How much does it cost to rent a bush hog for bush hogging your land? Well, the rental cost can range from $25 to $1800. However, this range can vary on several factors.

A bush hog is ideal for clearing up your undeveloped property or land, ditches, trails, etc. But what if you don’t own a bush hog by yourself?

You can always rent bush hogs for cutting the thick grasses and mulching small bushes on your land. Various rental agencies are just one call away to rent you your desired equipment.

However, the cost will vary depending on duration, location, and the type of bush hog. In other words, the rental price is set according to how much time you are renting the bush hog for and the bush hog renting location.

So, without any further delay, scroll down to have the best idea.

How Much Does It Cost To Rent A Bush Hog?

how much does it cost to rent a walk behind brush hog

Traditional riding lawn mowers are good for chopping down the grasses. But to cut off the thick and tall bushes, traditional mowers are of no use. A bush hog can perfectly do this job instead.

If you have proper experience operating a bush hog, you can rent the bush hog and DIY it on your property. But if it’s the first time, hire a professional to do this job. You can even rent a tractor along with a bush hog attached as equipment.

Whether you want to know how much does it cost to rent a walk behind brush hog, or a general one, check out the table below for a quick view.

Bush Hog Rental Cost LocationDaily  CostWeekly Cost
Pennsylvania $95.75$285.75
Alabama $199.90$799.60
California$79 for 4 Hours
Indiana$105 to $200$365 to $600

However, we have included the rental rates based on hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly as well. Check them out.

Bush Hog Rental Cost In Pennsylvania

In various cities of Pennsylvania like Leechburg, mars, butler, apollo, ford city, Indiana, cranberry, new Kensington, Cadogan, etc., the rental rate is-

Bush Hog Rental Cost In Alabama

In the state of Alabama, the riding brush mower rental prices are-

Bush Hog Rental Cost In California

The expected bush hog rental price in California is 79.00 USD for 4 hours.

Bush Hog Rental Cost In Maryland

Rental rates in Maryland are-

Bush Hog Rental Cost In Georgia

In the state of Georgia, the rental rates for a bush hog are-

Bush Hog Rental Cost In Delaware

Bush Hog Rental Cost In Florida

In Florida, the bush hog rental price is 99.00 USD for a day

Bush Hog Rental Cost In Hawai

Bush Hog Rental Cost In Idaho

Bush Hog Rental Cost In Indiana

In Indiana, the bush hog rental rates are-

Bush Hog Rental Cost In Minnesota

How The Rental Rates Work

As you can see, the rental cost for riding bush hogs and brush hogs changes based on location. It is because of the variety of demand and supply in various states of the USA.

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On the other hand, the cost of this equipment also varies by hours, days, weeks, and months. Some companies or agencies may charge rates by the measurement of your property along with the duration of hogging.

However, the price range for renting a bush hog may depend on some other factors. The other factors are equipment maintenance, labor, condition of your land or property, transportation, etc. in other words, all these factors can impact the rental cost.


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can you rent a bush hog?

Yes, you can rent a bush hog for land clearing. There are many companies and professional agencies giving bush hog rental services. Bush hog rental services are very useful for those landowners who can’t afford to buy a bush hog themselves.

How much is it to rent a bush hog for a day?

Renting a bush hog for a day can cost you between $95 to $200. The rental rate will depend basically on the location. Plus the rate will also vary based on the bush hog type, quality, company or professionals, etc.

How much does it cost to rent a tractor and bush hog?

The rental cost of a bush hog and a tractor can range from $100 to $1800. It is typically determined by time duration such as hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Location is one of the biggest factors in this case.

Final Words

Hope you have got some bayside idea about how much does it cost to rent a bush hog. You may ask your neighbors or friends for recommendations if they have bush-hogged their land before.

Besides, try to get service or rent from a reputable company or agency. Even if they charge higher, they’ll give you great service along with good equipment.

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