Massey Ferguson is a famous brand and produces various agricultural machinery that are used all around the globe. Despite having a spotless review from various YouTubers as well as users.

These problems include Steering malfunction, Overheating engine, Clogged injectors, engine misfires, diesel not rotating, Minimal engine performance, white exhaust fumes, motor not starting, difficulty shifting transmissions, and clogged air filter. However these problems have easy DIY fixes as well.

Continue reading to know the detailed reasons for these problems and easy solutions of these problems.

Massey Ferguson 4710 Tractors Problems And Solutions At A Sight:

Overheating of engineReplace the air filter, add the engine cooler
Dirt-filled air filterClean thoroughly, replace the air filter
Steering malfunctionPour the required amount of steering oil, replace the oil pump
Engine miss fireReplace the fuel injector, replace the oil pump
Diesel not rotatingRecommended fuel by the dealership, replacement of fuel injection pump
Minimal  Engine PerformanceReplace the air filter, replace the air screen
Clogged InjectorCleaning injector by refueling the diesel tank
Motor not startingReplace the starter, clean the fuel pipe
Difficulty shifting transmissionApply grease, check the appropriate transmission fuel level
White exhaust smokeReplace the piston, check the engine oil level
PTO does not engine.Recommended to contact professionals.

As you have now gotten an idea about the issue that you might be facing, let’s get down to a broad discussion of why these problems are caused and how to fix them.

1. Steering Malfunction

After having a considerable amount of hours using the Massey Ferguson 4710 Tractors on the field, users face an issue with the steering wheel. Even though the issue seems to be very serious, the reason might be quite simple. Minimum grade oil or due to a hydraulic steer box malfunction.


  • If the grade of oil is minimal, replacing it with an appropriate high-grade recommended oil will solve the problem.
  • The problem with the hydraulic steer box is a bit more complicated and may need a replacement.
  • If the fuel pump is worn out, replacing the fuel pump will also solve the steering malfunction.

2. Engine Miss Fire

Another widely witnessed problem with Massey Ferguson 4710 Tractors is that the engine misfires. This might be caused due to defective fuel injectors or due to defective fuel pumps.


  • Before proceeding, a thorough inspection of the injectors and fuel pump is required to check if the timing of fuel injections is appropriate.
  • If the injectors are damaged, replacing them would solve the problem.
  • In case of a defective fuel pump, fuel pump replacement is a must.

3. Diesel Not Rotating

Many users tend to use a low-grade engine oil for their Massey Ferguson 4710 Tractors. This leads to the diesel not rotating. Other probable causes tend to be Fuel pump clogs or defective as well as inappropriate fuel injection timing.


  • Switching to a recommended and appropriate engine oil grade is an easy solution.
  • If the fuel pump injection time is inappropriate, adjusting it is not hard and should be an easy fix.
  • If the fuel pump is clogged or defective, it has to be cleaned thoroughly or replaced.

4. Dirt-Filled Air Filter

As the Massey Ferguson 4710 Tractors are mainly used on the fields in terms of plowing land. It is exposed to the dust and dirt from the land quite frequently. These specks of dirt go through into the air filter, thus causing a blockage into the air filter.


  • If the air filter is moderately new, cleaning it thoroughly should fix the problem.
  • If the air filter has been in use for a long time, it’s probably a good idea to replace it.

5. Minimal Engine Performance

A chain effect of the dirt-filled air filter is minimal engine performance, where the engine won’t be able to generate enough power in terms of plowing the land. Other reasons might include clogs forming into the engine air screens.


  • If the cause is due to a dirt-filled air filter, cleaning or replacing it would be the main advice at hand.
  • In case of a clog in the engine air screen, cleaning it should do the trick and make the engine perform smoothly.

6. Clogged Injector

A clogged injector is a major problem that should not be overlooked. This is a widely faced problem among users who have been using Massey Ferguson 4710 Tractors for a long time. This might cause black exhaust fumes to occur as well as in extreme cases engine failure.


  • Injector clogs can be easily removed by filling fuel and burning it over time for some time of 2mins and the rest of 5mins. This process should need to get repeated as long as the injector is not cleaned.
  • Commercial injector cleaners are also available if the first solution is not preferred.

7. Motor Not Starting

In very old Massey Ferguson 4710 Tractors, a few users saw that their motor was not starting. This problem might seem to be due to a cold battery, but there are some simple causes as well. The pistons of Massey Ferguson 4710 Tractors might have burned, causing the engine not to start. Clogged fuel lines might also disrupt the free movement of fuel.


  • If the pistons are damaged, rusty, or burned, they must get replaced.
  • Flush cleaning the line should do the trick in case of a clog in the fuel line.
  • In some instances, the starters are defective, thus requiring a replacement.

8. Difficulty Shifting Transmission

Another widely seen problem among users is that shifting the transmission requires a tremendous amount of sweat. This might be due to the inappropriate synchronizer assembling as well as due to rust being formed. A worn-out synchronizer might as well be the case.


  • Before getting into taking apart parts, first, do check the transmission fluid level and refuel it.
  • To fix the transmission problems, reassembling the synchronizer would be a good start.
  • In case of a worn-out synchronizer, it is required to replace it.

9. Overheating Of Engine

Overheating of engines is not only a problem of Massey Ferguson 4710 Tractors but throughout many other tractors. Thus it is important to know the fix to this problem. This is also a chain effect of a dirty air filter. Having an inadequate amount of air coolers might also lead to this problem.


  • The first and foremost fix would be checking the air filter and replacing it if needed.
  • If there is not enough air coolant, please install more to keep the engine from overheating.

10. White Exhaust Smoke

Over the gradual usage of the Massey Ferguson 4710 Tractors. The users noticed a white fume emitting from the exhaust. There are also incidences of when there are exhausting black fumes.

White fumes emit when the oil level is too much in the engine as well as when the piston rings are worn out. While this happens, black fumes emerge in case of gasoline burning or due to a clog in the air filter.


  • In order to get rid of the white smoke, first check the engine oil level. Draining out the excess engine oil should stop the white fumes.
  • If the piston ring gets worn out or damaged, it has to get replaced immediately. Piston rings are available in local service shops as well as on amazon.
  • If the smoke color is black, check the air filter for dust residue. Cleaning the air filter should fix the problem at hand.
  • If the problem is gasoline burning, it is recommended to contact the local service shop and take help from the experts, as this might be a serious issue.

What is the horsepower of a Massey Ferguson 4710 Tractor engine?

The Massey Ferguson 4710 Tractors uses a 3-cylinder 3.3L AGCO PowerTM Engine with a horsepower of 70-100.

Who are the manufacturers of Massey Ferguson 4710 Tractors?

Massey Ferguson 4710 tractors are produced by Massey Ferguson. Their factories are located in Brazil as well as in China. 

How to know if the piston ring is worn out?

In the case of a worn-out piston ring, some similar issues are noticed. These symptoms include the emission of grey or white smoke, weak acceleration, excessive consumption of oil, power loss of the engine, and, in some cases, the engine coming to an absolute standstill and not starting.

Final Words

During our research, we found out that many users with the Massey Ferguson 4710 Tractors are facing some similar problems. However, these problems are not unique to only Massey Ferguson 4710 Tractors. Most of the issues in this list have a relatively easy fix that can be done right at home. However, in extreme cases, it would be recommended to rely on an expert for help.  

As the problems are common to almost all the tractors out in the market, and now you have knowledge in case of such problems occur. You can now consider purchasing Massey Ferguson 4710 Tractors and plowing your land using the tractor. 

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