is a major decision. It is pretty difficult picking out the right mower especially when two brands appear very similar.

Working in the lawn mower industry I get asked about the Exmark vs Husqvarna zero turn very often so I thought I should do a comparison on a couple of mowers to show you the similarities and differences.

The mowers I keep getting asked about are the Exmark S-Series RAS730GKA603A3 and the Husqvarna Z460 with the Kawasaki engine.

So is the Exmark or Husqvarna better? The Exmark Radius S-Series is a better zero-turn mower when compared to the Husqvarna Z460.

The Exmark Radius S-Series 60″ mower uses a commercial grade Kawasaki FX730V engine with a heavy air cleaner system, thicker gauge steel on the deck, a suspension seat, sealed bearing assemblies, and a larger fuel tank.

Both the Exmark and Husqvarna models are upper-level residential models. They can be used for very light commercial use as well if you are unable to spend the money to get into the commercial series.

There are similarities and differences between the two zero-turn mowers. Stick with me and I’ll go through them.

Exmark S Series Mower and Husqvarna Z460 Comparison

Exmark vs Husqvarna Mower Deck

The deck size on the Z460 is 60″. The Exmark Radius S-Series offers 48″, 52″, and 60″ decks. I’ll be referring to the 60″ deck for comparative purposes going forward.

Both models use an electric clutch engagement to the deck. The Husqvarna models use cast aluminum spindle housings.

A perk of the Exmark model is its usage of 3 maintenance-free sealed bearing spindle assemblies. Both models use fabricated mower decks.

The Exmark and Husqvarna use thick gauge steel on their decks, but Exmark goes further and increases that steel thickness to a 7 gauge on the side skirt.

This thicker steel around the sides of the deck will minimize damage from impact due to accidentally running into obstacles.

There is not a wash out port on these decks like other homeowner units so you will have to lift the unit up to clean out the underside of the mower deck.

Exmark offers a jack option for an added cost or you can purchase an aftermarket jack that will work with the Husqvarna and Exmark.

Personally, I don’t like wash out ports because the port is often plugged when you go to use it and it’s a pretty messy process once you engage the deck and have debris and water flying out from under the deck.

I do not consider the absence of a wash out port a downside to any lawn mower.

Husqvarna Z460Exmark Radius S-Series
Deck Cutting Width60″ Deck60″ Deck
TypeFabricatedFabricated, Floating Deck
Ultra Cut 3-Series Deck
DischargeSideSide, Rear Available
Thickness of Steel10 Gauge Steel10 Gauge Steel – Top
7 Gauge Side Skirt
Depth5″ Deep
Height Adjustment1.5 inches to 4.5 inches
17 Positions
1.5 inches to 5 inches
1/4 Inch Increments
# of Blades3 Blades3 Blades
Blade Tip Speed18,500 fpm18,500 fpm
Deck LiftManual Lift with Foot Assisted Lift SystemManual Lift with Foot Assisted Lift System
Anti-Scalp Wheels4 Anti-Scalp Wheels3 Anti-Scalp Wheels

Exmark vs Husqvarna Engine

Even though both mowers use a Kawasaki commercial engine of similar size, the Exmark uses the engine with a bigger air filter. The FX730V commercial 4-cycle engine uses a heavy-duty canister air filter system. This larger air filtration system is not found on the Husqvarna Z460.

Husqvarna Z460Exmark Radius S-Series
ManufacturerKawasaki Kawasaki
Engine ModelFS691VFX730V V-Twin
Horsepower*23 HP23.5 HP
Engine OilSAE30 or SAE10W-30SAE30 or SAE10W-30
CoolingAir CooledAir Cooled
* A provided by the manufacturer, the power rating is the average gross power output at the specified RPM of a typical production engine model using SAE Standards for engine gross power.

Exmark vs Husqvarna Drive System

The hydrostatic drive systems are serviceable. They both use a filter on each side of the transmission and take about 2 quarts of full synthetic blend oil per side. The Husqvarna.

Mowing times are similar although the Husqvarna is rated to mow at 10 MPH. Very rarely will you be mowing at top speed with either mower if your main goal is to get a precise cut.

