How to Secure a Zero Turn Mower on a Trailer

You always move your mower here to there and find it challenging to carry the mower in the trailer. So, you don’t know how to secure a zero turn mower on a trailer. It’s pretty straightforward; just make sure to tighten the mower with ratchet straps well. Some other tips should be practical to follow, too.

Loading your mower on a trailer with an unsecured load will lead to dire consequences, and you might be in trouble.

And so, we will let you know A to Z about securing the mower in a trailer to move without carrying any headache.

So, explore!

How To Secure A Zero Turn Mower On A Trailer- The Ultimate Guide

Let it be the lawn mower or the riding lawn mower, and the difference lies in the size of the deck.

Well, the steps are the same that we explain here. The complete process includes only 2 steps-

At First, Place the Mower in the Trailer Well

Again, we can provide a step-by-step guide to place the mower for better protection in the trailer.

Simple right? Yes, here you get the solution of how to secure a riding lawn mower on trailer. Keep on reading to know about lawn mower trailer tie down.

Second, Tie Down the Mower with the Trailer

We will be showing you the mower tie-down systems, with all the tips and essential things you need to know.

And tying with ratchet straps is the best way to secure zero turn on trailer.

However, if you were looking for ways on how to tie down a zero turn mower on a trailer, it will work as well.

Following these steps will help you strapping lawn mower to the trailer; zero turn mower means any mower to the trailer.

Also, you should use good-quality power locker equipment to tie down like the jungle Boot Small to keep the mower from moving and safe from theft.  

It removes the hassle of tying down the mower.

Oh, if you need the steps for how to keep mower from moving on trailer, follow the tie-down steps above, and you are good to go.

Things to Keep In Mind

Before you load any mowers into your trailer, you need to consider some important facts about the hitch.

After reading so far, you are now well-known about the steps of how to secure zero turn on trailer.

A Helpful Tutorial You May Need!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can you secure a lawn mower on trailer?

To secure a lawn mower on a trailer, place the lawn mower in the middle and then tie it with four ratchet straps in the four corners by hooking with the axle of the lawnmower.

How to transport a riding lawn mower on a trailer?

Firstly, hook the trailer with your vehicle. Secondly, drive the riding mower up the ramp very slowly and carefully. Thirdly, position it in the middle of the trailer. That is how you transport a riding lawn mower on a trailer.

Can you load a zero turn with ramps?

Yes, you can load a zero turn with ramps, but it is unsafe and recommended not to do it.


After following all the steps written above, the next thing you are going to do is close the trailer’s gate and latch it.

Beginners find it hard that how to secure a zero turn mower on a trailer, but after reading this ultimate guide, you won’t face any problems.

As an extra tip, we suggest that nothing becomes perfect until you do it carefully, so do the work as explained and clarified above; you will become a pro soon on the activity of how to secure zero turn on a trailer.

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