Kohler kt745 Problems

Kohler kt745 problems rely on some terms and conditions. When running this engine through any machine, it could have faced issues like improper flow, sudden fires, or faulty cylinder issues.

With more clarity, let us tell you an example. Suppose if you have a lawnmower that has a Kohler engine, it may get stuck or lay behind the grass all of a sudden. Did you ever think about what may cause this issue? It’s often done by keeping a tight fit valve until things warm up and expand.

Most of the Kohler engines are a bit prone to the valve or head issues. The valve seat would have also been coming out. There’s much dirt and grass or debris caked on the head, chances that a valve is the main culprit. However, we’re trying to cope with the situations that frequently help you overcome the concern within a second.

Vivid Conversation Of Kohler Kt745 Problems & Solvent

Kohler’s engine is bestowed for it’s the high-quality and durability. It lasted for longer, and habitually their solid functions had given the obedience about supremacy.

As an example, you may know about the Kohler 7000 series. The Kohler 7000 series came out a while ago, but still did a great job compared to the average residential engines. While every Kohler model had variant functionality and features, try to figure out the model you used before jumping through the concern.

When you start the vehicle, the engine gets stalled continuously, which is the most common problem. The main culprit for this is either the motor sucks or a defective fuel pump. If you have adequate knowledge to open up the circuit box, try to check or replace the stuff from this.

However, below we added some ordinary issues as well as the fixes. You can try them as a demo for inquiry on which difficulties you’ll face by this engine over time.

Possible CausesFixes To Try
The engine pump got flow improperlyMake sure the fuel tank had gas into it
Clogged Dirt/ junks into fuel lineTry to clear the fuel line pump
Dirty debris on the screenClean the debris/ junks
Inadequate oil levelstest the oil level & filled it with the sufficient measurement
Overloaded engines stuckChanged it by any expert
Untidy Air CleanerClear the air filter / purchased the new one
Defective or burned Spark plugCall the local service holders / customer cares

Kohler hadn’t any manual issues, as they’d reign over this field for many years. The manufacturer does care about their engine longevity and quality most. That’s why they won’t get into the consumer stuff. But many customers will face major failures like oil leaks, pan gaskets, oil seals, etc.

Whenever you face any issues with the Kohler engine, at first try to check the fuel pump inlets, carburetor, and spark plug, so let us get a start and check them aside.

Faulty Spark Plug

The first thing you notice if your spark plug gets damaged is a cracked porcelain insulator. Sometimes the electrode gets damaged, or it may burn away.

Again, if you suddenly find that the electrode had a heavy built-up carbon. All of these symptoms will indicate that you need to change or check the spark plug.

Not to mention that it’s the common problem of Kohler engine troubleshooting, no spark.


Check out the spark plug conditions by removing the engine deck. You can also check out the faulty spark plug with the help of a tester. It will give you the result more confidentiality.

On the other hand, if the engine gets cranked, you’ll see a strong plug inside the tester terminals. Now try to fix the spark plug inside the deck if you’ve previous experiences. Or if you found that the spark plug got ruined, then immediately change it.

The Carburetor Issues

The 26hp Kohler engine problem often gets established with the damaged carburetor. For this, we suggest you check the carburetor at once before going through to any experts.

Uhh! Don’t get bothered to think about where the carburetor is located. You’ll find it easily after opening the engine deck.

There is a commonplace where the fuel pump inlet is connected to the fuel line.

The carburetor will run the fuel filter. Disclose it from the fuel line and inlet and securely place it on the catch pan to avoid gasoline spilling. Next, switch on the ignition key, then inquire about the fuel line and the gasoline flux.


Here is the similar process you must have required to apply. The fuel gradually flows from the engine if the carburetor gets disturbed. Besides, it’s highly recommended changing the pump if there are no noticeable issues inside the fuel flow.

Most importantly, there you find some basic ingredients inside the fuel that cause evaporation. That’s why there is an extended chance that the gunk in the carb will pawn the engine from starting.

So if I ask you, how often did you clean the carburetor? They may answer you may give once a year or month. But you need to clean it once a week. Or if it’s not worthy of using after cleaning the clogged from the carburetor. Then it’s better to change this instead of suffering in the future.