Husqvarna Z460Exmark Radius S-Series
TypeHydrostatic TransmissionHydrostatic Transmission
Parker HTE 10Side Discharge: Dual Hydro-Gear ZT3100
Rear Discharge: Dual Hydro-Gear ZT3400
SpeedInfinitely Variable Speed
Forward: 0-10 MPH
Reverse: 0-5 MPH
Infinitely Variable Speed
Forward: 0-9 MPH
Reverse: 0-5 MPH
# of Hydraulic FiltersTwo (One on Each Side)Two (One on Each Side)
Hydraulic OilParker HT-1000
(Changed every 750 Hours)
Castrol Suntec 5W-50
(Changed every 500 Hours)
Exmark Hydraulic Oil
(Changed every 500 hrs)
15W-50 Full Synthetic Blend
(Changed every 250 hrs)

Other Lawn Mower Specifications

Removable Foot Pan
Having a removable foot pan is a great option to have on your zero turn. Both models include this feature. This allows easy access to the deck pulley and belt area for easier repairs.

It’s good to keep this area clean of debris so your mower deck continues to operate in good condition.

The ability to get into this area easily helps you do just that. Without keeping up with the removal of grass and other debris, you can get buildup that wedges itself between the deck and pulleys which can create a vibration.

A buildup of grass can also bring on an unwanted fire created by heat and friction off of the belt in combination with dry grass and leaves.

You may notice there is a significant weight difference between the Husqvarna Z460 and Exmark Radius S-Series with 60″ Deck. A lot of this extra weight is due to the heavier thicker steel and a heavier suspension seat used on the Exmark.

A premium suspension seat comes standard on the Exmark zero-turn lawn mower. This a seat that you can dial in to get the best suspension needed based on your weight.

This suspension makes a huge difference in how much you bounce around, especially on some uneven ground. Riding a lawn mower with a suspension seat vs one without a suspension seat is very noticeable on your body and fatigue after mowing.

Previous Exmark Radius S- Series Problem – Levers Hitting Lap on Exmark S-Series
In previous Exmark Radius S-Series models, a suspension platform was standard instead of the suspension seat.

There have been complaints that the levers hit your lap when operating the mower because the platform raises the level you sit on the seat.

This was a very real problem and persuaded individuals to seek a different lawn mower. The suspension platform is no longer standard so the height of the levers should not be a problem for most operators going forward.

Warranty Coverage
The warranty period coverage on the lawn mower is 4 years for each unit or 750 hours on the Husqvarna or 750 hours on the Exmark.

This means you will be covered for manufactured defects and failures for 4 years or the hours designated, whichever period comes first.

The engine will have a different warranty period for both mowers. The drive system period can vary as well on the Husqvarna so make sure you read the current manufacturer warranty periods because they often change annually.

Husqvarna Z460Exmark Radius S-Series
DimensionsWidth: 74 Inches
Length: 76.5 Inches
Height: 49 Inches (w/ ROPS folded)
Width: 72 Inches
Length: 82 Inches
Height: 47 Inches (w/ ROPS extended)
Weight823 lbs1044 lbs
Drive Tires22 x 10-10 Turf Tire23 x 9.50-12 Turf Tire
Caster Wheels13 x 6.5-6 Pneumatic, 6″ Wide13 x 6.5-6 Pneumatic, 6″ Wide
Fuel TypeGasolineGasoline
Fuel Tank Size6 Gallons7 Gallons
Safety SystemOperator Presence Control (OPC)
Drive System Interlock
Operator Presence Control (OPC)
Drive System Interlock
ROPSFoldable ROPS with Seat BeltFoldable ROPS w/ Seat Belt
Seat21″ High Back Premium Seat with
Arm Rests, Seat Spring
20″ High Back Premium w/ Arm Rests
Full Adjustable Suspension Seat
Cup HolderYesYes
Hour MeterDigitalDigital
Warranty Period4 Year or 750 Hour Limited
Engine & Drive Train May be 2-3 Years
4 Year or 750 Hours Limited
Engine Warranty: 3 Years

Additional Accessories Available

Each manufacturer offers some additional accessories available for purchase separately. Some of these items cannot be purchased through Husqvarna, but you should be able to find an aftermarket option that will work with the Husqvarna Z460.

