Commercial Zero Turn Mower Comparison Chart

While planning to have a commercial-grade Zero-turn mower, you must want to compare the top-rated mowers to make your purchase easy. Yet, to compare them, you will obviously require a commercial Zero-Turn mower comparison chart.

Without this comparison guide, it will be a difficult task for you to find the best one for your commercial landscape. Therefore, considering this fact, we’ve presented to you an ultimate comparison chart of the 3 top-rated brands of Zero-turn mowers –Snapper vs Scag vs Husqvarna.

All of these 3 brands provide high-quality professional-grade mowers. However, still, there are some variables that make each brand mower unique and different from the other. And, in this article, we will describe these significant variables while comparing them.

So, without further ado, let’s go through the article!

A Quick Comparison of Snapper Vs Scag Vs Husqvarna Commercial Zero Turn Mower

Engine of the Zero-Turn Mower
Kawasaki FX, Briggs & Stratton, Vanguard with Oil GuardBriggs Vanguard, Kohler Command-Pro, Kohler-7000 Series-PRO, Kubota, Kawasaki FX, Kawasaki FD, Kawasaki FRKawasaki FS, Kawasaki FX, Yamaha MX, Kohler, Kohler Command-Pro with EFI
Deck Construction
Fabricated Mower Deck, and iCD-Cutting SystemVelocity Plus Cutting Deck, Velocity Plus Cutting Deck with Rear Discharge, and Hero Mower Cutting DeckFabricated Mower Deck
Drive System
Hydro-Gear ZT-3100, Hydro-Gear ZT-5400, Internal transaxle drive systemHydro-Gear Dual Pump and Motor, Hydro-Gear ZT-2800, Hydro-Gear ZT-3100, Hydro-Gear ZT-3400, Hydro-Gear ZT-5400Hydrostatic
Suspension seatTorsion-spring Suspension Seat, Operator-suspension platformPremium suspension seat
Fuel Capacity
5-10 gallons3.5 to 15 gallons6-12 gallons
Starting at $5,799Starting at $4,783Starting at $7,299.99

Mower Types Comparison of Snapper, Scag and Husqvarna Zero Turn Mowers

The first thing you need to figure out while hunting Zero-Turn mowers from the top-rated Brands like Snapper, Scag, and Husqvarna, is their types differences as per their mower cutting width and also the cutting height.

This is because you need a commercial-grade mower for your landscape. Thus, the larger the cutting width of your mower deck size, it will be easier for you to mow your lawn area within a very short period.

Well, usually, you will find out that the cutting deck of these 3 brands ranges between 36-72-inches. However, typically, the best cutting width range is 48-72-inches for a professional landscape. And, these 3 mower brands provide their zero-turn mowers within this deck size range. Thus, all of them let you offer a wider commercial deck.

So, if you want a commercial zero-turn mower for your small (< 3 acres) as well as a large estate (> 4-5 acres), look no further than these 3 mower brands.

The brand Snapper introduces 3 types of zero-turn mowers with a cutting deck width range of 36-72-inch and also a cutting height range of 1.5 – 5-inch.

While the Scag offers 7 types of zero-turn mowers where their deck sizes vary from 36-72-inch like the brand Snapper. Yet, their cutting height range differs as like 1 – 6-inch.

With the 36, and 48-inches mower deck sizes of both brands Snapper and Scag, you can mow a small to medium lawn area. However, the 52, 61, and 72-inches deck sizes are for large area mowing projects.

Well, in the case of the brand Husqvarna, it provides 11 zero-turn mower types and all of their deck sizes are also much wider compared to the brand’s Snapper and Scag.

The cutting width of these mower types ranges from 48-72-inches with a cutting height range of 1 – 5-inch. And, with these Husqvarna zero-turn mowers, you can easily mow a large lawn area (> 5 acres) in less time.

And, here is a zero-turn mower type comparison chart for you showing several cutting widths and cutting height differences of these 3 mower brands.

