Are you puzzled about why your Scott lawn mower will not turn over? Well, maybe it’s because of a faulty solenoid. However, there are various other reasons your mower isn’t turning over.

Although despite the issues, there is always a solution. Today we made an article listing the problems and their solution about the Scott lawn mower not turning over. Check it out to know in detail.

Scott Lawn Mower Will Not Turn Over: Reasons and Solutions

Scott lawn mower not turning over
Scott lawn mower not turning over

Oh wait, let’s have a quick view on all the possible reasons that may be causing the Scotts lawn mower not starting.

Faulty starter solenoidReplace the solenoid
Dusty air filterClean the filter
Dead batteryRecharge or replace it
Loose or Detached spark plugReconnect it tightly
Engine not receiving fuelReplace the fuel filter

There are several components in a lawnmower that keeps it running. The notable ones are the engine, carburetor, starter solenoid, battery, and many more. When any one of the components receives damage or loses its functionality, the lawnmower stops working. You will see that the lawnmower won’t even start, just like when a computer does not boot up when any part of it becomes faulty.

Don’t worry because all of the following components are replaceable. However, you don’t always have to replace them. Following a few protocols will lead to the solution to the start over the issue. Check below as we discussed those problems and solutions in detail.

Faulty Starter Solenoid

One of the common reasons for the Scott lawn mower not turning over is the defective starter solenoid. The main work of the starter solenoid is to start the starting motor. So, if the solenoid isn’t functional, the engine won’t start at all. However, even if your solenoid remains functional, due to the safety switch not aligning correctly, the mower may not start.

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The problem is relatively easy to fix. You can simply replace your current solenoid with a new one. But if you notice that it’s because of the safety switch, we recommend you to take your mower to the mechanic. A new starter solenoid is pretty cheap.

Dusty air filter

It’s essential to clean your mower from time to time. As you will be using it to cut grass, the mower will receive tons of dust. Sometimes the air filter gets overloaded with dust and debris. It causes a problem. The carburetor does not receive proper air, for which the mower won’t start.

Clean the air filter properly. Make sure to get rid of any kinds of debris. Try starting the mower afterward. If the lawn mower won’t turn over, it is time to replace your air filter with a new one.

Dead battery

As you know, it’s impossible for a lawnmower to function without a battery. It’s a vital component of the mower. That’s why you have to charge it from time to time so that the mower functions correctly. Suppose you see that your mower isn’t starting. Check the battery first. Recharge it and try to start the mower. However, don’t forget to change the fuel.

Even if the mower does not turn over, then there is a chance that the battery is at fault. Recharging isn’t an option either, so you have to replace it with a new one.

Loose or Detached Spark Plug

We examined various lawnmowers that aren’t turning over. Among them, we noticed that some of them have a similar problem. It’s usually within the spark plug of the mower. Either the spark plug is loose, or it’s detached. Sometimes when the plug is too dirty, it doesn’t function as intended.

The first thing you can do is clean it well. Tighten it well if the pin is loose. Do the same if it’s detached. Although you have to ensure that you attach it to the correct circuit; otherwise, the engine won’t turn on.

Engine not receiving fuel

Try to change the fuel regularly. Keeping stale fuel is bad for the machine. Because the stale fuel will damage the fuel filter over time. So, when it becomes faulty, the engine doesn’t receive any energy. Now, without any fuel, the mower won’t start at all. Unless the power goes through the filter, the engine won’t receive any of it.

If it’s damaged slightly, take it to the mechanic. Again, you have to replace the filter if it’s entirely damaged.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What does it mean when your riding lawn mower won’t turn over?

If your riding lawn mower won’t turn over, there is a problem in the starter solenoid. Asides from that, there can be various issues for which it won’ turn over, such as loose spark plug, dead battery, dusty air filter, and many more.

How do I get my lawnmower to turn over?

To get your lawnmower to turn over, you have to know the exact problem with the mower. If it’s a faulty solenoid, replace it. Sometimes the air filter might be overloaded with dirt and debris. Clean it properly, and your lawnmower will surely turn over. Furthermore, if the circuit lines are faulty, take the mower to the mechanic unless you are experienced.

What to do when Scotts riding lawn mower won’t start?

There are several reasons why your Scotts riding lawn mower won’t start. Taking it to the mechanic is the easiest solution. But you can always fix it yourself. Change the fuel. Try recharging the battery if it’s dead. Sometimes the fuel filter receives enough damage for which mower won’t start over. Change that filter.


Due to various reasons, your Scott lawn mower will not turn over. Well, it’s a vehicle, and it’s natural for a vehicle to have problems now and then. That’s why we recommend you regulate your lawnmower regularly so that it does not have issues regularly. Because if you leave the problem unregulated, you will see that it might not start.

We discussed the various cases for which your mower isn’t turning over in the above. Furthermore, we included all the possible solutions. If your lawnmower isn’t starting over for any of the problems above, you can fix it yourself.

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