Can You Eat Tomatoes With Blossom End Rot

Can you eat the tomatoes with blossom end rot? There is no doubt that you can eat tomatoes with blossom end rot, but not directly the whole one.

In every country, many people from different regions suffer from poverty. Due to the price hike, everyone can’t buy food whenever they like. So, food shouldn’t be wasted when you can eat it. Many small tomato gardeners can also relate to this problem.

Tomatoes end up having blossom end rot due to a deficiency. Other than that, they have no harmful side effects on the human body.

In this article, you will get proper information on how safe it is to eat tomatoes with blossom end rot.

Know Can You Eat Tomatoes With Blossom End Rot

Tomatoes are a fruit with high lycopene. It is a much healthier option to include in your diet. Tomatoes with calcium deficiency in their tissue cause them to have blossom end rot. Also, due to uneven watering, tomatoes can have blossom end rot.

Blossom end rot appearance makes it look like the tomato is not edible. Is that true? Can you still eat tomatoes with blossom end rot? Of course, it is possible.

Blossom end rot is not dangerous for us. Blossom end rot in tomatoes didn’t occur due to a fungal attack. Blossom end rot occurs due to deficiency of calcium and unequal water distribution. Any kind of fruit or vegetable is harmful only when they have any disease or mold on them.

Can you eat a tomato that has blossom end rot? Yes, but we want to warn you of fungal-infected tomatoes. Don’t mistake mold for blossom end rot tomatoes. Many people think that tomatoes with mold are edible, but that’s a wrong misconception. Mold tomatoes can make you severely ill, but blossom-end tomatoes won’t make you sick. Blossom end rot tomatoes mean the tomatoes under portion appear to be black and rotten. Always make sure to check before consuming the tomatoes.

 Tomatoes with black spots are safe to eat. Black spots in tomatoes indicate Anthracnose fungal infection. However, they are safe to eat, just like the blossom end rot of tomatoes. These black spots are just made by dead cells of tomatoes in wet warm weather. That makes the tomatoes non-poisonous and safe for eating. But always make sure to cut off the black spots from the tomatoes before eating them.

Suggestion To Use Tomatoes With Blossom Rot End

It’s best not to use unripened tomatoes as there is a possibility of the blossom end rot to continue more. But the unripened tomatoes can be eaten immediately after taking them out from the garden. For storing, purposes use only the ripened tomato as the blossom rot won’t affect any further development.

Many experienced tomato gardeners and food specialists suggest the tomatoes should be cut one inch deeper from the blossom end rot. This makes the tomatoes much safer for eating. Also, the blossom end rot can be used as fertilizer by composting with other food waste.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are tomatoes with blossom end rot safe to eat?

Tomatoes with blossom end rot are safe to eat. The tomatoes are not rotten due to any disease. And blossom end rot tomatoes are harmless to humans. So, just remove the blossom end rot part before eating the tomatoes. Also, try to eat ripened tomatoes instead of green tomatoes.

Can you eat a tomato with a rotten spot?

Yes, you can eat a tomato with a rotten spot. The rotten spot on ripe tomatoes is blossom end rot. This rot happens due to calcium deficiency so it is safe for human consumption. But try not to use black or white mold tomatoes because it can make anyone sick. Always remove the rotten spot before eating a tomato.

Can you use a tomato with blossom end rot?

Yes, you can use a tomato with blossom end rot. Before using, make sure the tomato is ripened. After simply removing the blossom end rot part rest, tomatoes are totally safe for eating and storing. However, you can’t eat raw tomatoes with blossom end rot. It’s possible to use the raw portion of tomatoes immediately for eating. Otherwise, they will rot soon too.


Shortly, we would like to suggest that you shouldn’t waste tomatoes when it’s possible to use. The upper portion of the tomato is completely safe to eat. By removing the blossom end rot part, you can have the entire tomato.

There is no harmful effect on the body for blossom end rot tomatoes. So, now you are certain can you eat tomatoes with blossom end rot or not. Even if you don’t want to eat the tomato, it can be easily converted into fertilizer for the garden.

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