Mower BrandCutting WidthCutting Height
 Snapper Zero-Turn Mowers36-72-inch1.5 – 5-inch
S50xt36, 48-inch1.5 – 4.5-inch
S200xt61, 72-inch1.5 – 5-inch
S12052, 61-inch1.5 – 5-inch
ScagZero-Turn Mowers36-72-inch1 – 6-inch
Turf Tiger52, 61, 72-inch1.5 – 6-inch
Cheetah61, 72-inch1.25 – 5-inch
Cheetah-161, 72-inch1.25 – 5-inch
Tiger Cat48, 52, 61-inch1 – 5-inch
Patriot52, 61-inch1 – 5-inch
Freedom Z48, 52-inch1.5 – 4.5-inch
Liberty Z36, 48, 52, 61-inch1.5 – 4.5-inch
Husqvarna Zero-Turn Mowers48-72-inch1 – 5-inch
Z44848-inch1.5 – 4.5-inch
Z45454-inch1.5 – 4.5-inch
Z454XS54-inch1.5 – 4.5-inch
Z46060-inch1.5 – 4.5-inch
Z460XS60-inch1.5 – 4.5-inch
Z54848-inch1 – 5-inch
Z554L54-inch1 – 5-inch
Z554X54-inch1 – 5-inch
Z560L60-inch1 – 5-inch
Z560X60-inch1 – 5-inch
Z572X72-inch1 – 5-inch

Engine And Power Rating Dissimilarity Between the Mowers

The horsepower of your mower is one of the most significant factors that complete your mowing task quickly. Thus, while getting a commercial zero-turn mower, you should look over the mower’s engine types and their horsepower ratings. Considering this factor helps you get the right mower for your commercial area.

All right, the brand Snapper lets you provide several engine types including Kawasaki, Kawasaki FX-Series, Briggs & Stratton-Commercial Series, Vanguard- BIG BLOCK- EFI with Oil Guard with a horsepower rating of about 19-37 HP.

And, in the case of Scag zero-turn mowers, they also come with different types of engines such as Briggs Vanguard, Kohler Command-Pro, Kohler-7000 Series-PRO, Kubota, Kawasaki FX, Kawasaki FD, Kawasaki FR, etc. where their horsepower ratings vary from 18-38 HP.

Basically, the mower engine’s power of less than 20 HP is not ideal power ratings for the commercial area. So, the mowers having the power range of 17-27 HP are usually considered mid-grade as well as a commercial-grade mower.

Thus, both of the brands offer medium to professional series horsepower-rated mowers for use in large lawns or on a commercial area.

On the other hand, the Husqvarna zero-turn mowers feature Kawasaki FS, Kawasaki FX, Yamaha MX, Kohler, Kohler Command-Pro with EFI engine types and their horsepower ratings are also higher about 22-31 HP.

Usually, it is said that the commercial-grade mowers have an engine delivering a low horsepower of 22 hp to as high as 31 hp horsepower.  Therefore, the power range of Husqvarna mowers is really great for your commercial area in general.   

Here, we have provided you with an Engine and horsepower rating comparison chart of Snapper, Scag, and Husqvarna zero-turn mowers. So, you can figure out which one will be best as a professional-grade mower for use on your big estate.

