What color Trimmer Line do you use? According to customer experience and manufacturer recommendations, the Green trimmer line is more famous and familiar.

The ceramic trimmer capacitors use these color code lines to adjust the circuit in the proper position. The different color code bears the additional value to indicate circuit place.

We discuss their specific characteristics to learn about all string trimmer line color code and their compatible sizes. Let’s continue your scrolling to understand their various forms.

String Trimmer Line Color Code Suggestions

The String trimmer is a great tool to make your cutting journey easy and care for your lawn by speeding up various landscape chores. By adjusting the color code, you can easily cut anything with a proper shape and the correct measurement. You even get adequate instruction on choosing the trimmer line depending on your cutting objects. There are two main Trimmer lines; let’s check them.

Small Or Medium Trimmer Line: When you have to use a small gas-powered or low voltage Trimmer line code, it requires about 24v or 20cc. This trimmer line is easy to handle and usable at any lower engine.

Thicker Trimmer Line: The thicker Trimmer line requires a powerful engine to handle. Here I need high voltage electric or heavy gas trimmers about 120v or 35cc. It’s capable of cutting all types of weeds and grass.

String Trimmer Line Color Compatibility with Diameter & Shape

Most of the string trimmer is enriched with a three-line diameter and has five various shapes. You can adjust the trimmer line and match the color code according to your need. Let’s check the average line diameter and shape for different color trimmer lines.

Color CodeLine DiameterShape
Green0.80 InchRound
Orange0.95 InchTwist
Red0.105 InchMulti side
Black0.130 InchSquared
Yellow0.155 InchSerrated

3 Standard Line Diameters Available for All String Trimmers

STIHL Trimmer Line Color Code

The STIHL Trimmer offers various line color codes with different cutting applications. And most STIHL trimmer is compatible with the trimmer line of .065, .080, .095, .105, and .130 inches sizes.

Let’s check the different lines of STIHL Trimmers.

Oh, we can also check some Stihl hedge trimmer lubricants that you can use, including some other brands apart from Stihl.

Black and Decker Trimmer Color Code

Like other trimmers, the Black & Decker Trimmer Color Code is also famous today. This Trimmer color code plays an influential role in enhancing the efficiency of your trimmer and replacement spool effortlessly.

And Black and Decker’s trimmers are compatible with the trimmer line of 0.065 and 0.08 inches.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Size Is Green Trimmer Line?

The answer is 0.095 Inches. The Green Trimmer Lines diameter is 0.095 Inches, and the size is 3 lbs. The new stealth Trimmer length is about 855 ft.

What Size Is Orange Trimmer Line?

The Orange Trimmer Line size is 2.4mm x 15m. It’s also counted as an Oregon round heavy-duty trimmer line and used in a powerful engine to generate more energy quickly.

Is Square or Round Trimmer Line Better?

Lower vibration is the leading indicator to measure what trimmer Line is better between square and round. The round trimmer generates more vibrations, but the square trimmer generates lower vibrations. In that case, the square trimmer is better than the round trimmer.

Are All Trimmer Lines The Same?

No, the String trimmers are introduced with lines such as round, square, serrated, multisided, and twisted. According to your need, you can choose any Trimmer line shape.

What Is The Round Trimmer For?

The round trimmer is specially designed for a wide range of weeds and grasses. This shape is ideal for your lawn and accessible for re-welding. So the round shape is a more popular shape for the Trimmer line.

Final Thoughts

After seeing the trimmer line color code characteristics, we clearly understand different trimmer lines’ diameters and shapes. We already know the standard format to measure the range of trimmer diameter. According to your need, you can adjust the trimmers Capacitor into the correct position and get a new experience in the cutting journey.

If you are confused about the trimmer color code, reread the content or get suggestions from a specific brand’s trimmer manual guide.

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