What are the common big dog mower problems you have faced till now? One of the most common issues is that the blades will become dull over time. Do you know the solution? You’ll get your answer inside the article.

Undoubtedly, Big Dog Mowers are some of the most popular lawn mowers known for durability and longevity.

This manual will help you understand the other problems you may face and lead you through troubleshooting processes. Hence, without further saying, let’s get right to the point!

Big Dog Mower Problems

Before diving into the details, have a quick overview of all the possible problems.

Belt not engaging or making noiseDefective drive belt
Quits operating on the right-hand sideFaulty transmission
It becomes jerky when startingLoose steering linkage
Creeps when the parking brake is engagedParking brakes are out of adjustment
Starting motor does not crankThe deck clutch switch is engaged

A Broken Drive Belt

It is one of the most common big dog blackjack mower problems among all the other series. Most people who face this problem have stated that they encounter this issue within just 20-24 hours of using the mower.

Some people have also faced this problem after using the mower for more than 24 hours, like after 57 hours.

The drive belts can come off several times and break once or twice. A steering rod that goes through the stick to the hydro wheel motor on the right-hand side underneath your mower.

If the drive belt is rubbing that rod, this problem can happen when the drive belt breaks before coming off. Otherwise, it can occur if the drive belt is defective.

Solution: To do this big dog mower troubleshooting, you have to replace the faulty drive belt. Also, when the drive belt is rubbing that steering rod, firstly, take a heavy zip tie.

Then, pull the steering rod over to the exterior of the mower around 3 or 4 inches. It will stop the drive belt from coming off and breaking.

Quits Operating On The Right-Hand Side

Sometimes, you will find out that it stops operating on the right-hand side after driving your big dog mower for a bit of time. It will not go back or forward at that time. Also, sometimes this mower can lose power on the left-hand side after a short mowing period.

After just a week of buying the big dog mower, you can even face this problem. This problem occurs for faulty transmission of the mower.

Solution: There is no other way to resolve this problem instead of replacing the malfunctioning transmission.

It Becomes Jerky When Starting

Many people also complained that their big dog mowers became jerky over time. They also complained that their mowers only operate in one direction.

This problem can happen for many reasons, including steering control linkage is out of adjustment, loose steering linkage, and defective transaxle components.

Solution: To solve this problem, you need to adjust the steering control linkage and tighten the steering linkage. You need to contact your dealer for defective transaxle components to solve the issue of defective transaxle components.

Creeps When The Parking Brake Is Engaged

We have found out that the big dog mower can sometimes creep. It happens when the steering linkage is out of adjustment and the parking brakes are out of adjustment.

Solution: In this case, you must adjust the steering linkage and parking brakes to solve this problem.

Starting Motor Does Not Crank

Another common problem of the big dog mower is the starting motor does not crank. This problem can also be called the big dog mower clutch problem, as it occurs when the deck clutch switch is engaged. Other factors can potentially contribute to this problem.

They are switch not adjusted or steering control levers are not in park brake position, dead or weak battery, and electrical connections are loose or corroded. There is also a 15 amp fuse in the big dog mower that can get blown to cause this issue.

Solution: To solve this issue, you need to re-adjust the switch or put the steering control levers in the park brake position. When facing the clutch problem, disengage the clutch switch to solve it. For the dead or weak battery, replace or recharge the battery.

Also, for loose or corroded electrical connections, tighten or change them. Last but not least, if you find that the fuse for the 15 amp circuit has blown, you should replace it.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is big dog a good zero-turn mower?

Many individuals find that the Big Dog zero-turn mower is the best option for their needs. It can cut grass at various heights, be powerful enough to handle tough terrain, and be built like a tank. Unfortunately, the Big Dog is not for everyone. If you don’t have much experience with lawn care or are looking for something that can handle hills better, the Big Dog might not be the best choice.

Are Big Dog Mowers made in USA?

The Big Dog Mower Company is an American-owned and operated business that manufactures lawn mowers. They are headquartered in Illinois and employ over 500 people. Big Dog Mowers are designed and constructed in the United States of America (USA). The entire production process takes place in Illinois, with the exception of their blades which are manufactured in China.

Is a Big Dog Stout a commercial mower?

Yes, the Big Dog Stout is a commercial mower. It is made for large grass areas and can cut up to 10 acres per hour. It has a powerful Honda engine that can handle the toughest of terrains and is made for commercial use.


The big dog mower is a piece of top-rated garden equipment. It has an enormous potential to be used in the garden. However, it is a highly complex machine to operate and maintain. Many people are looking for a simple solution to make the big dog mower easy to use and maintain.

Finally, we ended up troubleshooting the big dog mower problems. There are various types of issues you have already read and seen in this article. Moreover, if you cannot solve this issue yourself, immediately contact a professional.

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