Mower BrandEngineHorsepower Ratings (HP)
Snapper Zero-Turn Mowers19-37 HP
S50xtKawasaki FX-600V19 HP
S200xtKawasaki FX-801V Briggs & Stratton-Commercial Series Vanguard -810cc- EFI with Oil Guard Vanguard- BIG BLOCK- EFI with Oil Guard25.5 HP 27 HP 28 HP 37 HP
S120Kawasaki Briggs & Stratton Commercial Series24 HP 25 HP
Scag Zero-Turn Mowers 18-38 HP
Turf TigerKawasaki FD-851D Briggs Vanguard – BIG BLOCK Briggs Vanguard – BIG BLOCK with EFI Kubota diesel Kohler – Command PRO-LP31 HP 31 & 35 HP 37 HP 25 HP 25 HP
CheetahKawasaki FX-921 Kawasaki FX-1000 Briggs Vanguard – BIG BLOCK with EFI31 HP 38 HP 37 HP
Cheetah-1Kawasaki FX-921 Kohler – Command PRO-EFI Briggs Vanguard – BIG BLOCK with EFI31 HP 35 HP 37 HP
Tiger CatKawasaki FX-691 Kawasaki FT-730 Kohler – Command PRO-EFI Briggs Vanguard – 810 with EFI Briggs Vanguard – BIG BLOCK22 HP 26 HP 25 HP 28 HP 32 HP  
PatriotKawasaki FX-691 Kawasaki FX-730 Kohler – Command PRO Briggs Vanguard – 81022 HP 23 HP 23 HP (52-inch) & 25 HP (61-inch) 26 HP
Freedom ZKohler -7000 Series – PRO24 HP (48-inch) & 26 HP (52-inch)
Liberty ZKawasaki FR-600 Series Kawasaki FR-651 Series Kawasaki FR-691 Series Kohler- 7000 Series-PRO18 HP 21 HP 23 HP (52-inch) & 24 HP (61-inch) 24 HP (48, 52-inch) & 26 HP (61-inch)
Husqvarna Zero-Turn Mowers 22-31 HP
Z448Kawasaki FS-Series22 HP
Z454Kawasaki FS-Series22 HP
Z454XSKawasaki FX-Series23.5 HP
Z460Kawasaki FS-Series23 HP
Z460XSKawasaki FX-Series23.5 HP
Z548Yamaha MX-Series26 HP
Z554LKawasaki FX-Series27 HP
Z554XKawasaki FX-Series Kohler31 HP 31 HP
Z560LKawasaki FX-Series27 HP
Z560XKawasaki FX-Series Kohler- Command Pro-EFI31 HP 31 HP
Z572XKawasaki FX-Series31 HP

Snapper vs Scag vs Husqvarna- These Three Mowers Have Different Cutter Deck Design

Snapper Zero-Turn Mowers

The Snapper Zero-Turn Mowers feature two types of cutting deck design and they are Fabricated Mower Double Top Deck and iCD-Cutting System Deck.

The Gauge Fabricated deck design is reinforced with double side skirts while also overlapping the mower’s welded corners. Thus, it provides an incredible industrial strength that is necessary to mow a commercial lawn area. 

This type of deck design delivers a consistent cutting quality and it doesn’t matter really if you mow for a long time. Moreover, it is also constructed with a 7-mph mowing speed and electric clutch cutting blade engagement for mid-range and larger lawn mowing projects.

Yet, the iCD-Cutting System comes with an innovative deck design that reinforced the leading deck edges as per the mower deck requirement. So, it can provide ultimate protection.

This deck design permits better airflow discharging while also providing super cutting performance with unparalleled cut quality. Besides, it features electric clutch blade engagement with a mowing speed of 10 mph for commercial mowing projects.

Scag Zero Turn Mowers

On the other hand, Scag uses basically 2 types of different cutting deck designs in their Zero-turn mowers including Velocity Plus Cutting Deck, and Hero Mower Cutting Deck.

Yet, Velocity Plus cutting decks are also available with Rear Discharge Cutting Deck design in some mower models like Cheetah Series mowers. And, Hero mower Cutting Decks are available with Heavy-duty deck designs such as Liberty Z Series mowers.

However, all of these cutting mower decks are constructed with commercial-grade design and deliver high-quality cutting performance.

The Velocity Plus Cutting Deck design offers super strength, high productivity, and incredible flexibility ultimately resulting in amazing cutting results. The cut quality meets professional demands thus it is being used as a commercial-grade deck.

Moreover, the deck design with high-velocity rear discharge provides an excellent manicured cut no matter if the ground cutting speed is faster. Besides, it delivers maximum grass clipping dispersal with superior cutting performance in any conditions.

On the contrary, the Hero Mower Cutter Deck also delivers supercut power with great precision and also amazing mowing performance to meet not only professionals but also homeowner’s demands.

