What oil is recommended for a Kawasaki FX801V engine?

Kawasaki label 10W-40 Syn Blend with Zinc is your answer. But this isn’t the only oil your Kawasaki can take. Any SJ or higher-class oil with SAE 10W-40 viscosity can get your lawn mower engine running smoothly. But not all of them are ideal for you.

So, the question remains which Kawasaki FX801V oil type will give you the best experience? This article will give you that answer. Keep reading.

Ideal Kawasaki FX801V Oil Type: Which One Is Best for You?

Here we showcase the list of 6 suitable oils for your Kawasaki FX801V series engine. So, take a look at this.

BrandViscosity GradeOil Type
Kawasaki10W-30Synthetic blend
Valvoline10W-40Synthetic blend
Amazon Basics10W-30Full synthetic

As you can see, Kawasaki FX801V supports all four types of oil: Full synthetic, synthetic blend, semi-synthetic, and conventional. But not all can be compatible enough to use in your region.

Is Full Synthetic Usable?

The fully synthetic oil can give your Kawasaki lawn mower its ultimate performance. The best thing about this type of oil is its viscosity grade. This oil works best in both low and high temperatures thanks to its thickness.

With usual viscosity of 10W-30, full synthetic oil is ideal for general usage like the Kawasaki FX921V oil type. If your lawn mower is Husqvarna or Toro, this type of lubricant should be your only choice.

Though full synthetic oils are a bit expensive, their performance is uncompromised. The engine can reach its potential with full synthetic oil in less warm regions.

Can You Use Synthetic Blend?

Many people think using blended oil damages the engine. But this isn’t the case. In fact, the synthetic blend is the Kawasaki FX801V recommended oil for engines that are designed for lawn mowers.

Apart from keeping the engine healthy, synthetic blend oil offers a much more advanced fuel economy. It means a comparatively less amount of oil will last for days. In addition, it creates less smoke and starts the engine easily.

Using synthetic blend oil with a viscosity of 10W-40 or 10W-30 gives the best engine performance. In addition to making mowing easier, this oil prevents clogs and debris accumulation. Overall, it reduces the heat engine produces.

Mainly, for this reason, it is recommended to use the synthetic blend for Kawasaki lawn mowers in warm areas. 

What about Semi-Synthetic?

Semi-synthetic oils are not much popular option, but it’s great for older motors. This oil makes the engine easier to start. Though it has a higher viscosity of 20W-50, this is not much of a problem considering how warm the engine gradually gets.

This type of oil can cost a bit extra compared to other options. It is recommended not to use this oil unless your lawnmower doesn’t start easily or any other Kawasaki FX801V problems are found.

Oh, Let’s not Forget the Conventional Oil!

Conventional oils are very easy to get. Though they may not be tailor-made for lawn mower engines, they get the job perfectly done.

You probably know that conventional oil is commonly used in gasoline engines and it should be this way. But it doesn’t work any less well when it comes to other types of engines. In fact, conventional oil is helpful to clear out any kind of contamination from the lawn mower.

Conventional oil of 20W-50 viscosity grade works well with Kawasaki FX801V. You should try to go for such lubricants for the warmer season areas.

Basically, these are all the oil types for Kawasaki FX801V, and as you can see, all are ideal for different purposes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How many HP is a Kawasaki FX801V?

According to Kawasaki’s official website and their user manual, the FX801V engine delivers 25.5 HP. This is more than enough for any kind of serious mowing work.

Is Kawasaki FX801V fuel injected?

Yes, Kawasaki FX801V fuel is injected into the engine. This is how the refilling works.

What oil filter does a Kawasaki FX801V use?

Kawasaki FX801V uses the AM107423 oil filter. This one is ideally compatible with the Kawasaki engines.

How much oil does Kawasaki FX801V use?

The Kawasaki FX801V uses approximately 2.3L of oil. Well, this is actually its oil capacity.


Recommended Kawasaki FX801V oil type includes full synthetic, synthetic blend, semi-synthetic, and conventional oil. But all the oils are not the same. Each of these types must be utilized accordingly, considering your region’s weather and atmosphere.

The condition of your Kawasaki FX801V matters a lot too. If your mower is old, use something that it will be able to handle. Never use full synthetic oil in such engines. Use synthetic blend instead.

However, nothing beats full synthetic oil if your mower engine is new. Keep all these in mind and choose wisely. This way, you will have a perfectly working mower for your lawn.

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