How To Replace PTO Clutch On Exmark Lazer Z

Clutches go through the most intense among all parts of a mower. So, from time to time, it becomes necessary to maintain and troubleshoot clutches. Today we will clarify specifically how to replace PTO clutch on Exmark Lazer Z.

It’s pretty easy to replace, you only need the Exmark compatible PTO clutch and some knowledge to access the clutch, and you are done.

So, let’s start.

How To Replace PTO Clutch On Exmark Lazer Z

We know that PTO clutches are meant to decay after a life cycle. After that, there is no other way but to replace it.

Also, when you get a new PTO Clutch for Exmark Lazer Z, replacing it can be very complex for some of you who have not done it before. But no more wondering about asking, “how do I change a PTO switch?

At first, let’s start with simple and comprehensive steps to remove the PTO clutch

After taking it off, you can check the power flow and resistance with a multimeter.

If the clutch displays optimal digits, you may not need to replace the clutch at all. If it doesn’t, then repair it or replace it with a new one. These instructions also apply to how to remove clutch from zero-turn mowers.

Before attaching the clutch, however, slide the piston down at regular height and unfasten the rope from it. Then re-insert the rope and tighten it after elevating the piston a bit past the TDC compression stroke. Then you are good to re-assemble the clutch on the engine shaft again.

The photo you captured before detaching the clutch will help you reposition the new clutch. If you buy OEM, it will be okay. If you opt for an aftermarket clutch, verify that it’s a 12-volt clutch.

Or, you can also get the 8Ten Electric PTO clutch that people are using on the Exmark Lazer Z, fitting perfectly, running well.

However, follow the steps to install the PTO clutch just to be safe.

With the Exmark Lazer Z PTO clutch replacement done, you are prepared to start your Exmark Lazer Z lawn mower.

However, you should ensure that it is clutch that you are having trouble with. Because people quite often confuse the mower’s clutch problems with problems of other components.

To verify if you need to replace the clutch, do the “click” test.

Power up your mower and engage the clutch switch. If it sounds “Click” from the clutch surface, your Exmark Lazer Z is supplying power to the clutch.

Sometimes, figuring out exactly which component of your clutch is misbehaving will reduce the hassle of replacing the whole clutch.

This Video Will Help You Too!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I know if my PTO clutch is bad?

First, power up your mower and engage the clutch switch. If it clicks near the clutch, then it’s getting power. To do a more thorough inspection, test the clutch with a multimeter and measure the voltage of the wire going to the clutch. If it shows around 12V, then your PTO clutch is bad.

Can you replace a PTO clutch on a zero-turn mower?

Yes, you can replace a PTO clutch on a zero-turn mower all by yourself and it takes around 20 minutes only.

What does a PTO overrunning clutch do?

The power take-off shaft can revolve in one direction while freewheeling in the opposite direction with the help of a PTO overrunning clutch.

Final Thoughts

The PTO clutch is essential for getting the most out of your mower. The clutch blades begin to wear out after a lot of use on your mower. As a result, any clutch will eventually fail at a certain point. But that’s no need to hire a mechanic when you can do it yourself.

We hope now you understand well how to replace a PTO clutch on an Exmark Lazer Z. You also have to admit that breaking a sweat to fix your equipment is well worth the effort.

So, Happy mowing!

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