Husqvarna Electric Clutch Troubleshooting

It’s high time you knew Husqvarna electric clutch troubleshooting steps. Most of the time, blade rotation inconvenience happens due to clutch problems. 

A clutch should receive 12 volts of power to operate properly. Less voltage provides insufficient energy, and high voltage can melt the connections. Also, resistance lower than 2 or higher than 3 proves the damage inside the magnet. Sometimes, dirt collapses the connections of the pulley.

Inside this article, you will learn the technics of testing the tricky issues of your mower electric clutch. No matter how newbie you are in this lawn mechanics, you can easily resolve the clutch problem within a short time.

Husqvarna Electric Clutch Troubleshooting Guide

There can be many causes with your power takeoff (PTO) lawnmower, which ends with the blade’s failure. The symptoms of bad Husqvarna PTO clutch are:

Most of the time, these problems occur for the clutch letdown. As a result, your lawn trimming turns to be a horrible time-wasting task. Moreover, it can’t manage to cut the grass finely and drains your mower’s power a lot.

How Do You Check the PTO Clutch on a Lawnmower?

Let’s find out the problems with a compact table about the Husqvarna electric clutch problem.

Things Need to Check for ClutchHow To Check
Electrical powerUsing Multimeter
ElectromagnetWith Multimeter
Brake PadRemoving the brake pad and pivot of the rotor
PTO SwitchMultimeter and test light
Pulley & drive beltInspect the tension underneath the mower deck.
Plates, springs & other small componentsDisconnect the implements.

Now, go for the explanation of Husqvarna clutch troubleshooting and solutions. At first, lower the mower deck for checking suitability or lift the deck by using a floor jack.

Check The Power Provided To The Clutch Is 12 Volts

Below 12 volts shows that your clutch is not getting enough power. And the over 13 volts means your clutch is draining the power. Both are detrimental and indicate the lawnmower clutch problem.

In this case, replace the PTO clutch.

Check The Resistance Power Of The Magnet

There is an electromagnet inside the clutch. And you have to measure the ohms to find the resistance.

Remember, the higher ohm means more amperage in the magnet, which will burn the system. On the contrary, fewer ohms indicate the problem in the system. Both are not ideal and, you need a new clutch replacement.

Clean The Brake Pad Pulley

During mowing, dirt, debris, and clogs block the brake liver, rotor, and caliper connection. There can be corrosion because of your long time mowing. It’s natural. But this blockage can worsen the pulley between the clutch and brake pad.

Sometimes only cleaning the connection can solve the HusqvarnaPTO Clutch problem. If not, you have to change the brake pad to a new one. Changing a brake pad is not so tough but time-consuming as you need to lose the tension, screws carefully, and bent plate.

Check The Husqvarna PTO Switch Problem

If your Husqvarna PTO switch doesn’t make a cling sound after pressing it, there might be a clutch disconnect issue on the switch.

Also, disconnect the switch from the wire and test all the ports with a multimeter.

How Do You Adjust An Electric Clutch On A Lawnmower

It’s a DIY task. Even you don’t carry a toolbox.

As a part of electric PTO clutch troubleshooting, it is time to replace the old clutch. Let’s disassemble the clutch first.

How To Engage Blade On A Husqvarna Riding Mower

The clutch problem results in blade failure. This time a simple changing task of the blade will erase the problem. Your mower blade is under the mower deck.

A Helpful Tutorial You May Need!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I know if my electric clutch is bad?

A bad clutch won’t provide proper speed; rather, it will slow down. The PTO also gets too hot after some time of operation. Furthermore, your mower blade won’t spin ideally or will make a loud sound. Your mower may stop working at once.

What is a PTO slip clutch?

PTO slip clutch adjusted to the PTO shaft of a rotary cutter or bush hog. This device sustains the friction but does not impact cutting. There are three friction plates and two pressure plates designed like a sandwich. If the cutter blades face any obstacle during rotation, the friction plates slip to the pressure plates. It prevents shocks but allows the driver to learn about the shocks. Also, route the tractor at its usual speediness.

Can an electric clutch slip?

An electric clutch can slip because of too gaping between the plates. These gaps turn the magnet weak. As a result, the plates are getting hot and tend to slip.

Wrapping Up

Husqvarna electric clutch troubleshooting includes checking, finding out the clutch issue, and then replacing the new clutch.

When you face any mowing problem, go for the above checking steps. The electric clutch is a vital part of your mower. So before replacing it, you should confirm its functioning spot.

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