You just started a landscaping service but don’t know how to charge for bush hogging?

General terrain with weeds takes half an hour to be cleaned by a finishing mower. This task charges $20 – $25, only for bush hogging of an acre. But if the land is difficult along with long saplings, it can take more time. Also, the transportation charge and some other charges also include.

Do not worry about the bush-hogging service charges and what you should demand from your clients. If you read this article, you can easily handle this bargaining with your full satisfaction.

How To Charge For Bush Hogging? Does My Lack Of Knowledge Cut My Pocket?

Here is a small chart about the custom bush hogging rates. This is an overall idea for all types of cutting. There can be thick or thin grassland; dumps and holes in the grounds may vary the time.

This chart is except the travel cost to and from the site. Moreover, also the cost will vary according to the tractor capacity and maintenance charges.

Land Types Required MachinesRequired Time Per AcreCharge Per Hour ($)
GrasslandFinishing Mower½ hour40 – 50
Pasture MowingFinishing Mower15 minutes25 – 60
Tall Weeds CleaningRough Cut Mower35 minutes100 – 200
Brush HoggingRotary Cutter1 hour150 – 200

Bush Hogging Rates Breakdown For A Grassland Or Pasture Land

Bush-hogging business companies vacant multiple types of terrain by mowing, cleaning, and cutting weeds. The majority of corporations charge on an hourly basis. Before that, the companies follow some strategies for good service.

Inspect The Site about The Landscape and Grass Thickness

If you go for a bush hogging cost per hour, you have to inspect the land type if it is plain or bumpy. The land with dumps or drains confirmed will take more time to clean.

Thick grasses and weeds are stiffer to cut than thin greens. As well as wet (dew) and dump grasses are easy to cut than dry grass ( not muddy land). The fun side is that a finishing mower takes more time in the case of three-inch tall grass than five inches grass.

Count The Distance Of The Site

Bush hog rate varies from the distance between the land and the hogging corporation because the tractor with a finishing mower or a PTO (power –take-off) will spend fuel to carry themselves to the site. And the transportation charge is for both come and go.

Maintenance Charge Of Machines Will Include

The tractor, cutter all are expensive to buy and maintain. They need regular care. The hogging task also includes the maintenance cost of the machines.

Now, if a five-acre grassland possesses grass, weeds, and long pasture can take a minimum of two hours to mow. If you charge $50 for an hour, the cost will be $100. Next, enclose the journey time. Suppose, one hour cost for the total journey. Here adds $50 to the budget. So the calculation is (50 ×2) 100+50 =$ 150. Now the bush hogging rates per acre is $70.

Additional Costing Breakdown For Bush Hog

The above amount of budget is the basic or preliminary amount. But different circumstances can interrupt your pocket situations. Don’t worry; they are off-the-cuff but noteworthy.

  1. If you need to remove or clean the trumps and debris there add the cleaning charge. An extra person for cleaning may cost $50  – $80. Also, a truckload of curt away may expense $100  – $500.
  2. If you need to trump over any fences, walls, or restrictions, you need to collect a permit from the local office. This permit may enclose more charges over $100.

How Much To Charge For Brush Cutting

Brush cleaning is slightly different from bush hogging. It’s not only mowing or mulching but also cutting rough and tall plants and clearing the land. You may need a rotary cutter instead of a rough mower, indeed.

You may cut the tree trunks, overhanging limbs or remove the heavy bush for construction or agricultural use. As a result, you need a qualified cutter, an expert for brush cutting, and excess time for heavy cleaning.

For example, if per acre takes one hour to clean and $150 cost, then for five acres of land, the charge of brush cutting will be (150 ×5) $750. The transport fee for an hour is $50 as before. Here the calculation is 750 +50 = $800.

There can be an extra cost of removing and taking away the stamps and debris from the land.

A Helpful Tutorial You May Need!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the hourly rate for bush hogging?

The rates are decided according to the land categories and the density of the plants. It will charge $40 – $50 for bush hogging for an hour when it comes to grassland. Pasture mowing takes $20 – $60 for the land exertion. Cleaning tall weeds is more time taking and costly. It can cost $100 – $200 for an hour hogging.

How much do bush hogs cost?

Bush hog cost according to the land and saplings. An acre of grassland hogged with a finishing mower takes half an hour and charges approximately $20. Remember this figure is except the cost of transportation and maintenance charge.

How many acres can you bush hog in an hour?

You can cut a minimum of 2 acres of the bush by the rotary cutter within an hour. But this time may be lessened of the trail is without big plants and wide holes. On the other hand, the thick vegetation enlarges the timing.

Can you make money bush hogging?

Making money doing the bush-hogging business is comparatively rigid. Cutting, mowing, cleaning all the tasks in an unknown land is risky. But if you possess good quality equipment and training to operate them, you can take the chance. Most bush-hogging operators take this as their side job or business as you do not find cutting offer all time.

Can you rent a brush hog?

Yes, one can rent a bush hog. Several rental companies rent a bush hog with a tractor for $200 for one day.

Summing Up

Cleaning the land enriches its productivity. If you know how to charge for bush hogging, you can comfortably deal with cutting, mowing, and mulching your terrain.

Weeds hogging is a laborsome work.  So, that needs a bit costlier rate to complete the job.

Now that you have the idea, get into the field and bid on your very first customer’s yard bush-hogging work to make the best deal.

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