Who makes John Deere coolant? John Deere coolant is made by the “Deere And Company” brand. This company was founded 185 years ago by John Deere. Currently, John C. May is the key person.

Cool-Gard is one of the most famous & trusted coolants. John Deere is the biggest tractor manufacturer. This article will provide you with all the information about the maker of John Deere coolant, costing, and benefits.

Who Makes John Deere Coolant?

As we mentioned, “Deere & Company” makes the John Deere coolant. This coolant is available as Cool-Gard II. This is one of the premium products that helps cool down the engine. John Deere is the brand name of this company as he was the founder in 1837. It is an American corporation with a 329th ranking position in the global market.

They manufacture forest machinery, diesel engine, lawn care equipment, drive train equipment, and agricultural machinery. John Deere coolant manufacturer took care of every important aspect of an engine while making Cool-Gard II. This coolant also gives back up for six years.

However, there is no information about the person or team who developed John Deere’s coolant. Still, Cool-Gard is one of the most promising engine coolants. The manufacturer had made two types of coolant, considering people’s requirements. Pre-mix and concentrated formula of Cool-Gard II. Concentrated one needs to be mixed with water before pouring into the engine. And pre-mix versions are ready for you to pour into the engine.

John Deere Coolant Cost (Cool-Gard II)

Cool-Gard II is a coolant made without nitrate. Its price is set according to model and gallon. A table is provided with the four most common Cool-Gard II models.

Cool-Gard IIProduct IdPrice
Pre-Mix, 1 gallonTY26575$17.85
Pre-Mix, 2.5 gallonTY26576$42.75
Concentrate, 1 GallonTY26573$28.28
PG Engine Pre-Mix, 1 GallonTY26968$32.23

Some Benefits Of Using John Deere Coolant

Due to hot engines, 40% of engine failure happens. John Deere coolant is used to prevent engine heating issues. Some benefits of using the John Deere coolant are given below.

Cool Gard II Test Strips & Extender

Cool-Gard II is a coolant for engine cooling. However, your coolant can be contaminated or diluted. Due to safety reasons, it is suggested to have an annual test with test strips. The test strip will determine the pH value, cavitation inhibitor level, and freeze point. There are ten tablets in a test strip bottle. The cost of one bottle is $25.97.

Don’t buy test strips in bulk because their lifespan is just 14 months after the manufacturing date. Also, don’t use it with Cool-Gard PG engine pre-mix.

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An extender is used with coolant in case it is diluted or contaminated. The extender works as a treatment for Cool-Gard II. It replenishes the protection of coolant to perform smoothly. So, the extender is a must-have if the test strip results are alarming. The extender costs around $10.38.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What coolant does John Deere use?

John Deere uses Cool-Gard II coolant, which is an antifreeze or pre-mix of summer coolant. It is mainly deionized water and with 60/40 propylene. This is an engine coolant made with an organic formulation. It can be used in cold and hot weather without any issue. Moreover, the coolant is nitrate-free.

What color coolant does John Deere use?

John Deere uses green color coolant. The first version of Cool-Gard was completely green, but Cool-Gard II has a green-amber color. This is because the first version contained nitrate, which is unsuitable for engines. Now the Cool-Gard is without nitrate.


Your curious mind now knows who makes John Deere coolant. “Deere & Company” makes Cool-Gard II for a smooth engine experience. You can buy this coolant without any hesitation if you’re looking for a trusted company. But if you’re not satisfied yet, searching for more information about the coolant is recommended.

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