Why Dixie chopper zee2 won’t start or stop abruptly? The reason might be a loose connection with the battery or a malfunctioning seat switch. Well, there can be some other reasons, as well.

Meanwhile, the Dixie chopper starting problem depends on how often you use it. Finding out the specific reason may be tough but not impossible to fix if you know the exact reason.

This is why we research some common causes related to this issue. Also, try to give some possible solutions which will work to give you some relief from this trouble.

Why Dixie Chopper ZEE 2 Won’t Start? [Reasons with Troubleshooting Steps]

Basically, the dixie chopper turns over but won’t start for the improper oil filtration of the mower engine. The engine of the mower may fail to connect to the other components.

Anyway, this is one common reason that will lead up to all. Unlike this, below are some common reasons and causes which invisibly monitor the issues.

ReasonsPossible Fixes
In-appropriate oil levelThe oil filter needs replacement
Electrical issuesTest battery connection & mower actuator
Hydraulic filter leaksDiagnose the hydraulic Filter
Damaged ignition keyReplace the gasket or the ignition key & spark plug 

Those are some possible causes that may disturb your mower to perform well. Below are the basic things you should do to fix the difficulty. Check it out and try to do every process carefully.

5 Dixie Chopper Troubleshooting Fixes

dixie chopper turns over but won’t start

Before starting the procedures, please keep the official manufacturing diagram with you. Without this, you can’t troubleshoot or diagnose the issues.

1. Check The Engine Oil Filter

Unlike your engine oil, the oil filter needs to be changed or replaced if it gets damaged. Most dixie choppers require this while the outside temperature is getting low. In that case, your mower won’t get started and will become frozen.

First, diagnose the engine oil filter and check the oil filter temperature level. But you should not touch the filter with your bare hand. It’s because the oil filter might be hotter than you think.

After that,  replace the filter when you can touch it.

2. Diagnose The Hydraulic Filter

The hydraulic filter is the standard part directly related to the mower engine compression.

Dixie choppers usually come with metallic tank surfaces. For this, the mower got sealed or fell under the impacts of sealing action on the top of the spin filter. It is to keep the tank surfaces clean and tidy. The hydraulic tank surface’s bottom parts must be junked free to run the mower properly. Otherwise, the mower hydraulic filter may leak and spin.

Another reason behind this issue is leaving the hydraulic filter tank un-tightened before installing the new one. So check the hydraulic filter leak and replace it.

3. Notice If There Are Any Damaged Ignition Key Onto The Gear Box

Dixie chopper has a cork gasket on the top of its cover. Sometimes the gearbox ignition key will retain the mower to function correctly. The main task here is to inspect the fluid density inside the gearbox. You need to remove the top cover and unscrew the knots inside the box.

Check both the gasket and ignition key once you’re done opening the box. Recheck them to find if there are any abnormalities shown or not.

The trouble may occur if it gets damaged or will be worse for reuse. You may either need to change the gasket or replace the ignition key.

4. Test The Mower Actuator

The dixie chopper won’t get started for the faulty actuator. As the actuator connector is directly connected to the mower battery, there is a probability that the problem may happen. Test the actuator condition through an alternative battery circuit.

Before that, collect a short wire lead to connect the battery with 12.0 volts to the actuator. There is no switch to be found to connect the actuator. Again, you will find two separate wires inside the actuator to test the condition.

After connecting the positive and negative wires, I read out the meter power shown into the battery posts. The DC power input is reversible, so you may find its spin will move in one direction. If the actuator power input moves appropriately, the components are in good condition.

On the other hand, if the actuator power fin didn’t give you any feedback, try to change or exchange it with a new one.

5. Detect The Spark Plug

Although there are four fixes, this is the final one. Try to do it carefully; hopefully, it may fix the problem quickly.

Open the engine deck, and remove the spark plug. Check if the liquor inside the sparks is cranky or not. You will find the location at the top of the piston. If it is normal, try to detect if the blades are correctly engaged.

Also, notice that the lower pulley will be excellent and engaged to the mower injector panel. But remove or loosen the lower pulley or flip off the mower belts before condemning it.

Thus, you can try one by one to solve the dixie chopper sticking issues.

This Video Will Help You Too!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why Is My Lawn Mower Turning Over But Not Starting?

Your lawnmower is turning over but not starting for a dirty air filter. If the air filter fails to produce enough air into the motor, it may happen. Again, the dirty, greasy air filter keeps your mower from turning over righteously.

How Do You Troubleshoot A Zero Turn Mower?

You can troubleshoot the zero-turn mower by detecting the mower compressor. The problem may occur with dusty or greasy fuel oil. Change the old fuel and fill the tank with a new one. Also diagnosed the other essential components abnormalities to solve the issue of a zero-turn mower.

How Do I Get My Lawn Mower To Start?

Fix the loose, un-tightened, and dirty spark plugs on the first attempt to start the lawnmower. If you again face the trouble, detect the dirt inside the air filter, clean it off or replace it if necessary. Finally, make sure that the fuel reaches the engine properly and tap the mower carburetor’s side to flow the gas properly.


Installing the dixie chopper zee issue is not as easy as anyone thinks. People are often discouraged from solving the problem because of ignorance of the mower diagram. If you want to fix the issues yourself, you must have learned the causes of dixie chopper zee 2 won’t start.

Later on, go for the step-by-step procedure to reveal the exact matter behind this. Also, don’t forget to keep preparing in an area where you feel comfortable doing the task. However, try to inspect the difficulties patiently and continue to do every process correctly.

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