Who Makes Kawasaki Oil Filters

Kawasaki produces top-grade mower engines as well as oil filters and other accessories to improve our gardening experience. Even though their filters function adequately, there is a debate if the aftermarket filters surpass them in cost-effectiveness. If that is not the case, then who makes Kawasaki Oil Filters, and are they different from those producing aftermarket ones.

Today’s discussion will shed light on the questions revolving around Kawasaki oil filters, probe for the origin of its parts, and inspect how they are distinct from any aftermarket oil filters.

So, to clarify your confusion, stick with us till the end. And let’s start with answering your most asked question.

Who Makes Kawasaki Oil Filters?

Kawasaki Motors Manufacturing Corp., situated in the USA, makes Kawasaki oil filters exclusively.

However, Kawasaki is a multinational company with its root set up in Japan. They have branches worldwide, and their operation in diverse markets created the need for sourcing some parts from their factories situated in other countries.

So, mostly, the parts of filters are imported from branches overseas, which is cost-effective and at the same time relieves some pressure off the USA factory. After that, they are assembled and sold in the respective territory.

So, many parties take part in making them, and it will be vague to answer the origin of Kawasaki oil filters specifically.

Moreover, If you want to know which parts are made where we won’t deceive you with a wild guess.

You see,  the company does not always disclose information like this for proprietary issues and privacy policies. However, they go through similar quality check guidelines to produce reliable filters all over.

There is no need to get paranoid even if the engine parts are made, for instance, in Japan and the filter is made in China.

Usually, the same filters can be used for Kaw engines under the same series. Kawasaki FR691V oil filter and Kawasaki FR730V oil filter use similar stock filters and they can be used interchangeably with Kawasaki FR651V oil filters too.

Where Are Kawasaki Oil Filters Made?

As the Kawasaki originated from Japan, we would normally hope that the parts would be made either in a factory over there or in any regional facility. But that is not so on most occasions.

Usually, we see on the body that they are made in China simply because they thrive in manufacturing world-class filter parts following the original design.

Moreover, it is more cost-effective to manufacture some parts like chassis and mesh fiber in China than in other countries.

They follow the original brand design, and each bulk product goes through a specific quality check routine. So, as long as a respected company like Kawasaki warrants it, you are good to go along.

This also does not mean that the regional factory of Kawasaki doesn’t produce any part. If a filter comes with a seal depicting “made in USA” or so, you don’t need to bother. You don’t see much of them merely because these factories can’t seem to keep up with the demand.

Kawasaki Oil Filter Specialties

Now it comes to what makes the Kawasaki OEM oil filters different from aftermarket ones. Well, first and foremost, it thrives at what it does, Filtration. They can filter up to 90% of debris and impurities from the oil and promise to extend the engine’s longevity. They prevent internal clogging that restrains better oil flow too.

Moreover, every part of the filter has to undergo strict verifications to comply with the Kawasaki standards. The safe bet to reckon is that the aftermarket products won’t always have a similar priority to quality assurance. It is because Kawasaki has an established reputation for retaining.

In addition, the Kawasaki also provides further benefits to consumers when it comes to oil filters. Let’s take a look at them.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where are Kawasaki oil filters made?

Most parts of the Kawasaki Filters are made in China. Some parts come from Japan and the USA too. They are assembled and tested in the respective facility and goes through an identical Quality check protocol meeting Kawasaki Standards.

Who makes Kawasaki oil?

ELF, Citgo, Motul, Mystic, etc. oil companies supply Kawasaki oil as the Kawasaki engine is well suited with the viscosity of oil of these companies.

Are Kawasaki and Kohler oil filters the same?

No. Kawasaki and Kohler oil filters have many differences from the product grade to their capacity. Neither of them is bad of course, and they can be used interchangeably.

What oil filter fits a Kawasaki FX801V?

Kawasaki FX801V has a 4-stroke engine and uses a genuine 49065-7010 oil filter. The engine is also compatible with 49065-0724, 49065-2071, any other Kawasaki filters that replace them, and a few aftermarket oil filters.

Final Words

We all know how handy lawn mowers are when it comes to keeping your garden lush and tidy. And to preserve the quality of our mowers, it is crucial to install an efficient and compatible oil filter.

Most of the time, the mowers with Kawasaki engines require genuine Kaw filters too.

Even though, if you opt for an aftermarket one that seems to do more with less expenditure and is compatible with your engine, you are possibly all set to go. However, in terms of the safety of your machine, buying an OEM filter is the wisest decision.

So, if you ask again, who makes Kawasaki oil filters? The reply will be “Safe Hands.”

You might need to spend a few extra bucks for OEM filters, but it is worth it. After all, you will not want to skimp on parts that may endanger your engine. So, choose sensibly.

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