John Deere Lawn Tractor Comparison Chart

Want to know the comparison between the series of John Deere lawn tractors? Well, from the five John Deere lawn tractor series- S100 vs S200 series or, X300vs X500 vs X700 signature series – which one will you choose as your go-to-lawn tractor?

We know, it’s a difficult task to choose any of the products of the same brand with almost the same quality. However, it is especially when you are stuck with the brand John Deere.

Therefore, here, in this article, we’ve come to you with a full John Deere lawn tractor comparison chart. So, you can easily compare them and choose a high-quality lawn tractor as per your requirements. And, finally, you can make your own purchase without any hesitation.

A Comparison Chart of John Deere Lawn Tractor Models Series

All right, for your better understanding, we will intersect the comparison chart into two parts. In one part we will compare between S100 vs S200 series and in the second part, we will provide the comparison of the X300 vsX500 vs X700 lawn tractor series.

So, let’s see how these models compare themselves!

The Basic Comparison of S100 S240 -48 inch Model Series Lawn Tractors S200 John Deere Lawn Tractor Series

Key FactsS100 SeriesS200 Series
Engine Power Rating17.5-24 HP21.5-22 HP
Cylinder TypeV-twin Cylinder – extended life series (ELS)V-twin Cylinder, cast-iron liners
Deck DesignEdge™ Mower-deckAccel Deep™ Mower Deck
Cutting Deck Width42, 48, 54 -inches42-48 -inches
TransmissionElectric-PTO clutch, Heavy-Duty, and Hydrostatic Transaxle Type TransmissionHeavy-Duty Hydrostatic Transaxle Type Transmission
PriceLess expensiveExpensive compared to S100 series

John Deere Lawn Tractor Models Series Differences Between S100 and S200

S100 and S200

John Deere has introduced their line-up S100 lawn tractor model series giving priority to its ergonomic design, different cutting deck width and power ratings, and also its comfortable operator station.

The S100 series offers 8 lawn tractor models according to their mower deck size. Therefore, the cutting deck width, as well as engine power ratings of each model, are different. The deck sizes of these models range from 42- 54 -inches and the power ratings vary from 17.5-24 HP.

On the other hand, the S200 launches only 2 lawn tractor models depending on their deck width. Yet, although these series share more or less the same features such as welded steel full-length frame, hydrostatic transmission, etc. as S100 series lawn tractor, however, their cutting deck size and engine ratings are different.

Their cutting deck width varies from 42-48 -inches and the engine power of these models is about 21.5-22 HP.

Well, here, the following table shows you the S100 and S200 Series models with their deck size and engine power specifications.

Series and ModelsDeck-SizeEngine Power
S100 Series42-54 -Inches17.5- 24 HP
S10042-inches17.5 HP
S11042-inches19 HP
S12042-inches22 HP
S13042-inches22 HP
S14048-inches22 HP
S16048-inches24 HP
S17048-inches24 HP
S200 Series42-48 -inches21.5-22 HP
S22042-inches22 HP
S24042-inches21.5 HP
S24048-inches21.5 HP

S100 And S200 Series Lawn Tractors – Engine Differences

The Brand John Deere produces the S100 series lawn tractor providing V-twin – ELS (extended life series), air-cooled designed engine with overhead valve. The cylinder of the S100 series models has full-pressure lube with an Easy Change 30-second oil change system. And, the air cleaner of the engine is a cartridge with a prefilter.

Besides, the choke of this engine comes with a single lever having spring-return to control engine speed. However, along with these features, the cast-iron liner cylinder of the S100 series lawn tractor models prolongs engine life and also increases fuel economy.

Not only that but also the ELS engine of this series offers plenty of engine power as well as high torque while the electronic ignition helps the engine to start fast.

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However, in the case of S200 series lawn tractor models, the engine type is cast-iron liners V-twin Cylinder. Yet, this cylinder is Cyclonic in the S220 series while the other model S240 series doesn’t have the Cyclonic cylinder engine.

