Raptor SD Vs Bad Boy Mowers

When comparing these two lawnmowers, you have to keep quite a few facts in your consideration. These riding mowers have some differences, but the most noticeable difference between a Raptor SD and Bad Boy mower is that you can get the battery, and other components are accessed a bit easier in Bad boy than Raptor sd because of the design.

In our later discussion, we will explore essential things regarding Raptor SD vs Bad Boy mowers. We hope this will allow you to make purchasing decisions with ease. There will undoubtedly be some factors when comparing these two mowers, and we will also cover those.

Let’s jump in.

Comparing Raptor SD Vs Bad Boy Mowers

FactorsRaptor SDBad Boy
SpeedThe regular speed is 6.5 mph.Speed ranging from 6-6.5 mph.
DesignSuperb design with a yellowish colour. Logo on the frontOrange colour charming design
Mower DeckHave a solid and flexible fabricated deck.Perfect adaptability deck with flexibility.
EngineKohler, KawasakiKohler, Kawasaki, Vanguard, CAT
Warranty3-4 years2-3 years
PriceMuch affordable.A bit expensive because of its extraordinary features.

Now, we dive into some factors in a more detailed way to interact easily.


Performance is very crucial when you buy anything. You must be pretty sure about the performance no matter what types of mowers you are looking forward to.

Talking about raptor sd mowers, all the models that are available in the market are high duty mowers. You can easily mow the grasses for a more extended period without hesitation. If you have a comparatively bigger yard to mow grasses, you can choose the raptor sd mowers. The motor that the raptor sd mower has is excellent compared to any mower.

On the other hand, bad boy won’t make you feel depressed with the latest bad boy mowers like Maverick and give you a great experience. Bad boy company is gradually improving with a giant business planet and high-quality technology. Users love Bad boy commercial Mowers for these things.

Both raptors sd and bad boy mowers have a very decent cutting performance.

Mower Deck

You must feel at ease with the mower deck you have. The cutting performance of the mower somehow depends on the mower decks out there. Let’s first talk about the mower deck of the raptor sd mower.

The raptor sd mowers have different sizes of decks. The deck size of the raptor sd mower depends on the model. There are 42, 54, 60 inches of raptor sd mowers. A more expansive deck will allow you to get more ease at the time of mowing. The flexible and robust deck of raptor sd will serve you with lots of benefits too. You can quickly fix the size of the deck depending on the layer of the grass.

Bad boy mowers do have a huge deck to feel your ease. These decks are made using high technologies for performing heavy duty. The bad boy mower’s deck has excellent adaptability no matter what type of lawn you are working on. The deck of the bad boy mower adapts to any kind of grass.

Airflow through the deck is another crucial factor, and you don’t need to worry if you have a bad boy mower.


Your lawnmower won’t run without an engine obviously, and that’s why the renowned lawnmower’s owners give enough importance to this part.

Kawasaki engine is mainly used with raptor sd mower because of its capability and class. The engines used on raptor sd mowers may vary depending on the model. If you tend to buy the newer version of the hustler raptor sd mower, you will get the engine of Kawasaki in most cases.

Several engines like Kohler, Kawasaki, Vanguard, and CAT are used with the bad boy mowers, and thus you don’t need to worry because these engines are world-class. Again, as there are several bad boy mowers out there, the engines also vary here.

The main difference among the engines is the horsepower range. Bad boy offers the horsepower range of 21-35, which is not entirely different from raptor sd offers. And maybe this is why people don’t think twice about going for the Bad Boy while comparing Bad Boy Maverick 60″ vs Hustler Raptor SD 60’’.


Both the mowers have outstanding usability, but the bad boy mower wins the race when accessing the motors and the other components. But this must not be the whole picture of usability as well.

As a user, when you use your mower’s components, it won’t create any issues.

Remember one significant thing: raptor sd and bad boy mowers ensure ease to the customers or users despite having some issue that won’t cause big trouble.


Design is the very first thing that catches the attention of the buyer. Whether you buy a t-shirt or a lawnmower, this is important.

The raptor sd mower is yellow in colour with beautiful shapes of the decks. The front and back part of the mower looks charming as well. The colour is very much. You can quickly identify the raptor sd mower by seeing the logo in front of it.

Contrarily, aBad Boy mower’s design is also very beautiful with orange in colour. The extreme look in front of the mower easily catches anyone’s eyes. There have been some profound changes made by the bad boy company regarding design over the years.

Like raptor sd, you can also see the logo of the model in bad boy lawnmowers.


You will get a comparatively more extended warranty with raptor sd mowers than bad boy mowers. If you want can add some additional features to your mowers. In this case, you will get a separate warranty for each of the products.

These two lawnmower manufacturers ensure very well after-sale services that all users want. As you saw on the table, there is no significant gap regarding the warranty period between these mowers.

We hope you now get a clear idea about the raptor sd and bad boy discussion, don’t you?

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the difference between raptor sd and Bad boy zero turn mower?

Though both two types of lawnmowers are very much impressive for mowing grass, they still have some differences in performance, deck, price, weight, etc. The most significant difference is the performance that they are focusing on to improve gradually.

What motor is in the Hustler Raptor?

The manufacturer of hustle raptor usually uses a high-quality Kawasaki motor in raptor mower, which is the latest. Kawasaki is a renowned brand that makes the best motors or engines. Kawasaki motor increases the power of hustler raptor power.

How fast is a hustler raptor?

The top speed of the hustler raptor is 6.5 mph, and that’s impressive. Most of the time, you don’t need such speed to run your mower. But, when you tend to mow the longer grasses, the speed of hustler raptor will come into play for sure.

Who makes the Hustler Raptor mower?

An American company named Excel industries makes hustle raptor power. Along with this sort of mower, the company also produces several turf-related products. Exel industries are trendy among the users of the hustle raptor mowers.

Who makes the Bad Boy mower?

The founders of bad boy lawnmowers are Phill Pulley and Robert Foster. They founded the company back in 2002, having a small capacity of making zero-turn lawnmowers in previous days now turning into the more prominent and established one.

Which Mower Cuts out the Clash?

Now, you have a decision to make. You have two choices, and you have to pick one. Don’t worry. You should pick the best sort of lawnmower depending on your circumstances. Let’s say you have a very tight budget; then you should go with raptor sd.

But if you don’t take about the pricing, you may go with bad boy mowers as they claim they charge high but ensure the best quality.

If you badly want the suspension system in your mower, you can go with the bad boy as they ensure the suspension system right in front of the mower. Want more warranty? Go with the Raptor SD series. After all, Hustler Raptor is a pretty good deal for bucks.

Both raptor sd and bad boy mowers have some benefits and drawbacks as well. If you intend to choose a suitable one, you need to go above these things where we discussed raptor sd vs bad boy. End of the day, you won’t want to repent after making the purchase. Sounds good?

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