Its heavy-duty deck design is extra-strong and manufactured with Dual-Plate construction with fully fabricated as well as other welded deck features. The aluminum spindles of this deck are durable and maintenance-free that last for years. Thus, it offers you a worry-free mowing performance.

Husqvarna Zero Turn Mowers

And, in the case of Husqvarna Zero-Turn Mowers, all of the mowers come with Gauge Fabricated mower deck design like some of Snapper mower models.

From the total 11 Husqvarna zero-turn mower models, 8 mowers are constructed with 10-gauges- Fabricated deck and the rest 3 mowers are well-built with 7-gauges-Fabricated deck design.

These fabricated mower cutting decks are typically manufactured from heavier steel plate materials. And then, they are welded together to deliver a stronger look and also superior rigidity. Therefore, this type of deck design is usually used for commercial mowing projects.

Adeck design comparison chart of the three mower brands- Snapper, Scag, and Husqvarna is provided here for your better understanding.

Mower BrandDeck DesignBlade Engagement
Snapper Zero-Turn Mowers
S50xt10-gauge-Fabricated Mower Double Top Deck – 36-inch iCD-Cutting System – 48-inchPTO, Electric clutch
S200xtiCD-Cutting SystemPTO, Electric clutch
S120iCD-Cutting SystemPTO, Electric clutch
Scag Zero-Turn Mowers  
Turf TigerVelocity Plus Cutting DeckOgura GT3.5 and GT5-Briggs Models Adjustable air-gap-EL
CheetahVelocity Plus Cutting Deck Velocity Plus with Rear Discharge Cutting DeckOgura GT5 Adjustable air-gap-EL
Cheetah-1Velocity Plus Cutting DeckOgura GT5 Adjustable air-gap-EL
Tiger CatVelocity Plus Cutting DeckOgura GT3.5 Adjustable air-gap-EL
PatriotHero Mower Cutting DeckOgura GT2 Adjustable air-gap-EL
Freedom ZHero Mower Cutting DeckOgura GT1 Adjustable air-gap-EL
Liberty ZHeavy-Duty Hero Mower Cutting DeckOgura GT1 (36, 38, & 52-inch deck) Ogura GT2 – (61-inch deck) Adjustable air-gap-EL
Husqvarna Zero-Turn Mowers  
Z44810-Gauge- Fabricated Mower DeckElectric clutch
Z45410-Gauge- Fabricated Mower DeckElectric clutch
Z454XS10-Gauge- Fabricated Mower DeckElectric clutch
Z46010-Gauge- Fabricated Mower DeckElectric clutch
Z460XS10-Gauge- Fabricated Mower DeckElectric clutch
Z54810-Gauge- Fabricated Mower DeckElectric clutch
Z554L10-Gauge- Fabricated Mower DeckElectric clutch
Z554X7-Gauge- Fabricated Mower DeckElectric clutch
Z560L10-Gauge- Fabricated Mower DeckElectric clutch
Z560X7-Gauge- Fabricated Mower DeckElectric clutch
Z572X7-Gauge- Fabricated Mower DeckElectric clutch

Drive Transmission Comparison of Husqvarna Vs Scag Vs Snapper Mowers

All right, when you look over their drive transmission system, you will find out that these 3 zero-turn mower brands share different transmission transaxles.

Snapper Zero Turn Mowers

In the case of the Snapper mowers, each mower model has different drive transmission. The 3 mowers series come with 3 types of transmission systems such as Hydro-Gear ZT-3100, Hydro-Gear ZT-5400, and Internal transaxle.

Yet, all transaxles are of commercial grades and feature heavy-duty components that will keep your mowing projects ongoing season after season.

Scag Zero Turn Mowers

While the brand Scag features a total of 5 types of drive transmissions in their zero-turn mower with a forward maximum ground speed of 16 mph and a reverse maximum ground speed of 12 mph according to the models and their cutting deck sizes.

These transmission systems are Dual Pump & Motor, Hydro-Gear ZT-2800, Hydro-Gear ZT-3100, Hydro-Gear ZT-3400, and Hydro-Gear ZT-5400.

