Wondering why your Bosch pressure washer keeps cutting out? Well, that isn’t a problem only with Bosch pressure washers, after a long period of use, most pressure washer shows such symptoms. 

Your pressure washer might keep cutting out due to many reasons, it could be a problem with the power supply, a leak in the hose, a loose hose connection, a faulty valve, etc. 

Whatever it is in this very article, we will be discussing the most common issues that cause a pressure washer to cut out constantly. 

Take A Quick Look At The Reasons And Solutions

Problems Solutions
Faulty power connection Make sure the connections are good and the wires are also in good condition.
Hose leak, blockage, or narrow diameterRepair the leak / Open the block / Use large diameter hose
Air block Bleeding the pressure washer
Water pump leakTightening and sealing the pump or getting the pump replaced
Overheated motorRemove the cable from the electrical socket and cool it down. 

If you are stressing over why your Bosch pressure washer cut in and out regularly and want to put an end to it, you don’t want to miss out on this guide. As we have mentioned earlier, there are many reasons behind that, but we are going to cover some of the most common ones.

Faulty Power Connection 

Most of the time, a faulty power connection is a reason that makes the pressure washer cut out. Now, a faulty power connection could be due to many reasons, such as a loose connection, faulty wire, using a cable with a lower AMP rating, etc. 

When you are using a pressure washer, it is not uncommon to get carried away and over-extend the power cable, which can cut the power supply. The cable plug doesn’t need to entirely come out of the electric socket, a slight pull can cut the power supply. 

Most manufacturers recommend using not more than a 10 – 13 meter extension cable because a longer length can cause the machine to lose power sometimes. 

And you also need to make sure you are using the recommended AMP rating cables. A lower AMP rating might cause your pressure washer to shut down out of nowhere. 

Whether it is Bosch, Panasonic, or Dewalt, this kind of problem can happen to any pressure washer. 

Air Block in the System 

This happens when you didn’t use the pressure washer for a while. When pressure washers sit for long, the air gets into the system and even though it seems like a minor issue, it can damage the machine for good. 

When there is an air block in the machine, the most common symptom of that is the washer cutting out. And to make it right, you need to bleed the machine. 

Bleeding is the process of taking the air out of the system. Here is how it’s done…

Also, the pressure washer can cut out while working if the unloader valve is stuck.

Hose Leak

Run a thorough test on the garden hose that is connected to a water tap; make sure there isn’t any leak. If the hose leaks, the motor will cycle since it won’t be able to pump enough water, which can lead to pressure cutting out. 

Also, make sure the hose isn’t blocked as well. We aren’t talking about a fully blocked hose which is easy to notice. 

Over time, dirt and grime build up inside the hose and partially block the waterway, which is why the washer motor can not pump the needed amount of water.  

Another common issue with the hose is the diameter. If your hose diameter is very narrow, you will not get high pressure. Consider shifting to a large diameter hose that will give good water pressure without any cutting. 

Faulty Water Pump 

When the water pump itself leaks water or oil, that might result in low water pressure. So to find out, you would want to tighten all the bolts and seal the pump properly so that it doesn’t leak anymore. If you still find it leaking water or oil, then it is time to pay a visit to the mechanic shop. 

Contact the manufacturer if the pressure washer is under warranty. 

Overheated Motor

Using an electric pressure washer machine under the sun for a long time can overheat the motor. And when the pump gets heated up, it needs to work harder to draw water and as a result, the pressure washer cuts out. 

Do not use a pressure washer under the sun for a long time because extreme heat can cause the motor to burn. If you smell anything burning or realize the motor is heated up, remove the plug from the power outlet, place it in a shade, and let it cool down. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

Why does my pressure washer keep cutting in and out?

A pressure washer can keep cutting in or out if the motor isn’t performing well, the water supply is low, the motor is leaking water, the hose leaks, etc.

How do I stop my pressure washer from pulsing?

If your pressure washer is pulsing, then it is most probably due to an air block in the system. To get the air out of the system, you will need to bleed it. We’ve shown the bleeding process, make sure to check that out.

How do I stop my pressure washer pump from overheating?

Do not use the pressure washer under the direct sun for a long time. Do not push the pressure washer past its ability.

Why is the Bosch pressure washer not turning on?

Check if the cable is in good shape, the one that connects to the power outlet. Make sure the motor isn’t leaking oil or water. And also, make sure, the motor isn’t overheated or burned. These are the most common reason why the Bosch pressure washer might not turn on.


Check the abovementioned factors if your Bosch pressure washer keeps cutting out. As we’ve said before, there are a lot of reasons, and these are some of the most common reasons, your pressure washer might cut out due to some other reasons as well. 

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