Vicious Ignition Coil

Did you know what the purpose of attaching the ignition coil inside the engine is? This ignition coil commands to send voltage to the spark plug.

When it is sent to provide maximum power voltage to the engine, only then it’ll be able to run swiftly.

So, in brief, the ignition coil is the powerhouse of the engine. In that case, If there’s any problem found inside the ignition coil, it may impact the whole procedure through the engine. For this, the engine won’t be able to start.


The best solution is to change the ignition coil. But before, it’s crucial to inquire if the spark plug is working or not.

Besides, if you want to run any Kt 730 engine, the spark plug is the key to running it, getting the power voltage from the ignition coil.

More vividly, the well-performed spark plug is great for running the engine smoothly even if the coil gets lost. Anyway, to check the ignition coil condition, get a primary test through the tester.

If it signals you about anything wrong, then try to replace this. Otherwise, you can personally repair the parts from any local service holder.

Half Sheared Flywheel Key

Flywheel keys are small metal pieces situated into the crankshaft. All in all, it will engage with the flywheel.

You can signify the flywheel to the rescue staff to save the engine from damage. It’s because if the engine gets broken or stops suddenly, it will divide it in half. For this, the engine won’t be damaged entirely.


As we know, the flywheel key shafts break in half to prevent engine damage. So when the engine gets stuck suddenly, check whether the flywheel key is getting broken or not. Open up the deck and try to disclose the flywheel shafts using a wrench.

Check if the key is getting out from the engine and loosened. If the flywheel key is getting bent, try to re-straightened it. Or if it got burned or damaged properly, then change it as early as possible.

Defective Recoil Starter

So the last but not the least issues, you may fall into the problem like a recoil starter. The defective recoil starter helped to assemble and engage the crankshaft to start the engine. But if it got incorrect, the engine may give you poor performance.


On your first attempt, try to remove the starter assembly, examine it to identify if it’s working properly. Check to pull the starter rope; there, you find a tab that extends from the pulley.

This extended cam will grab the hub on the engine, allowing the engine to turn on. Remove the rope, and you see that the tabs were retracted. But keep in mind that the rope should rewind on the pulley. Then try your best to assemble the recoil starter. If it’s not working after that, then replace the new one.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How many hours will a Kohler engine last?

A Kohler engine’s upgraded version can last up to 9000 hours without any issues. But it can be increased if well-maintained and change the fuel over time. Luckily, most of the Kohler engines had a twin-cylinder function to give you more power. So try to change the fuel once a week to get the better advantages.

How many hours will a Kohler Command engine last?

In general, a Kohler command engine can last up to 1000-1500 hours on average. On the other hand, some users proclaimed that if its engine is well-maintained, it can last more than 2000-2500+ hours. Yet, you should change the fuel from time to time. And try to avoid oil leakages as well.

What can cause no spark?

A spark plug is the main equipment by which your engine gets the power to run. If, in any case, it prevents the coil voltage from jumping through the electrode gap, you may fall into the trouble of loss of spark. Again, worn fouled, damaged, or poor plug wires are also responsible for this.

Why does my Kohler engine keep shutting off?

In some cases, the Kohler engine may get shut off if the carburetor gets clogged. As we’ve already mentioned, the engine fuel contains many unidentified ingredients that will evaporate when you start the engine. For this, it may get stopped for the unnecessary debris or junk.

Besides, it may get damaged if the engine’s carb solenoid gets impeded to block the fuel flow. Because the fuel flow will effectively command the carburetor to flow the fuel adequately and let the sufficient fuels enter the combustion chamber.


Troubleshooting the Kohler kt745 problems may annoy you if you’re ignorant about its fixes. Most of their fixes require excellent knowledge about the engine’s diagram.

If the engine stops working all of a sudden, don’t get too hard; it’s a minor issue. Sometimes the engine may get stopped for overheating issues. The Kohler kt745 is an engine that abruptly gets stopped if the safety switch gets damaged. Try those fixes one by one, or you can manually open the engine deck. Then check it out where the issue gets inspected. So you can understand what step you should take next to fix the issue.

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