However, although all dive systems also feature commercial transmissions with stronger axles, yet, among them, the Hydro-Gear ZT-5400 transaxles provide a much better Standard-Duty with a commercial-grade drive system compared to the others.

Husqvarna Zero Turn Mowers

On the other hand, the transmission systems of Husqvarna Zero-Turn Mowers are completely different. Here, all mowers come with Parker HTE-Hydrostatic Transmission with a forward maximum ground speed of 12 mph.

This HTE Series drive system is usually an integrated transmission that consists of a typical hydrostatic pump, a hydraulic motor of TE-Series, and other necessary components such as oil filter, valving, reservoir, etc.

The HTE-Hydrostatic Transmission offers a high-torque motor while also increasing the mower’s overall efficiency. Moreover, it assists in reducing parts number to deliver a compact as well as an economical solution for the Husqvarna zero-turn mower’s propulsion system.

Here, the following chart shows you the differences in drive transmission systems of Husqvarna vs Scag vs Snapper Mowers

Mower BrandTransmissionSpeed
Snapper Zero-Turn Mowers  
S50xtHydro-Gear ZT-3100Fwd – 0-7 mph Rev – 0-4 mph
S200xtHydro-Gear ZT-5400Fwd – 0-10 mph Rev – 0-5 mph
S120Internal transaxleFwd – 0-10 mph Rev – 0-5 mph
Scag Zero-Turn Mowers  
Turf TigerDual Pump & MotorFwd – 0-12 mph (gas/LP) and 0-10 mph (diesel) Rev – 0-6 mph
CheetahHydro-Gear ZT-5400Fwd – 0- 16mph Rev – 0-12 mph
Cheetah-1Hydro-Gear ZT-5400Fwd – 0-16 mph Rev – 0-12 mph
Tiger CatDual Pump & MotorFwd – 0-12 mph Rev – 0-5 mph
PatriotHydro-Gear ZT-3100 (52-inch deck) Hydro-Gear ZT-3400 (61-inch deck)Fwd – 0-8.5 mph (52-inch deck) Fwd – 0-10 mph (61-inch deck) Rev – 0-5 mph
Freedom ZHydro-Gear ZT-2800Fwd – 0-8 mph Rev – 0-5 mph
Liberty ZHydro-Gear ZT-2800 (36, 48 & 52-inch deck)   Hydro-Gear ZT-3100 (61-inch deck)Fwd – 0-7 mph Rev – 0-5 mph
Husqvarna Zero-Turn Mowers  
Z448Parker HTE-Hydrostatic TransmissionFwd – 0-10 mph
Z454Parker HTE-Hydrostatic TransmissionFwd – 0-10 mph  
Z454XSParker HTE-Hydrostatic TransmissionFwd – 0-11 mph
Z460Parker HTE-Hydrostatic TransmissionFwd – 0-10 mph  
Z460XSParker HTE-Hydrostatic TransmissionFwd – 0-11 mph  
Z548Parker HTE-Hydrostatic TransmissionFwd – 0-10 mph  
Z554LParker HTE-Hydrostatic TransmissionFwd – 0-12 mph  
Z554XParker HTE-Hydrostatic TransmissionFwd – 0-12 mph  
Z560LParker HTE-Hydrostatic TransmissionFwd – 0-12 mph  
Z560XParker HTE-Hydrostatic TransmissionFwd – 0-12 mph
Z572XParker HTE-Hydrostatic TransmissionFwd – 0-12 mph  

Warranty and Price Point Differences of these 3 Commercial Zero-Turn Mowers

Well, as we have seen above, the mowers of these 3 brands offer different cutting width decks, several engine types and drive transmissions, and other various factors as well, therefore, the warranty and price ranges of these zero-turn mowers also vary.

The brand Snapper offers usually a 3-years and 4-years limited warranty for the engine and balance of the machine accordingly with a price range of $5,799-$12,599.

