What is the difference between Ego Vs Ryobi Trimmer? The EGO trimmer has a longer battery run time than the Ryobi trimmer. And, of course, one needs a longer charging time than the other.

EGO and Ryobi are two big names in the lawn mowing industry. Both trimmers have other differences, like- motor, maintenance, cutting efficiency, price, etc. These factors make a huge difference between these two trimmers’ working capabilities.

Check out the detailed distinctions between these two trimmers below.

Ego Vs Ryobi Trimmer: An Elaborated Comparison

Kay FactorEGO TrimmerRyobi Trimmer
MotorPower capacity, higher motor capacity than Ryobi40V power capacity, a little less powerful compared to EGO
BatteryHighest 56V batteryHighest 40V battery
Cutting EfficiencyIt cuts efficiently with its carbon fiber stringCuts smoother than EGO
LongevityProvides service for a lifetimeA sturdy frame and powerful motor give a quite long service life.
MaintenanceRequires minimum maintenanceIt does not require additional maintenance since it is battery-powered

Motor Difference Between Ego And Ryobi Trimmer

Motor difference makes a huge difference between the two trimmers. A powerful motor can deliver enough HP to run any tool for a long time.

EGO has the highest 56V robust motor. The Brushless Motor of the EGO String Trimmer runs for a long time. Its low vibration rate extends the motor performance and longevity. The battery-powered motor does not lack the force of a gas-powered trimmer. The motor even performs better than that with less noise and maintenance.

Ryobi comes with the highest 40V motor. One good thing about the Ryobi trimmer is that it does not make as much noise as the other types of trimmers despite having a quite powerful motor.

Cutting Efficiency

The cutting efficiency greatly impacts the effectiveness of a grass trimmer. The better the cutting edge, the better the cutting quality would be. A sharp and robust cutting edge trims off the edges like a knife in the latest formula. And a powerful motor makes the job even easier.

So, the EGO String Trimmer comes with some exciting features that enable the trimmer to trim the edge more efficiently. Its patented Powerload Technology allows you to push and play.

This feature makes the job even faster and effortless. Then comes the speed control. The EGO Trimmer has multiple speed controls. So, you can trim the grass fast to slow speed as you need it. The exclusive Carbon Fiber Shaft is super sturdy and cuts the edges efficiently.

This Ryobi has a 40V Cordless String Trimmer that comes with a Jet Fan Blower. It is a great combination for maintaining a home with a 1-acre yard. When you compare the power, it serves like a gas-powered trimmer without any additional cost. Also,


Batteries are a replacement for the old gas or oil-powered trimmers. They play a great role in supplying adequate power to the trimmer. Besides that, batteries are a great power saver and cost-effective.

The Ego trimmer has a compatible battery that you can use in all your ego tools, like a mower or blower. The EGO battery-powered trimmer runs for 2.5aH. And it needs a charge time of 1.6 hours.

The Ryobi 40V trimmer comes with a battery and a charger. It is compatible with charging RYOBI 40V lithium batteries. This trimmer battery may last up to 90 minutes before you replace it with another.


When you compare the maintenance of both the trimmers, it will become clear which would be best to use and requires less maintenance. The EGO Power and string trimmer-blower combo kit makes all the maintenance work easy for you.

The Ryobi battery-powered trimmer requires less maintenance since the combo kit has a few other law maintaining accessories. The compulsory blower makes the trimming and cleaning job easy.


A sturdy, smart, and sophisticated grass trimming tool can serve you a lifetime. Do not worry about the battery and tool performance since both the trimmers have a limited warranty period that covers the tools and the battery.

EGO is a well-known brand for its durable products. Ego String Trimmer provides a life-long service since they are sturdy and built of quality material. It comes with a 5-year tool warranty as well as a 3-year battery warranty.

Same for the Ryobi Trimmer. It comes with a 5-year limited warranty for the tool and a 3-year battery warranty. So, there is barely any difference when it comes to comparing the warranty period for both trimmers and the batteries.

Price Difference

When you consider the price as a factor, the gas-powered trimmers appear a lot pricier than the battery-powered ones. Because of the extra cost that you have to put in for gas or oil, it is a long-term expense.

The battery-powered trimmer does not need extra input except for the electricity cost required for charging.

Apart from that, gas-powered tools need more maintenance which adds up to your price and time.

The price of an EGO string trimmer will vary depending on the accessories you buy with it.

For example, if you buy the EGO Cordless Carbon Fiber String Trimmer with a 2.5Ah battery, it will cost you around $250.

The price also varies on the facilities you choose with the trimmer. They have different options to pick from- Foldable Shaft, Telescopic Foldable Shaft, Straight Shaft, etc.

However, the EGO String Trimmer price ranges between a price tag of $200 and $370. But if you want the trimmer only, it may cost you only $170.

Ryobi string trimmer price ranges from $50 to $500. So, if you compare two trimmers, unlike EGO vs Ryobi Hedge Trimmers, you may notice a price difference between them.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is the Ryobi string trimmer good?

Ryobi String Trimmers are good-quality tools to take care of your garden, lawn, and yard. They have a good brand reputation. Besides that, the trimmers are sturdy, have a quality motor, and have a variety of power options.

Which EGO trimmer is the best?

EGO has a few different options to choose from. The carbon fiber shaft with the Powerload cuts the edges more efficiently than any other trimmers. And it is convenient to hold due to its lesser weight. This is a good option for household use.
However, if you want something bigger and more robust, 546V EGO Powerload Trimmer can do the job for you.

Which is Better: Ryobi or EGO blower?

EGO or Ryobi Trimmer: Both are good-quality trimmers when comparing two cordless grass trimmers. But they have some differences as well.

EGO trimmers or edgers are robust, high-quality, easy-to-use trimmers compared to Ryobi. And when it comes to price, Ryobi has a bigger price range than the EGO trimmers.

Even though both are good for lawn jobs, you can certainly pick one for your job that best fits your requirements.

Basically, Ego has a convenient price option for their robust trimmers. And Ryobi comes with the kit and a blower. However, they have a more convenient budget option for single trimmers as well.

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