Why do you need to know your Craftsman lawn mower drive belt size? A drive belt is not a component that can last forever. That’s why you might find replacing the drive belt on your Craftsman lawn mower becoming essential at any time. A worn-out, broken, or damaged drive belt significantly decreases the performance of your lawn mower.

When replacing the drive belt on your Craftsman lawn mower, you must know its size. Choosing the wrong drive belt that doesn’t suit your lawn mower won’t make stuff happen. In addition, you won’t be able to get what you want from your lawn mower.

This article covers precisely what size of drive belt you have in your Craftsman riding lawn mower.

Craftsman Lawn Mower Drive Belt Size

You will find two types of belts on your Craftsman riding mower. One is the driving wheel belt, and the other is the deck belt. However, both types of belts have different functionality. A drive wheel belt connects your lawn mower’s transmission and driveshaft pulley. A drive belt diagram can be helpful in this case.

On the other hand, the deck belt helps your lawnmower to cut or trim the grass. Moreover, it connects the deck and drives the shaft pulley of your Craftsman riding lawn mower.

Nonetheless, most Craftsman riding lawnmowers come with similar types of drive belts in width. But, talking about the length of the belts, there are dissimilarities. Most of the riding lawn mowers like 38”, 42”,46”, and 56” come with a driving belt size of 1/2 inch. 

In addition, discussing Craftsman riding mower drive belt size, you will find the most common length of 90-95 inches. However, there will be a bit of variation in deepening the models of the Craftsman lawn mower.

Nonetheless, you can check the available Craftsman zero-turn lawn mower model years and more details Tractor Data.

Now, we will show you a table below, including the data about drive belt size for Craftsman riding mowers.

Types of MowersHorsepowerDrive Belt Size (L)Drive Belt Size (w)
38 inches8,9,10,111 /2 inch90 inches
42 inches21,22,241/2 inch95 inches
46 inches221/2 inch90 inches
48 inches24,275/8 inch90 inches
50 inches23, 261/2 inch98 inches
52 inches22, 265/8 inch143 inches
54 inches24, 251/2 inch161 inches

When Should You Replace the Drive Belt of Your Craftsman Riding Lawn Mower?

As we have mentioned above, you can expect to see the drive belt on your lawn mower for a long time. However, in most cases, the driving belt of the Craftsman lawn mower can last 3-5 years. This means, if you have already crossed the time period, you should think of replacing your lawn mower drive belt.

In addition, some causes might lead you to replace your Craftsman lawn mower driving belt.

You Can Follow This Video to Replace the Drive Belt

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Size Of Drive Belt Going On A Craftsman Riding Mower?

Different types of Craftsman lawnmowers come with different drive belt sizes. In most cases, the drive belt size of 1/3” width and 90-95” length is the most common, and you will find this size in the majority of Craftsman riding lawnmowers.

What is The Drive Belt Size On A 42-Inch Craftsman?

The drive belt size on the 42-inch Craftsman lawn mower is 1/2 inch in width and 95 inches in length. Moreover, this is one of the most common lawnmowers by Craftsman and has a decent performance.

What Size Drive Belt For A Craftsman LT 1000?

The LT 1000 is another popular type of riding lawn mower. In addition, the high-performance lawn mower comes with a drive belt size of 1/2 inch in width and 95-1/ 2 inch in length.

What Size Belt Does A Craftsman 46-Inch Mower Take?

The Craftsman 46-inch lawn mower drive belt size falls under the common category of 1/2 inch in width and 90- 1/4 inches in length.

Final Words

You will now buy the appropriate drive belt for your Craftsman riding lawn mower. What you need to do is follow the table regarding the Craftsman lawn mower drive belt size shown above.

In addition, you can measure the drive belt of your lawn mower by pulling out your existing lawn mower drive belt. In this case, using cloth tape will give you a lot of ease. You just need to wrap the clothing tape around the belt.

Furthermore, replacing the drive belt at regular intervals (at least every 3-5 years) is always important. Whenever you notice the drive belt goes bad, don’t think twice about replacing it as well.

Moreover, you should check the user manual if you don’t know the model of your Craftsman lawn mower.

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