AccessoriesHusqvarna Z460Exmark Radius S-Series
Mulch KitYesYes
Powered Bagger Collection SystemYes Yes
Grass CatcherX
Aftermarket Option
Aftermarket Option
ROPS Mounted Light KitYesYes
Operator Controlled Discharge – HandYesYes
12-Volt Power AdapterX
Aftermarket Option
Turf Striping KitYesYes
Bucket Mounting SystemYesYes

Exmark vs Husqvarna Price

So far in 2021 I have seen price inconsistencies and sudden price movements, unlike prior years. In fact, I received a notice that the price of the mower I am looking at had an automatic price increase due to manufacturer shortages and an increased price of materials.

I have found the price of the Exmark is about $400-$600 more than the Husqvarna. When you’re getting a price from a lawn mower dealership, make sure you receive a guaranteed written quote good for a specific amount of days.

Most dealerships are able to provide you with price protection for 30 days. Make sure you ask and get a written quote so you don’t get shocked with a significant price increase when you finally decide to pull the trigger and buy your next lawn mower.

Check out the manufacturers’ websites for current retail pricing:

Husqvarna Z460

Exmark Radius S-Series RAS730GKA603A3

Is Exmark Worth the Extra Cost When Compared to Husqvarna?

Exmark is worth the extra cost when compared to Husqvarna. The Exmark Radius S-Series has many options that are standard on its units and not on similar higher-end residential models.

The higher-quality decks on the Exmark are built with thicker gauge steel and maintenance-free sealed bearing spindle assemblies. The Exmark includes a suspension seat, commercial-grade engine with a heavy-duty air filter system.

If you are able to spend a little extra money on an Exmark, I would definitely go with the Exmark S-Series because of its service reputation and durability.

If you can’t afford to pay for the upgrades, the Husqvarna Z460 is a very good option for a high-end residential mower.

It may not have all of the durability and comfort options available on the Exmark, but it is a very good mower for its price point.

I have completed a review of the Exmark Radius S-Series Mower at “Exmark Radius Zero Turn Reviews & Specs“.

Is the Exmark Radius a Commercial Mower?

The Exmark Radius is considered a premium high-end residential mower. It is built with solid materials and can be used as an entry-level commercial mower.

I recommend utilizing either the Exmark S-Series or X-Series mowers when using commercial use.

Other Items to Consider Before Purchasing a Zero Turn Lawn Mower

Lawn Mower Parts and Service Availability

People often forget about the importance of a lawn mower dealer until their mower breaks down. One of the most important factors I found necessary to research before purchasing a product is where to get parts and services.

You will eventually need to perform maintenance and repairs on your lawn mower. Where can you get assistance with identifying the parts and repairs you need?

Is the retail store or service center staff knowledgeable? How far away do you need to drive to get parts or repairs? Can you get good help online? “Hello Amazon, I am experiencing this problem with my lawn mower.

What should I check and what parts do I need to perform the repairs based on my model and serial number? Nothing is more frustrating than spending money and getting the wrong parts and no one to call for support.

Lawn Mower Warranty Work

Keep in mind you will need to have your warranty repair work completed by a certified dealer. For example, you will need to have a certified Husqvarna or Exmark dealer perform warranty work on your lawn mower for the repairs to be covered.

Kawasaki warranty repairs will need to be performed by a certified Kawasaki repair shop. Take time to check out dealership support in your area so you’re not stuck driving hours away for warranty repairs.

Entry Level Commercial Lawn Mower

If you are using one of these higher-level residential mowers for your small commercial mowing business, dealership support is key for you. Downtime with your lawn mower means you’re not making money.

Some dealerships are focused on supporting commercial lawn care companies and ensuring they have the parts and staff on hand to get your lawn mower repaired and returned to you promptly.

Some dealers will offer a commercial service loaner program to keep your business running.

Keep this in mind if you require this level of service and ask your salesperson what level of service they provide or, better yet, talk directly with the service department.

If you’re not comfortable with the staff before you make the purchase, it may not get better after the purchase.

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Follow all safety instructions provided in your equipment operator’s manual prior to diagnosing, repairing, or operating.Consult a professional if you don’t have the skills, or knowledge or are not in the condition to perform the repair safely.

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