This type of cylinder is also air-cooled but the cleaner is a little bit different from the S100 series. Here, the air cleaner is a pleated paper cartridge air filter having a poly pre-filter feature.

Moreover, the oil change system is also different. The oil filter of these series models has no tools for oil drain and thus features a replaceable oil filter. Furthermore, to control the engine speed, they come with separate levers while also providing automatic choke return.

Well, like the S100 series, this engine type also delivers great torque, lots of power, lower vibration, enhanced fuel efficiency, and prolonged engine life.

Mower Cutting Deck Design Differences of Both Lawn Tractor Series

Both S100 and S200 Lawn Tractor Series feature completely different mower-deck designs. In the case of the S100 series, the models come with an Edge™ mower-deck design. This deck design features an edge cutting system and thus, it adjusts the mower cut height.

Besides, it provides a smooth and even cut while also making the cleaning of the mower deck underside more convenient, filled with grass clippings. Therefore, you can mow for a longer period of time and you don’t have to worry about cleaning your deck as it takes less time dispersing grass clippings and other materials.

Yet, the underside of the mower deck cuts so smoothly that prevents further buildup of the grasses. Not only that but also the outer edge of the mower deck offers extra strength as well as protection, thus preventing any kind of mower damage.

On the other hand, the S200 series models come with an Accel Deep™ Deck design. It is a stamped-steel, versatile, deep, durable, and flat-top deck design that cuts clean and offers a super smooth landscape. The cut quality and productivity of this deck are excellent.

It delivers optimal cutting performance and also incredible dispersion of grass clippings and other clumps of materials. Moreover, this mower deck provides super-fast mowing speeds no matter if it is in tall grasses.

Furthermore, it not only offers you optimum mowing but also you will get an excellent Optional Mulch Control™ system delivering superior mulching, side-discharging, and bagging performance. Besides, it comes with adjustable mower wheels that assist in reducing scalping and also adjust the cut height. So, you can mow at your desired cut height level.

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However, the S240 Series 48A Mower Deck features an exceptional power flow material collection system (MCS) to deliver efficient bagging performance. Therefore, it will be easy to get the easy-to-empty bags while you are in a cleaning operation.

Warranty and Price Point Comparison of S200 Vs S100 Series

SeriesBumper-To-Bumper WarrantyPrice
S100 Series2 year/120 hour$1,699 – $2,899
S1002 year/120 hour$1,699
S1102 year/120 hour$1,899
S1202 year/120 hour$1,999
S1302 year/120 hour$2,099
S1402 year/120 hour$2,199
S1602 year/120 hour$2,399
S1702 year/120 hour$2,499
S1802 year/120 hour$2,899
S200 Series3-year/200-hour$2,399 to $2,899
S240 – 42-inches deck3-year/200-hour$2,599
S240 – 48-inches deck3-year/200-hour$2,899

While comparing the price and warranty of the S200 vs S100 Series, we have figured out that the S100 series model’s lawn tractors offer less warranty than the S200 series models. However, their price ranges are much more affordable, ranging from $1,699 – $2,899.

While in the case of the S200 series models they offer more warranty features compared to S100 series models. Yet, their price range is comparatively higher than the S100 Series and ranges from $2,399 to $2,899.

The Basic Comparison of X300 Vs X500 Vs X700 John Deere Lawn Tractor Series

Key PointX300 SeriesX500 SeriesX700 Series
Engine Power Rating21.5-23 HP24-25.5 HP24-25.5 HP
Cylinder TypeV-twin Cyclonic Cylinder, cast-iron liners V-twin Cylinder, cast-iron liners with torque power systemV-twin Cylinder, cast-iron liners with torque power systemV-twin EFI Cylinder, cast-iron liners with Overhead valve 3-cylinder diesel engine
Deck DesignAccel Deep™ Mower-Deck and Edge™ Rear-discharge DeckAccel Deep™ Mower-DeckAccel Deep™ Mower-Deck and High-Capacity Deck
Cutting Deck Width42, 48, 54 -inches48-54 inches48, 54, 60 -inches
TransmissionHydrostatic integrated with Twin Touch™ pedalsHydrostatic integrated with Twin Touch™ pedalsHydrostatic integrated with Twin Touch™ pedals
PriceExpensive compared to S100 and S200 SeriesExpensive compared to X300 SeriesVery expensive compared to all model Series

