Kohler Ignition Coil Problems

Have you ever thought about the Kohler ignition coil problems? Or ever faced it? These problems can include a hard start, no start, and even overheating issues.

If you are using any lawn mower with a Kohler engine and suddenly your Kohler ignition coil needs to troubleshoot, nothing can be worse than this when you don’t have any idea of this.

There are different kinds of ignition coil problems in a Kohler engine. From turn-on problems to overheating problems. They each have solutions that you can easily apply. Let us enlighten you with a brief discussion about it.

Kohler Ignition Coil Problems

We have listed out some problems and solutions for them in the table. Give it a look

Won’t startCheck the fuel system and clean the dirt
Stops suddenlyChange spark plugs
No sparkReplace ignition coil
High fuel consumptionClean the dirt and give the engine rest
OverheatsCheck the fuel system first

Won’t Start

The reason why your engine is not starting could be anything. Such as

So make sure that your tank is filled with fuel and clean the whole machine regularly to get rid of dirt. Also, check the spark plugs. If they are damaged,replace them

Stops Suddenly

It could occur because of an overloaded engine. So, give it a rest and then try using it. Also, check the fuel level and plug.

No Spark

If there is no spark when you turn on your engine, it has problems with the ignition coil. You can not repair it. It is best to replace it with a new ignition coil.

High Fuel Consumption

If you think that the machine is consuming a high amount of fuel that is more than usual, give it rest. It is happening because your engine is overloaded. And also clean the dirt in the engine.


Overheating is an important issue. Check the fuel level and of course, use the proper fuel.

how to Test Kohler Ignition Coil

How will you know your ignition coil has problems? The answer is a spark test. How to do it? Ok, follow the procedures below:

First Procedure

Second Procedure

Third Procedure

How To Replace Ignition Coil

Now you need to replace the ignition coil. Here is how you can do it.

Tools you Need:

  1. Screwdriver
  2. New ignition coil
  3. Business card or a thin card

1st step: Disconnect the spark pipe wire

2nd step: Removing the blower housing

3rd step: Removing ignition coil

4th step: Installing a new one

5th step: Installing the blower housing

6th step: Connect the spark plug wire

So, that’s all, for overcoming the Kohler ignition coil problems. We tried to give every details and solution you need with your concerns. Always remember to be cautious while doing these kinds of jobs and always keep your machine clean.

Cleaning the machine regularly makes the machine last longer. And if still, you have any problems. And if you feel it risky to change the coils yourself, it is better to call a mechanic to get the easy solution, but it will cost you money.

Thank you for reading the whole.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the symptoms of a weak ignition coil?

The symptoms of a weak ignition coil is that your machine will get hot and will shut off suddenly

How do you test a Kohler ignition coil?

Check for spark using an ignition test kit. If there you find no spark, the ignition coil has problems

Why is my Kohler engine not firing

If your Kohler engine stopped firing, you have problems with the ignition coil. Replace it.

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