Do you want your garden to be unwanted broadleaf weed free? Cornerstone Plus Herbicide will get things done. Solely or with a surfactant, either way, this pesticide is effective in killing your trees.

But the question is, does Cornerstone Plus have surfactant? Well, most of the models do not contain it. However, there are a few options where you can get additional surfactants. Manufacturers left you with both choices. Mostly they prefer to keep it individual to ensure quality.

Now, what surfactants to choose for the best match with Cornerstone Plus? Are the Cornerstone Plus good that contains surfactants? This article intends to lead you to your answers. Continue reading to get there.

What is Cornerstone Plus Herbicide

Cornerstone Plus herbicide is a post-emergent, highly effective pesticide. It kills over a hundred broadleaf weeds and perennial grasses. The liquid contains an active ingredient of 41% Glyphosate, which also helps regulate the plants. 

Cornerstone Plus is also known as the broad-spectrum herbicide. It mainly damages the root of the weeds and grass and kills them. It’s proven over hundreds of herbs and has a water-soluble liquid formula that makes it effective and easy to apply.

Does Cornerstone Plus Have Surfactant

No! Cornerstone doesn’t contain additional surfactants. But it is recommended that if you want optimal performance, you should mix surfactant with this liquid. Non-ionic surfactants such as Preference Premium are highly suitable with Cornerstone Plus.

However, if you buy the 10109579 model of Cornerstone jar, you can get the additional surfactant with this. But the surfactant that comes with this model will not like to be of high integrity. Therefore, it’ll be good if you buy a high-quality one from the market.

Does Cornerstone Plus Herbicide Kill Grass

Cornerstone Plus is a powerful post-emergent herbicide that kills over 100 broadleaf weeds and grasses. It is a broad-spectrum herbicide that kills broadleaf grasses by targeting their roots. 

The pesticide circulates into the roots of the grass after being sprayed. Competitor grass that chokes out good plants slowly perishes as a result. For the best performance, mix the Cornerstone Plus in the tank with an adjuvant or a surfactant.

Is Cornerstone Plus like Round-up?

The Cornerstone Plus and Round-up are quite the same as they both have the active ingredient of Glyphosate. However, Cornerstone doesn’t come with surfactants. But if you want, you can use Cornerstone to replace Roundup. Cornerstone is an excellent alternative for Roundup if it’s appropriately diluted and blended.

How Long Does it Take Cornerstone Plus to Work?

Cornerstone Plus moves through the foliage of the plants to the root. It affects the annual weeds in 2 to 4 days. However, for the perennial weeds, it takes up to 2 weeks to damage down to the root. For grasses, you may have to wait at least a week.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the active ingredient in Cornerstone?

Glyphosate is the active ingredient for Cornerstone. It comes in the form of isopropylamine salt in Cornerstone. Per 1 US gallon of Cornerstone contains 41% active Glyphosate. That means 1 gallon of Cornerstone has 4 pounds of Glyphosate herbicide.

Will Cornerstone Plus kill blackberries?

Cornerstone Plus contains Glyphosate, which has 41% active ingredients. These ingredients can easily take control over wild blackberries. For this, you have to mix 0.6 to 2 ounces of products in each gallon of water.

Will Cornerstone Plus kill trees?

Yes. The Glyphosate included in the Cornerstone kills specific targets, including weeds/ plants or trees. However, it doesn’t affect the insects. The root of the tree may get injured if they absorb the liquid. So when you are spraying, avoid the dripline of desirable trees. Glyphosate also helps to regulate plant growth.


Now, you know why does Cornerstone Plus have surfactant in fewer models. This pesticide is meant to keep your garden clean. It may take a while and then a few other pesticides to impact the roots. But you can enhance the impact with other products by including a suitable surfactant.

Please note that purchasing one without surfactant would be wise if you want a better result. Even though Cornerstone Plus is meant to kill unwanted plants, a different ratio can kill trees effectively with surfactants for you.

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