John Deere Lawn Tractor Models Series Differences Between X300, X500 and X700

Well, when you look over the John Deere X300, X500, and X700 series, you will find out that like S100 and S200 series, these 3 lawn tractors series also provide several models according to their mower deck sizes. Besides, they also share different engine power ratings.

The X300 select series provides 8 models of lawn tractors where their deck sizes vary from 42-54 -inches for high-quality cuts and their engine power ranges from 21.5-23 HP. These lawn tractors come with increased horsepower to provide optimal performances and their mower deck size offers excellent and smooth cutting quality.

While the X500 select series offers only 4 lawn tractors models and their mower-deck sizes and engine power ratings range from 48-54 -inches and 24-25.5 HP accordingly. These mower models also deliver more cutting, mulching, and even bagging performance, utmost operating comfort, and other convenience features.

And, in the case of the X700 signature series, the lawn tractor models are 7 in number with mower cutting deck sizes from 48-60 -inches and power ratings of 24-25.5 HP with enhanced engine horsepower.

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These lawn tractor models offer the highest cutting width decks compared to all John Deere tractor series models. Besides, their mower decks are almost heavy-duty and thus, they provide excellent cut quality and superior mulching performance.

All right, here, we have provided you a comparison chart of these 3 lawn tractors Series depending on their models, deck sizes, and engine power. So, you can get an idea about their model’s differences.

Series and ModelsDeck-SizeEngine Power
X300 Series42-54 -inches21.5-23 HP
X33042-inches22 HP
X33048-inches22 HP
X35042-inches21.5 HP
X35048-inches21.5 HP
X350R 42-inches Rear-Discharge Deck21.5 HP
X35442-inches21.5 HP
X37042-inches21.5 HP
X38048-inches23 HP
X38054-inches23 HP
X38448-inches23 HP
X39048-inches23 HP
X39054-inches23 HP
X39448-inches23 HP
X500 Series48-54 -inches24-25.5 HP
X57048-inches24 HP
X57054-inches24 HP
X58054-inches24 HP
X58448-inches24 HP
X58454-inches24 HP
X59048-inches25.5 HP
X59054-inches25.5 HP
X700 Series48-60 -inches24-25.5 HP
X73048-inches25.5 HP
X73054-inches25.5 HP
X73060-inches25.5 HP
X73448-inches25.5 HP
X73454-inches25.5 HP
X73460-inches25.5 HP
X73848-inches25.5 HP
X73854-inches25.5 HP
X73860-inches25.5 HP
X73948-inches25.5 HP
X73954-inches25.5 HP
X73960-inches25.5 HP
X75048-inches24 HP
X75054-inches24 HP
X75060-inches24 HP
X75448-inches24 HP
X75454-inches24 HP
X75460-inches24 HP
X75848-inches24 HP
X75854-inches24 HP
X75860-inches24 HP

Engine Differences Between 3 Lawn Tractors Series

john deere engine

X300 Select Series

The X300 select series comes with two types of engines- one is V-twin cast-iron cylinder liners with Cyclonic engine and another one is V-twin cast-iron cylinder liners with John Deere iTorque power system.

The X330 series lawn tractor with 42-inches and 48-inches Deck features a V-twin Cyclonic engine (22-hp) and the other 7 models series feature John Deere iTorque power system V-twin engine (21.5-23-hp).

The V-twin Cyclonic engine offers greater torque with plenty of power so the tractor can easily handle mowing, mulching, as well as bagging conditions.

Besides, this Cyclonic engine also features an incredibly dry, air-management system so it can easily remove large size dirt particles. Thus, it cleans the intake air of the engine and promotes engine lifespan.