While the Scag zero-turn mowers provide a 3-years with no crack limited warranty where the price range varies from $4,783-$20,957.

And, finally, in the case of the brand Husqvarna, they offer a 4-years or 750-hours limited homeowner & commercial warranty for their 5 zero-turn mower series; a 5-years or 1500-hours limited homeowner & commercial warranty for their 6 zero-turn mower series; and a 3-years limited commercial warranty for only one zero-turn mower series with a price range of $7,299.99-$14,299.99.

Here, we have provided you a warranty and price range comparison chart of the 3 brands of Zero-turn mowers. So, you can find out which one will be cost-effective for you.

Mower BrandWarrantyPrice Range
Snapper Zero-Turn Mowers $5,799-$12,599
S50xt3-years limited warranty for engine 4-years limited warranty for the balance of the machine$5,799 (36-inch deck) $6,099 (48-inch deck)
S200xt3-years limited warranty for engine 4-years limited warranty for the balance of the machine$8,749 – $11,549 (61-inch deck) $12,599 (72-inch deck)
S1203-years limited warranty for the balance of the machine 4-years limited warranty for engine$6,099 – $6,199 (52-inch deck) $6,299 – $6,449 (61-inch deck)
Scag Zero-Turn Mowers $4,783-$20,957
Turf Tiger3-years with no crack limited warranty$14,004 – $15,442 (52-inch deck) $14,135 – $19,847 (61-inch deck) $16,139 – $20,957 (72-inch deck)
Cheetah3-years with no crack limited warranty$13,667 – $13,834 (61-inch deck) $13,917 – $14,417 (72-inch deck)
Cheetah-13-years with no crack limited warrantyVaries according to local Scag dealer
Tiger Cat3-years with no crack limited warranty$10,515 (48-inch deck) $8,950 – $11,739 (52-inch deck) $11,000 – $11,902 (61-inch deck)
Patriot3-years with no crack limited warranty$7,199 – $7,583 (52-inch deck) $7,734 – $8,219 (61-inch deck)
Freedom Z3-years with no crack limited warranty$5,800 (48-inch deck) $5,954 (52-inch deck)
Liberty Z3-years with no crack limited warranty$4,783 (36-inch deck) $5,042 (48-inch deck) $5,249 (52-inch deck) $5,923 (61-inch deck)
Husqvarna Zero-Turn Mowers $7,299.99-$14,299.99
Z4484-years or 750-hours limited homeowner & commercial warranty$7,299.99
Z4544-years or 750-hours limited homeowner & commercial warranty$7,799.99
Z454XS4-years or 750-hours limited homeowner warranty$9,299.99
Z4604-years or 750-hours limited homeowner warranty$8,299.99
Z460XS4-years or 750-hours limited homeowner warranty$9,799.99
Z5485-years or 1250-hours limited homeowner & commercial warranty$9,499.99
Z554L5-years or 1500-hours limited homeowner warranty$10,999.99
Z554X5-years or 1500-hours limited homeowner warranty 3-years limited commercial warranty$13,299.99 (Kawasaki engine) $13,599.99 (Kohler engine)
Z560L5-years or 1500-hours limited homeowner warranty$11,399.99
Z560X5-years or 1,500-Hours limited homeowner & commercial warranty$13,799.99 $14,099.99 (Kohler engine)
Z572X5-years or 1,500-Hours limited homeowner & commercial warranty$14,299.99

Final Verdict

So, after reading our commercial Zero-Turn mower comparison chart, what do you think which brand of zero-turn mower is perfect for your commercial landscape?

Well, one thing we can assure is that all these 3 mower brands- Snapper vs Scag vs Husqvarna are top-notch quality mowers that offer quick and precision cutting results. It doesn’t matter if your mowing projects are the toughest ones.

All of them provide an easy, smooth but superior professional-grade mowing performance that you will require for your commercial area or big estate. However, the thing is you can’t get all of the mowers at the same time. Besides, their price range and other features are also different.

So, it will be a wise decision if you go through their comparison chart and choose the best one as per your requirement and budget.

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