Toro Zero Turn Steering Problems

Often it is seen that a lawnmower is all fine, but the steering is not working properly. The engine is all good, the tires are fine, the carburetor is functioning well, only the steering does not move to any side or back and forth. What causes the flawed steering wheel? And how can you resolve your Toro zero turn steering problems?

The solution to the steering problem is relatively easy. But you need to figure out what is causing the problem; only then can you fix the static steering.

So, let’s see what problems your Toro lawn mower has in the steering.

Toro Zero Turn Steering Problems & Solutions

Reasons for Steering ProblemsProbable Solutions
The wheels spin when you try to turn or move.This problem may happen due to a lack of traction. Change the back tires with a pair of tractor tires.
Does not go straight when you drive it; it moves to the side. The reverse function also does not work.i) Adjusting the tire pressure. ii) Adjusting the belt tension. iii) Adjusting alignment of hydraulic steering

In commercial grade mowers, the hydraulic steering sometimes gets static. These three issues are most common in static steering. The problems can cause the mower to be immobile. So, which of the following issues do you have?

Problem 1: The mower spins instead of turning

A zero-turn mower is specialized for turning on a zero-inch radius which means it can turn in its place. You don’t need extra space to turn the mower. But if a steering problem is present in your zero turn mower, it wouldn’t turn, move forward, or backward. Instead, it would spin or jerk. This may typically happen when the grass is moist. It is challenging when the tire is all-terrain or in a hilly area.

Problem 2: The grasscutter moves to the left or right when driving straight and doesn’t go forward or backward sometimes

The zero-turn mowers have a reverse mowing function. The function is reliable when you are cutting the grass around a corner. The reverse option may not cut evenly when you ride forward and backward on your lawn mower. Or it may even not move.

We have recognized another issue that appears most in the mowers. When the rider drives the mower forward, it tends to move to one side (mostly left) instead of going straight.

If you faced one or all of these Toro zero turn steering wheel problems when cutting grass on the lawn, keep reading below as we provide the solutions to these issues.

Solutions To The Toro Zero Turn Steering Problems

Since you are facing steering problems in your zero-turn mower, check out the solutions and follow them religiously to get rid of the problem.

Solution to Problem 1: Getting more traction to the spinning wheel

To replace the all-terrain tires, which do not have enough traction, with a pair of tractor tires. Here is what you can do.

Take out the rubber cap from the center of the wheel using a pair of pliers. Then the snap ring that sits right behind the cap. Remove the tire and replace it with the tractor tire.

If you can replace them, that’s fine. But if you can’t, go to a local tire shop to do that with a little amount of charge. Instead of replacing the tires, you can also use snow chains to get traction.

Solution to Problem 2: Getting the mower moving correctly

i. Adjusting the tire pressure to prevent moving one side

Check whether the tires have straight traction or not. If any of them moves to one side when you drive straight, increase the tire pressure up to the mark of that particular wheel that moves aside.

Measure and make sure the rest of the tires have the proper tire pressure. It affects the traction directly. When the tire has low pressure, it can drive the mower to one side.

However, adjusting the tire pressure to an extended measure than the recommendation may lead to trouble handling the mower. Additionally, it reduces the lifetime of the tire.

ii. Adjust the belt tensioner to stop going the mower to the left

However, your Toro zero-turn mower may have two thread rods and nuts, depending on the model you are using. Adjust both of them the same way.

If your Toro zero turn mower still has the same issues, the settings below may help.

iii. Adjust the steering alignment on your mower

The mower may have misaligned steering. When you adjust the steering lever alignment, you need to change the height and width of the lever first.

To adjust the Lever height:

Unscrew the hardware at the upper steering base handlebar. Adjust the handlebar at the right alignment. Then reassemble the hardware screws.

To adjust the Lever width:

Unscrew the hardware at the lower steering base. Then adjust the eccentric spacer nut if it is loose and reassemble the hardware screws.

Adjust the Lever reach to move it back and forth:

Unscrew the hardware of steering control in the upper control arm but not all the way. Then move the lever according to your preference forward or backward. Adjust the screws back.


The solutions to the steering problems are applicable for almost all the models of Toro zero-turn mower, Troy Bilt, Cub Cadet, and MTD.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why does my zero-turn pull to one side?

There may be two reasons your zero-turn mower pulls to one side. Either it has a loose tensioner, or it has a low tire pressure. There could be other reasons causing this. But these are the most common reasons.

How do you adjust the steering on a Toro Timecutter zero turn mower?

When the mower lever is on neutral mode, lift the back wheels off the ground using jack stands. Loosen the lug nuts and remove both wheels. Remove the linkage mounting screw from the side of the wheel hub pulling the linkage off the bracket. Loosen the neutral adjustment screw and adjust the control bracket to stop the wheel from moving. Tighten all the screws back, connect control linkage, reinstall the wheels, and tighten the lug nuts.

How do I speed up my Toro Timecutter?

To adjust the steering of your Toro Timecutter zero-turn mower you need to adjust the control bracket. It often makes the mower move. First, you need to remove the back wheels. You can use the jack stand to shift the weight. Then you need to take out the linkage mounting screws of the mower. You may find them on the side of the wheel hub. Now before you adjust the control bracket, you need to loosen neutral adjustment screws. Now the wheels won’t move on the neutral mode.


We hope that now you have the solution to your Toro zero turn steering problems. However, there are a lot of other issues you may face with your zero-turn mower. We hope to talk about them soon.

If you are new at using a mower, hold the steering at a proper position, closer to the base than to the end. The position of your wrist often makes a big difference in how your mower works. And move the seat handle at the back if you feel operating the mower comfortably that way.

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