While the V-twin engine with iTorque power system comes with a combination of engine features as well as a preventive hood design. Therefore, it delivers excellent durability, reliability, even cooling, superior pulling ability while also offering smooth and quiet increased engine power.

X500 Select Series

On the other hand, the X500 select series features no Cyclonic engines but only V-twin cast-iron liners Cylinder with iTorque power system. These lawn tractor models have separate levers and their automatic choke return helps to control engine speed.

This engine is also air-cooled featuring a dry and replaceable air cleaner with foam pre-cleaner to provide excellent power and mulching performance.

X700 Signature Series

And in the case of the X700 signature series, these lawn tractor models come with V-twin cast-iron liners, EFI Cylinder withiTorque power system, and 3-cylinder diesel engines. The X730, X734, X738, and X739 series with 48, 54, and 60 -inches deck models feature V-twin EFI Cylinders, and the other X750, X754, and X758 series with 48, 54, and 60 -inches deck models provide 3-cylinder diesel engines.

The V-twin electronic fuel injection (EFI) Cylinder features a liquid-cooled design providing super durability and exceptional cutting performance. While its iTorque power system offers intelligent design delivering excellent working efficiency and greater torque with incredible lugging ability.

Besides, this type of engine is usually used on gasoline-powered lawn tractors Select Series™ as well as Signature Series.

On the contrary, the 3 cylinder diesel engines are typically used on diesel-powered lawn tractors providing exceptional engine power, superior cutting, and mulching performance, enhanced fuel economy, and super durability.

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Moreover, the large displacement of this engine offers exceptional torque thus providing a good lagging ability. One of the most significant features of this engine is it meets EPA standards and also the state of California standards. Therefore, it delivers low exhaust emissions for cleaning the air.

Mower Cutting Deck Design Comparison of X300, X500 And X700 Signature Series

x300 vs x500 vs x700

X300 Select Series

The X300 select series of John Deere lawn tractors provide two types of mower decks including Accel Deep™ Deck and Edge™ Rear-discharge Deck. Here, all models of the X300 series come with Accel Deep™ mower Deck except the X350R lawn tractor model. The X350R with 42-inch deck size features Edge™ Rear-discharge Deck.

The Accel Deep™ Deck provides the deck with a flat-top shape to deliver optimal deck stamping for high productivity. It features an optional Mulch Control system Electric one-touch technology to easily open and close the adjustable Mulch Control baffle.

Besides, for the transaxle control, it has Twin Touch™ pedals with the hydrostatic integrated transmission. Therefore, you will experience super mulching performance, even cleaning, side-discharging, and also great bagging performance.

While the Edge™ Rear-discharge Deck offers an innovative deck design providing a combination of the best features. When you will need a reliable deck with superior cutting, collecting as well as a mulching performance at the same time, nothing can beat this Rear-discharge Mower Deck.

This deck design delivers excellent mowing efficiency with no side-discharge chute. Besides, to operate the lawnmower at an optimum cut height, it offers an adjustable deck-leveling system. Thus, it ensures optimal cutting, mulching, and bagging performance.

X500 Select Series

However, all the models of X500 Select Series of John Deere lawn tractors with all deck sizes feature Accel Deep™ Deck design having optional Mulch Control system with one-touch technology. Yet, the integrated hydrostatic transmission function of these series models features Twin Touch™ foot transaxle control.

Here, the X570 model with 48 and 54 -inches deck sizes are equipped with hydraulic lift and steering, and X580 is equipped with hydraulic power steering, adjustable-tilt steering wheel, and hydraulic lift lever.

However, the X584 model with 48 and 54 -inches mower decks is equipped with four-wheel power steering. And, the X590 lawn tractor model with 48 and 54 -inches decks is equipped with electronic throttle control and two-wheel power steering.

On the other hand, the X700 signature series come with two types of mower deck design. They are Accel Deep™ Mower Deck and High-Capacity Mower Deck.

