Why the debate for Scag Eliminator blades vs Gator blades? The Eliminator blades are made with Marbain steels, whereas the Gator blades aren’t. However, there are other differences between these two blades.

You need a blade that works well at mulching and bagging for lawnmowing. So, today our comparison topic is Scag Eliminator and Gator blades.

Scag Eliminator Blades Vs Gator Blades: Breakdown of the Features

quick overview Scag Eliminator Blades Vs Gator Blades
ConcernEliminator BladesGator Blades
Dimension 24 x 2 x 2 inches21.6 x 3.1 x 1.5 inches
 Blade Length16” to 18”Mostly 21”
Blade Width3”2.50”


During our research, we found out the that the dimension of the Scag Eliminator blades is 24x2x2 inches. Furthermore, the lengths of the blade are 16 inches and 18 inches. However, the width of the blade is around 3 inches, while the thickness is 0.250 inches. The size makes cutting grass relatively smooth.

Moreover, your lawn will have an excellent result after you use the Eliminator blades. Due to its width and thickness, it can cut the toughest grass with ease. So, while trimming the grass in your garden, you won’t face any complications.

Meanwhile, the Gator blade has a dimension of 21.6×3.1×1.5 inches. Again, the blade length is 21 inches. Comparing it with the Eliminator blade, the size of the Gator blades is larger. The width of the blades is 2.50 inches which is lower than the Eliminator blade. In the case of thickness, it is 0.187 inches, less than the Scag Eliminator. It’s an excellent blade for mulching.

However, during our research, we found out that when you encounter tall grasses, the longer the blades are, the quicker you can cover more ground.

Cutting Efficiency

Firstly, let’s discuss the cutting efficiency of the Eliminator blades. The blades are harsh as they originate from Marbain steel. So, they have good resistance. Also, as the blades are harsh, they can easily cut the most robust grass. Thus, it can save you time. According to a user in LawnSite, the Eliminator blade can chop up everything nicely in its way.

Gator blades are well known for their superior mulching capability. With better mulching, it also offers an excellent discharge. Additionally, the blade can withstand dry, wet, and sandy lawns smoothly. The cut results are also pretty good.

Yet, according to various users, the Gator blades aren’t superior when bagging, but it’s the best at mulching. If we talk about durability, you may have to sharpen it from time to time because, comparing it with the Eliminator blade, it is not durable enough. But the clipping is smooth.

Best Usage

If you are looking for the best mulching, you should go with the Gator blades. The Gator blades are well known due to their mulching ability. It combines high air lift and creates a superior mulching result. Furthermore, the Gator blade cuts the grass multiple times to look cleaner. Also, the clipping is done efficiently as well for which there is a lesser chance of creating grass clogging.

On the contrary, if you want blades with good discharge and bagging, then it’s best to choose the Scag Eliminator blades. Furthermore, the durability of the Scag Eliminator is outstanding. The superior durability is due to the Marbain steel it comes from. But if you want to mulch, you can use the Eliminator blade. It still does an excellent job when it comes to mulching. Again, the Eliminator is the best choice if your garden is on more challenging terrain.

In short, for mulching and clear clippings, go for the Gator blades. On the contrary, choose the Scag Eliminator blades for better bagging and durability.


The price difference between the Gator blades and Scag Eliminator blades isn’t much. The price of Gator blades is worth what it can offer you. The blade provides you with the best mulching with a smoother clipping.

Furthermore, the cut results are good as it cuts the grass in two. So, the cut is smooth. You won’t notice any strange patterns. So, in this price range, it offers you the best mulching option.

Meanwhile, the Scag Eliminator blades are just a few dollars more than the Gator blades. However, it provides you with the best durability a blade can have. You won’t have to worry about sharpening it often as it has Marbain steel. Again, the blade works very smoothly against tougher grass as well. Lastly, the bagging ability is excellent as well. So, for the price, it offers you outstanding features.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are Gator blades better than regular blades?

Yes, Gator blades are better than ordinary blades. It’s because Gator blades do better work at mulching than standard blades.

Which is better high lift or mulching blades?

If you want to create a better-looking lawn, then it’s better to go for the high lift. Again, mulching blades are better if you have a more extensive property.

Which is better high lift or mulching blades?

If you want to create a yard that is better looking, then it’s better to go for the high lift. Again, if you have an enormous lawn, then mulching blades are better.

Are bagging blades the same as mulching blades?

Bagging blades and mulching blades are a bit different. If your lawn requires frequent trimming, then you need to use mulching blades. On the contrary, if you mow less then the bagging blades are the optimal choice.

Which One Should Be Your Pick?

In this debate between Scag Eliminator blades vs Gator blades, if you want an excellent mulching blade, then the Gator blades are the best option. On the other side, if you want a blade with superior durability and better high lift, then the Scag Eliminator blades are the better choice.

If you have a more extensive lawn, you may have to use a mulching blade to maintain it. Then Gator blades are the optimal option for you. Furthermore, it does an excellent job at clipping as well.

Again, if you want a blade that lasts long and a lawn that looks nice, then the Scag Eliminator is the one you should pick. Moreover, the Scag Eliminator has a better high lift making it pleasant for bagging.

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