Sprinkler System Comes On But No Water

Sprinkler system comes on but no water- why? The chances are high that dirt is built up inside the sprinkler head or the head is broken. But no worries, you can fix it.

When the summer begins, the use of sprinkles gets higher. To make your lawn or the garden greenish and make your plants, vegetables grow more and apply water timely with maintaining rules, a correctly operating system of sprinkle is needed.

If you know how a sprinkler system works, you should correct most of the problems that prevent water from flowing freely.

However, here we compile a list of solutions and problems for why your sprinkler system is operating, but no water is coming out.

Sprinkler System Comes On But No Water – Know The Reasons

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Many factors could be to blame if your sprinkler system is not getting water.

Backflow may not be working properly. If you accidentally close the handle on your sprinkler system’s backflow valve, no water will be able to get past the backflow and reach the sprinkler system’s valves. There’s a chance your rain sensor is not working properly.

However, below stated a chart of the Sprinkler System Troubleshooting and possible reasons-

Possible ReasonsSolutions
Broken Sprinkler HeadReplacing a broken sprinkler with a new model
Sprinkler heads are dirtyCleaning the dirt from heads
If the backflow device is half-openedMake sure the backflow is fully opened
Not enough pressureCheck any leak on the pipe

Solution for a Broken Sprinkler Head

Sometimes the head of the sprinkle breaks and falls on the ground, and thus, we face water issues. So, search for the head. If you find it fully damaged, then get a new head of the same model.

Fix When If Sprinkler Heads Are Dirty

Also, the water issue occurs due to dust inside the head. Moreover, sprinkle is set on the ground so there is a 100% chance of getting filled with debris and dirt.

You must clean the heads weekly; later on, you will not face any no water coming out issues.

If the Backflow Device Is Half-Opened

Most of the time, you will see every part of the sprinkle is okay, but water is not coming. This can happen due to half-opened backflow devices.

Check and ensure your backflowis fully-opened.

Not Having Enough Pressure

The sprinkler heads may not get the proper water pressure, and so there is no water. This can be happening mostly when the water pump is leaked.

Waterline leak is the most common issue faced by people. The line which comes from underground if leaked then you will see the water is not coming. So, if you repair it, all the problems will be solved.

Moreover, if the sprinkler system is not working after a power outage, you need to reset the power outage, it will be controlled, and after that, you need to re-programed your sprinkler system.

However, you should check with your irrigation procedures to make sure you are putting in the correct timetable before re-programming it.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why is my sprinkler system not getting water?

It is possible to accidentally shut off the handle on your backflow valve, which prevents any water from getting through the backflow and to the sprinkler system valves. Your rain sensor may be malfunctioning. Also, it’s possible that the timer has malfunctioned.

What happens if the sprinkler system runs without water?

When your sprinkler system is left unattended for an extended length of time, bad things may happen to it. Chances are high that roots could grow into the sprinklers, and insects will crawl into them to lay eggs or get trapped. Stagnant water in pipes will support the growth of algae, which will clog and destroy the sprinklers.

What causes a sprinkler zone not to work?

Fail-safe zones may also be created by an electrical malfunction, which can present itself as a problem with the timer, valve, or solenoid, or it can manifest itself as a problem with the wire. A faulty connection is often the blame. In most cases, checking the timer is smart to start when suspecting that the issue is electrical.

Wrap Up

So far, you have known the reason for the sprinkler system comes on but no water. A broken head and dust are the main reasons for having sprinkler system trouble.

Also, the most possible reasons are,

  1. Spray heads that are broken.
  2. Sprinkler heads that are clogged.
  3. The controller for the water sprinklers stops working.

We hope this article has come to your help to get rid of all your misconceptions regarding the Sprinkler system.

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