X700 Signature Series

All models of the X700 series with 48-inches deck size feature Accel Deep™ Mower Deck design while the models with 54 and 60-inches deck sizes feature heavy-duty High-Capacity mower deck.

This High-Capacity deck design is super durable and offers extra strength while also providing excellent airflow. It uses a Power Flow™ collection system as well. And thus, this mower deck delivers a smooth and even clean cut with even dispersal of grass clipping and prevents further material buildup.

However, all the lawn tractor models of this X700 signature series come with a hydraulic power lift system with hydrostatic four-wheel steering in the case of X734, X739, and X754 models and with hydrostatic two-wheel steering in the case of X730, X738, X750, and X758 models.

Warranty and Price Point Comparison of X700 Vs X500 Vs X300 Series

Again, when you compare the warranty and price point between the X700 vs X500 vs X300 Series, you will find out that the X300 and X500 Series lawn tractor models come at an affordable price than the X700 Series models.

The price ranges of the X300 and X500 Series are about $3,199 – $6,399 and $6,399 – $8,299. However, these two series models also offer fewer warranty features than the X700 Series lawn tractor models. Yet, their warranty and price ranges are high enough compared to the S100 and S200 series.

And in the terms of the X700 Series models, the price range and warranty are higher than the X300 and X500 Series. These tractor models come with an exceptional 4-year/700-hour bumper-to-bumper warranty while their price ranges are about $11,514 to $14,729.

Therefore, it reveals that the X700 Series lawn tractors are very expensive compared to all John Deere series models.

Here’s a Warranty And Price Point Chart of X300, X500, And X700 Series

SeriesBumper-to-Bumper WarrantyPrice
X300 Series4 year/300 hour$3,199 – $6,399
X330 – 42-inch Deck4 year/300 hour$3,199
X330 – 48-inch Deck4 year/300 hour$3,599
X350 – 42-inch Deck4 year/300 hour$3,399
X350 – 48-inch Deck4 year/300 hour$3,799
X350R – 42-inch Rear-Discharge Deck4 year/300 hour$4,699
X354 – 42-inch Deck4 year/300 hour$4,099
X370 – 42-inch Deck4 year/300 hour$4,299
X380 – 48-inch Deck4 year/300 hour$4,699
X380 – 54-inch Deck4 year/300 hour$4,999
X384 – 48-inch Deck4 year/300 hour$5,399
X390 – 48-inch Deck4 year/300 hour$5,699
X390 – 54-inch Deck4 year/300 hour$5,999
X394 – 48-inch Deck4 year/300 hour$6,399
X500 Series4 year/500 hour$6,399 – $8,299
X570 – 48-inch Deck4 year/500 hour$6,399
X570 – 54-inch Deck4 year/500 hour$6,699
X580 – 54-inch Deck4 year/500 hour$7,699
X584 – 48-inch Deck4 year/500 hour$8,219
X584 – 54-inch Deck4 year/500 hour$8,524
X590 – 48-inch Deck4 year/500 hour$8,219
X590 – 54-inch Deck4 year/500 hour$8,299
X700 Series4-year/700-hour$11,514 to $14,729
X730 – 48-inch Deck4-year/700-hour$11,514
X734 – 54-inch Deck4-year/700-hour$12,899
X738 – 54-inch Deck4-year/700-hour$13,509
X739 – 54-inch Deck4-year/700-hour$14,169
X750 – 54-inch Deck4-year/700-hour$13,109
X754 – 54-inch Deck4-year/700-hour$14,119
X758 – 54-inch Deck4-year/700-hour$14,729

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Final Thought

All right, we have come to the end of our John Deere Lawn Tractor Comparison Chart. We’ve tried our best to provide all the necessary information that you will want to know when you compare these John Deere lawn tractor series.

Hopefully, you have enjoyed reading their comparison. And, finally, we would like to wrap the article with a recommendation that before choosing a John Deere lawn tractor for your landscape, you should know in detail about the mower. And also, you should take the necessary steps to find out the right one.

Well, for further inquiry, don’t hesitate to comment below or contact your local John Deere dealer.

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