We all have power tools laying around our houses that we no longer use. For most of us, this may be an outdated lawn mower that struggles to cut even the tiniest tufts of grass.

When it’s time to move on to greener pastures, it’s critical that we dispose of our old equipment properly before bringing in new ones. How should a gas lawn mower be recycled?

You can recycle an old lawn mower by transporting it to a scrap yard to be turned into scrap metal, dropping it off at a recycling facility, or arranging for a city pick-up service to dispose of it for you.

It’s actually preferable to properly dispose of these objects rather than storing them in your garage or shed, where they’ll corrode and be much worse for the environment.

To remain environmentally conscious and friendly, it is vital to properly dispose of items and equipment so that these pieces of machinery may be recycled, and their parts leave a smaller impact on the world around us.

How Do I Dispose of an Old Lawn Mower?

Recycling or taking your lawn mower to a scrap yard is the easiest way to get rid of your old gas lawn mower. This is due to the fact that it is environmentally responsible, requires very little work on your side, and guarantees that you get it out of the way quickly.

In addition, in most scenarios, this might be handled for you without you having to do anything yourself.

Options for Disposing Old Lawn Mowers

Your city and locale will determine the best manner to dispose of your outdated equipment.

Some communities enable you to contact them ahead of time to schedule a pickup, in which a crew will come to your home and collect up the items without you having to lift a finger. If you email ahead of time, you should be able to plan a pick-up at your most convenient time.

Some cities, however, require you to transport the pieces to a local facility yourself in order to properly dispose of them. This might be a recycling facility or a scrapyard site.

Typically, the safest method to choose the best option for you is to visit your city’s local website and contact the resource center to determine the best option for your location.

Proper Disposal Is Important

If you want to properly dispose of a lawn mower, there are multiple methods to take and factors to consider in order to make sure you do it securely and effectively.

Remember, the whole goal is to make sure you’re disposing of your tools properly, so it’s very crucial to follow the appropriate methods and minimize waste.

  • The first step is to empty the fluids, like oil and fuel, and ensure that the lawn mower is entirely dry and capable of being transported without dripping or leaking. Because these fluids have the potential to be dangerous, it is critical that you dispose of them appropriately for your own safety, as well as those on the disposal team.
  • Next, look for a local facility that works best for you and your current situation. For some, this may be as simple as making a phone call to set a pickup appointment, while for others, it may include locating the nearest appropriate facilities.
  • The final part is to deliver your components to the specified facility. This may include a scrap yard, a recycling facility, or even your local charitable store, such as Goodwill or a pawn shop, which will accept your equipment and find it a new home. 

If you wish to sell your lawn mower to a scrap metal yard for money, you may need to remove all components of your mower that are not made of metal. These non-metal items can be separated and recycled.

It’s best to check with your scrap metal yard to see if separating all metals on your mower is necessary or if the facility will allow you to drop off your mower without tearing the unit down which will save you time.

If you have the choice, it is certainly more encouraged to go with the pickup service since they will handle all of the difficulty for you by going to your place, collecting up the lawn mower, and ensuring that it is properly disposed of.

Once it’s out of your hands, you don’t have to worry about it anymore, and you can be confident that it’ll be disposed of properly. Just be sure that you’re informed of all the fees and scheduling times that they have available before you call them just so you know every detail beforehand.

Things to Consider When Recycling Your Lawn Mower

Because pickup isn’t always a possibility for everyone, it’s critical to remain up to date on your city’s rules and laws related to heavy machinery disposal so you don’t waste the trip and be turned down.

Call ahead of time and describe the equipment in full so that the personnel can advise you on the best way to continue.

When disposing of tools like these, keep in mind that it’s not always free. Most of the time, there are no costs involved with recycling, although there may be a minor one linked with the pickup or drop off of heavy gear, which is typically mentioned depending on the location.

It’s worth mentioning that the gas in a gas-powered lawn mower must be emptied and disposed of separately. You may take this gas to a hazardous waste center to properly dispose of it and guarantee that you can service the remainder of your lawn mower without issue. 

The most straightforward approach to empty the gas from your lawn mower is to take it to a repair shop or mechanic’s shop. 

If you want to do it yourself, you’ll need to take a siphon hose, put it into the tank where the gas is stored, and correctly drain the gas from every drop.

You will also want to drain the oil. To do so, detach the blade to reveal the tank and remove the oil reservoir plug to drain the pan.

Why Recycling is the Right Option

One perk of getting rid of power tools is that the majority of them are constructed of metal with plastic components, making them ideal for recycling.

Instead of simply tossing them away, you can be confident that your old equipment will be put to good use in innovative ways that are much more environmentally sustainable.

Why You Need to Recycle

Metal components are expensive to manufacture and consume a lot of energy. They take a lot of time and materials to make, which may add up when you consider how much we consume.

This is why it is critical for us to preserve and recycle wherever possible. By going the additional mile to recycle and reuse our metal components, we not only save money on valuable resources, but we can also inspire our friends, family, and neighbors to do the same.

Recycling Your Lawn Mower in the Most Efficient Way

If you need to get rid of any power tools and equipment quickly, the best solution is to send them to a proper facility where they can be taken care of, but what are they? There are several possibilities for disposing of your instruments and locations where you may transport them, each with its own specific advantages based on what you pick.

  • A scrap yard is one example, where you can take your tools, such as a lawn mower, and transform them into scrap metal. This can be advantageous since the metal may be recycled indefinitely without becoming useless. This can save energy and resources while converting your household waste into equipment that may be reused in the future.
  • Another environmentally friendly option is to take your lawn mower to a recycling center. The majority of these locations also accept scrap metal. By recycling metal and equipment like these, you are eliminating emissions and energy that might otherwise be damaging to the environment. Lawn mowers, for example, may be readily disposed of because they are nearly entirely constructed of recyclable materials.
  • Finally, if your power tools are still in good shape, you may give them to your local Goodwill or Salvation Army shop to guarantee that these pieces of machinery are utilized by families in need. This guarantees that functional machinery does not have to be discarded and may continue to perform its purpose. Selling it online or at a pawn shop is another possibility, as is giving it away or posting an ad online.

You can be assured that you are making the greatest use of the tools you are recycling, regardless of whatever option you choose. It may be easy to simply toss them out, but this is not a prudent option for a number of reasons, both environmental and economic.

Who Does Recycling Power Tools and Lawn Mowers Help?

Roughly 65 percent of all crude steel used in the United States was made from recyclable resources, with steel and iron being the most recycled resources on the planet.

Because such large amounts of material are recycled every day, the new components and goods we rely on every day can be manufactured more effectively. 

If everyone were to stop recycling, we would have a massive shortage of goods that would affect every area of daily life. 

This isn’t limited to lawn items; because it doesn’t matter which parts are recycled and reused, it might imply that firms won’t be able to make things like vehicles, mobile phones, and electronics since metal components would be scarce everywhere. 

Recycling benefits not only you, but everyone around you as well since it helps businesses and manufacturers reduce their carbon footprint while efficiently delivering us the products that we want or need. 

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