The best way to get your money’s worth out of your lawn tractor is by multi-tasking which includes towing as much stuff as the machine allows. There are many ways to consider it; while some people might wave red flags at the idea of towing with your riding mower, others recommend it and would consider the machine half the job if it couldn’t. Honestly, depending on the situation, both of these categories could be wrong. If you’re wondering what the situation could be, you’ve landed on the best discussion to deduce your answer.

Lawn tractors are one of the best lawn machines you can tow with so much that they even manage to perform much better than zero-turn mowers because of how properly distributed the weight is. Although they govern the extra activities well, they do have limits that should be highly taken into consideration.

For example; the most suitable weight for your lawn tractor to pull shouldn’t reach, or in the worst cases, supersede the machine itself. A fixed figure for towing weight will be 300 – 400 pounds; anything more than this amount will determine how long your machine will last before it starts to deteriorate.

In this article, I will be discussing all you need to know about towing with your lawn tractor including the safety measures to carry so that you can enjoy your machine for as long as possible.

5 Points To Consider Before You Tow With Your Lawn Tractor

Before you latch any equipment onto the end of your machine, there are important facts to ponder on that will determine the success of your plan.

The Weight Of Your Lawn Tractor

Flipping through pages upon pages might seem like a bore, but it’s only through the manual that you can determine how many pounds per square inch your riding mower can tow depending on the model. It’s very crucial to have an in-depth understanding of your tractor so that you can fully gain the benefits without disturbing the lifespan of the machine.

Your Type Of Terrain

Your terrain will influence the towing experience greatly and will very much differ from the experience of other lawn tenders. If your yard is heavily featured with bumps and slopes, you will need enough torque to heave items around the field effortlessly.

How Much Horsepower Is Available

The engine is the powerhouse of your lawn tractor and will be needed to deliver a great deal of torque to tackle towing activities. Personally, I suggest nothing less than 20 hp if you’re towing more than half your lawn tractor’s weight. It might not seem daring enough for some “highly experienced” personnel, but it allows your machine to properly manage the stress in the long run. After all, towing is just a bonus for a lawn tractor. It’s not like they are engineered specifically for such an activity.

The Transmission System

When lawn tractors get too strained or overworked, the first component to be fried is usually the transmission. It would occur when you toggle hefty carts up slopes and force the machine to deliver the weight. Although some commercial grade transmissions are efficient for such a duty, minor ones like the HG-2800 sometimes fall short of the ability to tackle extreme tasks. You must consider the grade of your lawn tractor and the tranny unit it’s paired with so that you don’t overstress the machine.

Frequency Of Work

How frequently you’re seeking to tow with your tractor will also determine if towing is a good idea or not for your machine, which will depend on if your riding mower is commercial or residential-grade. If you’re towing light stuff or weightless rubbish like leaves around the lawn, this highlight might not apply to you. However, if you meddle in heavy-duty towing that would require you to pull stuff like stones, logs of wood, or serious mass clearing more than thrice a week, you will be much equipped with a commercial-grade lawn tractor. Do not tow heavy carts frequently with your residential mower; your engines and transmission system in specific will suffer the consequences.

what can you tow with a lawn tractor

What Can I Tow With A Lawn Tractor?

As long as there’s a tow hitch, anything can simply be tethered to the hitch and dragged around the lawn. If you’re wondering what your options may be, here are 4 great items you can tow with your lawn tractor:


Aerating the lawn is one of the most effective methods of lawn care. Aerators work superbly with lawn tractors because of how the weight is evenly distributed enough to tackle both hilly and bumpy situations well. You can easily match a suitably-weighted aerator to your mowing machine if your lawn is in need of nitrification and moisture to help the grass seeds germinate properly. I highly suggest the AgriFab aerator (view on Amazon) to deliver terrific quality dispersion and aeration on your lawn.


Spreaders are very useful equipment in the lawn care territory. They are used to plant grass seeds, spray fertilizers, pesticides, and all that is needed to preserve and maintain the yard’s quality. You can easily attach the correct spreader to your lawn tractor and tug the content around the yard without a sweat. If choosing a spreader for your riding mower is a little tricky for you, check my reviews of the best spreaders you can get for your specific lawn tractor.

Yard Roller

After spreading, you can attach an adequate roller to help fasten the germination process and improve the overall value of the task. Spreaders come in different sizes and weights to suit different lawn tractors to help you match the correct weight to your mowing machine and preserve its efficiency. AgriFab products are highly trusted in lawn care, and they fortunately manufacture lawn rollers. Check one of my most recommended tow-behind rollers (view on Amazon).

Tow Carts

Tow carts are the most prominent towing equipment on the lawn. They come in different shapes, weights, and sizes for several purposes fitted to different riding mowers, and are the easiest methods of moving items from one place to another in the yard. If you are having problems selecting the best tow cart for your lawn tractor, I have written a well-detailed review article that will help you match the most favorable one for your riding mower.

How To Calculate The Towing Capacity For Lawn Tractors

Calculating the towing capacity of your lawn tractor is pretty easy. A simple mind math will help you estimate the correct value in pounds that your mower can tow without any damage in the long run. Here’s how to go about it:

Every lawn tractor has its weight written either on its frame, in the manual, or on the web. You can even ask your know-it-all neighbor for an easy way out. Once you learn the weight of the machine, divide it by 2. Now, take your weight – since of course you’d be sitting on the lawn tractor– and divide it by 2, too. Add up the divided figures, and voila! You have your lawn tractor’s towing capacity.


Lawn tractor weight = 500 lbs
Your weight = 145 lbs

Divide By Two:

½ Lawn tractor weight= 250 lbs
½ Your weight = 72.5 lbs

Add Up The Values: ½ Lawn tractor weight + ½ Your weight

250 + 72.5 = 322.5 lbs.

Your lawn tractor’s towing capacity is 322.5 lbs! You can approximate the figure to 350 lbs– it wouldn’t hurt that much.

precautions to follow when towing with lawn tractors

4 Critical Towing Warnings For Lawn Tractors

To maintain the lifespan of your lawn tractor, here are simple precautions to follow whilst towing with your machine:

1. Never Exceed The Required Tow Weight

Now, it might be tempting to get the work done much faster, but you’re weakening your lawn tractor quicker than you think. Avoid towing equipment that does not match the weight of your mower so that you don’t tamper with the components of the machine.

2. Less Is More When Tackling Slopes

If you have to pull materials up a slope or a hill, try as much as possible to reduce the weight. Taking extra rounds up the hill might be a bummer, but it wouldn’t be a problem as soon as you get used to it. Always ensure that your machine is on the safe side to help you cut down on unforeseen repair expenses.

3. Ensure The Brakes Are Functioning Properly

This is highly crucial if you’re towing up and down slopes and hills. It’s even more dangerous going down the hill since there’s little to no control, which is why it’s important to make sure the brakes are working fine in case you need to immediately come to a halt.

4. Do Not Mow And Tow At The Same Time

A lot of people are guilty of pulling stuff around whilst the blade is engaged– this is another great way to damage the transmission of the machine. While multitasking is fun and much more effective, sometimes the consequences are not the nicest. Why ruin your mower when you paid a ridiculous amount to obtain it for a long while?

Final Words

Lawn tractors are great towing machines when they’re paired with the correct methods and will achieve the task properly. If you are deliberating whether or not you should go ahead and purchase that cart or aerate your lawn yourself with your machine, all the answers you seek are at your fingertips. The best thing you can do is to fully understand the specifics of your lawn tractor so that you can make the best decision for a long-lasting ride. I wish you all the best!

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