How To Start A Landscaping Business In NY

While discovering new ways to furnish and decorate gardens, how about putting in some effort and being your own boss? But how to start a landscaping business in NY? A proper plan with legal to distinctive approaches is mandatory here.

However, you do need to invest a bit or more to start a landscaping business. As the great saying goes:

 “You just need a shovel and start knocking on the doors.”

In this article, we will cover up all the hacks and tricks on this. It’s a plus point if you have experience working in nurseries, public gardens, and florists. If you are a newbie to this, no worries, as we are going to explain everything in detail.

Before You Start A Landscaping Business

For aspiring landscapes, a few things need checking before starting a landscaping business:

The New York State Department of Education (NYSDOE) provides this license. To receive the license, you ought to meet the educational as well as experience requirements. So you got to pass the Landscape Architect Registration Examination.

What Tools Do You Need To Start A Landscaping Business?

The essential part of a landscape business is the tools. This is something without which your landscaping business is incomplete and vague.

As a new landscaper, the saw might be expensive for you. If you cannot afford a $2500 saw, then you can go to a rental equipment store. And take it for rent $100 a day. You can either rent or purchase at the relatively cheaper price range.

If you are starting a landscaping business from scratch, we’d recommend you buy all the tools.

Once you buy and use them, the next is all profits. Let’s have a look at some of these important tools you need to start a landscaping/lawn carebusiness:

  1. Water table saw: Nothing else beats having a saw like this. It is an amazing tool for making straight cuts. They cost around $2500 each.
  1. Demolition saw: It is a hand-held saw. It helps to cut curves in the pavers. There are also other different tools for cutting pavers. But this is the best among them.
  1. Compactor: It mainly does the job of compacting the base. To let the pavers in, you compact the gravel paths using this tool.
  1. Generator: You MUST have a generator. It is essential for running your landscape business smoothly. Because you need to run the big saws to cut the pavers. Again, you need a generator for welding purposes as It draws too much current. On a new construction site, they don’t even have power ready sometimes.
  1. You also need a number of shovels. These include the square mouth, spade, and trench shovels. Additionally, you will need wheelbarrows, tillers, drills, chainsaws, and the list goes on. Get these tools with fiberglass handles. Because they comparatively last longer.

These tools might consume a larger portion of your budget. You can rent these tools from a nearby rental equipment store when you initially start with a limited budget.

Tips: It’s essential to keep your tools ready and organized because you have to cram a lot of different tools into one area.

How To Start A Landscaping Business In NY?

You might get confused with all the procedures for starting at this point. So we broke down everything into small sections. So that you can commence step by step and proceed:

1. Choose Your Services

This could be the first step. Perceive a clear idea of your particular niche. In the beginning, you should provide those services that you are good at!

It’s a good idea to be particular about your services. Here is a list of common niches or services that you should know about:

Fertilization, Weeding and Pest Control

This is where you are going to work against the pests. You will ensure keeping the grass and plants healthy with proper fertilization. You need to maintain safety measures while controlling the pests.

Landscape Maintenance

This includes the least investment compared to the labor you exert. Here you water the flowers, prune the hedges, mow the yard, cut weeds, and so on.

Deck and Patio Maintenance

This includes the construction and installation of the deck and patio. You should have a maximum idea of the building codes of your project’s region.

Landscape Design

This gig lets you work specifically for your clients. It covers both the design and architecture areas. So, you have to build retaining walls and gardens with open terraces. Paving the ways, driveways, etc., are also a part of this gig.

Moreover, you have to convert the vision of your clients into reality. Provided the fact to ensure a subtle, unique design that satisfies your customers.

2. Give Your Business An Identity

You need to conduct some actions for your branding and identity. This includes-

Your Landscaping Business Name

Look for an appropriate business name that goes with the services you offer. Then select a business structure for your company. Make some business cards and open a separate bank account in your business name.

Business Insurance and Licenses

You need insurance to cover up future unwanted accidents. In this regard, general liability insurance is essential. It could be LLC, Sole proprietor, Corporation, and so on.

Also, get employment law liability insurance so that you can deal with your employees regarding their wages and other stuff. Then again, you need to opt for a business license. It usually takes from$15 to$200 yearly.  Moreover, you will also receive an Employer Identification Number (EIN) for dealing with taxes.

3. Formulate a Marketing Plan and Strategies

Today’s marketing knows no boundaries! And you already know about the different marketing platforms, right? Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram lets you advertise and brand your company efficiently. Then again, homeowners love Pinterest. Simply create a business page, and follow some SEO ranking tricks. You are good to start!

Then there’s mouth-to-mouth marketing that works faster! Start telling people your brand name. Start showcasing your work process as much as possible.

4. Deciding on Price and Estimating

Now comes the deciding of prices by allocating different factors. The prices vary according to regions and the project you would undertake.

How You Should Decide On Pricing

While looking at a project, try to make an idea on measuring materials. As in how many materials you need for soil, planting, rocks, and gravel. Then make an assumption of the duration you need to complete the project.

Moreover, estimate the labor costs as well as technological costs.

Split Your Project Into Sections

Break down each project into separate sections. Consider the materials needed for each section as well as the duration. Simultaneously, divide the estimates into sections.

Present Your Customers the Cost of Your Project

Once you break the entire project into sections, present the costs of each individual section. That makes your client realize that you are proceeding with a solid plan. As a result, it develops their interest in your work.

 Additionally, it effectively builds trust because they will understand where the money is going.

Besides, they could cut down sections if they want to. Then you don’t have to take the hassle of re-writing down a new estimate.

5. Building Client Base

Now comes the most crucial factor of your landscaping business. You should develop a strategy for building a strong client base. Follow these steps for clients:

Real Estate Agents

While looking for the first clients, reach out to the real estate agents. Because they constantly deal with people purchasing new homes. They also do the job for people shifting to new homes. So you might get clients willing to upgrade their landscape.

Local Suppliers

You could develop a healthy relationship with the local suppliers. The same goes for the nurseries, home depot, and local stores where you can buy soil and materials.

6. Branding Your Business

A lawn care business is more like a visual product. So, the more pictures you put up, the more it makes sense.

Utilize proper strategies for branding and marketing your landscape company. Then you will notice a dramatic growth in sales and projects.

Post Every Day On the Digital Platforms

On Facebook and Instagram, you can post pictures every day. On Pinterest, people get a bunch of ideas for their own homes.

Once you set up a page, start advertising. Advertise to different other groups and pages on social media. The more people get to see your content, the more your work gets exposure. That ultimately translates into work projects.

Share The Before and After Pictures

The before-and-after works do great! So before you start your landscaping project, take a tour around the site. Click pictures from different angles.

After you finish your complete landscape work, retake those same pictures. Now make a collage of both photographs and upload them. People will understand the dramatic differences.

Tips For The Upcoming New Landscapers

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much money can you make owning a landscaping business?

If you have a skilled team with all the tools and are efficient in your job, you can make more than 50 grand annually. As stated by the National Association of Landscape Professionals, the landscape industry makes a $93 billion yearly profit.

Do landscapers need to be insured?

Definitely! Since it includes investment and other financial factors, you need insurance to protect yourself from unwanted crises and accidents.


If you live somewhere with a natural and warm climate, then this business could do wonders for you!

However, there will be times when you wouldn’t be getting work as fast as you thought earlier. You’d doubt yourself and your potential. But to be successful, you have to keep pushing at it. Try as much as you can. Reach out to more people every new day.

And follow all these steps for how to start a landscaping business in NY. With strong determination and willpower, you can absolutely reach success.

Good luck with your landscaping business!




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