Lesco Vs Scotts

The basic difference between Lesco and Scotts is the fact that Lesco uses a liquid fertilizer as opposed to Scotts, which uses a dry fertilizer. Both of these fertilizers are quality products, so the choice really comes down to preference.

Today you will learn with us which fertilizer will be best for your lawn between Lesco vs Scotts. In this article, you will see a brief difference between them. And then we will discuss their fertilizer, weed and feed, spreader settings, package settings, pricing difference between them, and which one to pick at the end.

Let’s dive into this.

Quick Comparison On Lesco Vs Scotts

Nitrogen-Phosphorus-Potassium Content29%-0%-10%30%-0%-10%
Can Be Used When SeedingYesNo
Waiting Period to SeedNo waiting12 Weeks
Can be used on all grass typeYesNo
Insect ControlNoNo
Weed ControlNoYes
Iron IncludedYesNo
Feed DurationUp to 28daysUp to 2 months

Lesco Vs Scotts fertilizer

Lesco is a type of fertilizer that features synthetic chemicals and is commonly used in most household lawns. There are many reasons why Lesco fertilizers should be included in most gardeners’ arsenals. Each bag of Lesco is able to supply all essential nutrients necessary to grow healthy plants. This makes it quite easy for you since you do not have to buy each one separately.

Lesco comes cheap for such qualities making it an affordable option with just the right amount of quality. Furthermore, it covers more area than other fertilizers, allowing you to use fewer bags when applying them to your plants.

By promoting overall plant health, you can avoid buying other types of fertilizers for specific purposes since Lesco can do everything. It also saves you money in the long run, even though you must spend some at first until your plants get used to it.

On the contrary, Scotts is the maker of several grass and weed management products, including their popular “Miracle-Gro” line of fertilizer. Scotts Miracle-Gro was first created by gardeners who wanted to utilize fish emulsion for their plants. The potash in fish emulsion makes it a good fertilizer, but its overall low nitrogen levels make it difficult to use during times when plant growth is rapid.

In 1920, Scotts introduced a very high nitrogen product that included nitrate of soda as the main ingredient, along with sulfate of ammonia and monobasic calcium phosphate. This was called 4-12-4—the numbers represent the percentage by weight of each key nutrient: nitrogen (4), phosphorus (12), and potassium (4).

Miracle-Gro has been improved since, but the main changes have involved the packaging and not the contents. It is formulated to release nutrients in a time-released manner so that plants can utilize them as they grow. Miracle-Gro is sold in small containers for individual plantings, but it is also available in larger bags for use around an entire garden or lawn.

Lesco Vs Scotts Weed and Feed

Weed and feed are used to control weeds in the lawn. It accomplishes this by killing existing foliage while also preventing seed formation.

A Lesco weed and feed application, for example, will kill the most common grassy weeds that are seen in lawns, including broadleaf types like dandelion. The granules that Lesco weed and feed come in can be spread using a broadcast or drop spreader, which is typically included with your Lesco application equipment rental. Granules should be applied evenly across the entire lawn to avoid missing any spots where weeds may be growing.

On the other hand, Scotts brand of weed and feed is a Scotts multi-nutrient grass seed fertilizer that gives you the beautiful green lawn you desire. Scott Weed and feed is for application to your lawn in the Spring through Fall. It will kill existing broadleaf weeds, crabgrass, dandelions, clover, wild onions, and other similar species.

Scotts weed and feed will also fertilize a variety of grass types, including Kentucky bluegrass, fescue, and ryegrass. It should be applied once every 3 to 4 weeks up until 3/4 of an inch has been applied. Scotts weed and feed will not affect the color of your existing lawn and will kill only the weeds listed on this label.

Lesco Vs Scotts Spreader Settings

Lesco spreaders are manufactured with Lesco drop spreader wheels of different sizes, diameters, or circumferences. The amount of product that drops from the spreader per unit length of time (rate) is controlled by the setting on your Lesco spreader’s hopper. Typically, there are two or three settings, labeled “A”, “B”, and “C”.

Increase the Lesco drop spreader setting to cover larger areas more quickly, lower it for smaller areas or less material desired.

You can control how much area your Lesco spreader settings covers with each pass by changing the Lesco spreader’s throwing distance. Distance adjusts how far out from the center point (wheel track) you want to throw material. This is accomplished using different size Lesco drop spreader wheels to produce an even distribution pattern.

The scotts traditional reel or drop spreaders are easy to use and simple to adjust, making them great for tasks like lawn fertilization. Scotts has offered several models of spreader over the years, including ones that utilize spinning blades (Scotts plow spreader), but the traditional drag (wheel) type is still their most popular model.

When using a Scotts drop style or wheel-type fertilizer spreader, it’s important to properly adjust the settings, so you distribute the proper amount of product across your yard. The concept of adjusting this setting is the same with any spreader, but Scotts has made it easy by clearly marking recommended settings on their product packaging.

Packaging Quality Lesco Or Scotts

Packaging of fertilizer is highly important because of the large proportion of fertilizer used on plants, and thus packaging will greatly affect plants. The quality of a package is judged by many quality factors such as initial quality, durability, and the cost-performance ratio.

Lesco lawn fertilizer comes with a 50lbs packet which can cover up to 15,000 sq ft area. The shelf life of this fertilizer is around eight to ten years. The only thing to keep in mind is that you must shake it before using it.

Scotts turf builder comes mostly with a 37.5lbs packet which can cover up to 15,000 sq ft area. Phosphorus, nitrogen, and potassium are the crucial and main elements of this fertilizer. These chemical components are long-lasting and will not change over time.

Price Differences

Scotts turf builders’ prices are comparatively higher than Lesco turf fertilizers. Lesco 50 Lbs package will cost you around $50, whereas Scotts 37.5lbs package will cost more than $50. But both will cover almost the same as the 15000-sq ft area. So, whatever the volume you get, the price is almost actually the same per square ft.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Lesco lawn fertilizer any good?

Lesco fertilizer contains a 29-0-10 formula. This means that increased potassium content has the capacity to improve drought tolerance and disease resistance. It also has a special slow-release formulation that feeds lawns for up to 12 weeks.

How long does it take for Lesco fertilizer to work?

Lesco starter fertilizer is made with a slow-release formulation that may last up to 12 weeks. As it’s applied at a lower concentration than most weed killers, it’s gentler on your grass and has longer-lasting effects. Slow-release fertilizer is best for summer fertilizing since it delivers a long, steady feed.

Is Lesco pre-emergent good?

Lesco offers pre-emergent crabgrass control with its 0-0-7 product. It will give you year-round weed management. It’s a really high professional choice.

When should I apply Scotts starter fertilizer?

It’s usually preferable to apply a starter fertilizer before seeding, after laying sod, or after sowing grass seed. You don’t want to put it straight on new sod because it could cause burning.

Lesco or Scotts- What Is Best for You?

Landscape companies often recommend the wrong product to their customers. Most people think they need weed control plus fertilizer, but those products are more expensive than just buying an “all-in-one” fertilizer. If you want to kill weeds and feed your grass at the same time, go buy some “weed and feed” of Lesco or Scotts products.

Weed and feed will also harm most types of trees. But both Lesco and Scotts bring their slow-release formula, which works slowly and does not harm your trees.

To sum up Lesco vs Scotts battle, if you have already done seeding, you should go with Lesco, as it works after seeding. But if you are not fine with liquid fertilizers, then Scotts are the best option. And it lasts for years in open spaces.

If you have a mid-small lawn and you think of storing your fertilizer for a longer period, then go with the Scotts. If you have a larger one, you should pick the liquid fertilizer as it will give you a more lustrous lawn.

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