Is Dewalt string trimmer worth it? Yes, the Dewalt string trimmer is definitely worth it. There are various models of Dewalt strings trimmer that offer different features.

Also, there are the gas-powered and battery-powered models for the Dewalt string trimmers. So, today we will discuss various models of trimmers, including Dewalt 20v and 60v models.

Furthermore, we will include a descriptive table highlighting the significant differences between the models. So, check below to see the Dewalt string trimmer comparison.

Dewalt String Trimmer Comparison

Dewalt trimmers are popular in the market. Most people prefer Dewalt as it provides a smooth experience. Currently, you will find different models of Dewalt string trimmers. Each model contains a unique feature of its own.

Most importantly, there are 20v and 60v trimmers when considering the battery-powered trimmers. 

The 20v trimmers are usually best for medium or smaller lawns. On the contrary, 60v is optimal for heavy-duty activities. The 60v is a power packet so you can complete your work in a vast area. While the 20v lacks the power Dewalt 60V trimmer carries, making it best for smaller lawns.

Dewalt 20V String Trimmer Comparison

ConcernDewalt 20V Max Folding TrimmerDewalt 20V Cordless Trimmer
Dimensions9.13 x 4.38 x 38.13 inches34.5 x 16.8 x 11 inches
Weight10.54 pounds20.3 pounds
Swath14 inch13-inch
Quickload Spool FeatureYesNo
Trimmer Line0.080-inch0.080 in.

Dewalt 20V Max Folding Trimmer Comparison

The Dewalt Max Folding Trimmer comes with a unique feature. It includes a superior folding mechanism that reduces the length by 40%. Furthermore, it has the Quickload spool feature that allows quick and straightforward line replacement. As it has a cutting length of 14 inches, it can trim the tiniest of weeds, making your garden look cleaner.

We found a Dewalt 20V String trimmer review from Amazon by Philip J Dyer in which he states that

“Simple to use against a neglected yard as it rips through the overgrowth of tall cane grass and crabgrass that thickly cover the stone path. The fibrous vegetation took some time to cut down, but that was nothing compared to the trimmer’s high setting. It took me 25 minutes with both low and high settings and is not a fully charged battery. Had to play around an experiment to see what it can do.”

So, we recommend you get the folding trimmer if you want a small and easy trimmer. Also, it provides a good power with its reduced size as well. As a result, storing the trimmer won’t be a challenge. The Dewalt String Trimmer 20VMax Folding is best for smaller lawns.

Dewalt Cordless String Trimmer Comparison

Fight the overgrowth of weeds with the Dewalt 20V Cordless trimmer. After cutting your grass, you can even clear the debris as it includes an Axial Blower. With the addition of a robust motor, it has an extended runtime and a better lifetime. The Axial Blower can blow up to 450 CFM. So, after completing the trimming, you can clear the aftermath. So, with one trimmer, you can get two works done.

However, if we make a Dewalt trimmer comparison with the Folding Trimmer, the Cordless Trimmer lacks the Quickload spool feature.

To conclude, it is the best Dewalt 20v string trimmer on the market. Especially if you desire a lightweight trimmer with a blower, then the 20V cordless string trimmer is the best option.

Dewalt 60V String Trimmer Comparison

ConcernDewalt DCST972X1 60V Max BrushlessDewalt Flexvolt 60V Max Cordless Trimmer
Weight15 pounds12 pounds
Dimension40 x 10 x 5 inch14 x 45 x 12 inch
Swath17 inch15 inch
Quickspool FeatureYesNo
Trimmer Line0.095 inch0.095 inch

Dewalt DCST972X1 60V Max Brushless

Get the maximum power to get your trimming done in minutes by using the Dewalt 60V Brushless. The trimmer tackles overgrowth very quickly. It’s a heavy-duty trimmer, so it can easily withstand the toughest overgrowth. Furthermore, it’s pretty versatile as you can attach additional add-ons that make your work easier.

From the various Dewalt string trimmer reviews, we found a detailed study on Amazon by W. R Mineo in which he said that

“If you are looking for a portable weed trimmer, this is the one! My husband and I own multiple Dewalt tools and are pretty loyal to the brand and will continue to be after this purchase. It’s exactly as advertised. Battery life is decent. If you have a big yard/project, I recommend having a couple of batteries on hand to swap as you go. So convenient! Not too heavy and comfortable to use. It trims very well. I’ve used it five times this summer, and no issues. Assembly is easy too, which is another plus.”

So, we recommend getting the 60V Max if you have a vast garden. The Max Brushless is designed explicitly for such huge gardens. This trimmer might be overkill for smaller gardens, but it’s a perfect choice for a spacious one.

Know about Dewalt 60V trimmer problems and how to troubleshoot them easily.

Dewalt Flexvolt 60V Max Cordless Trimmer

The Flexvolt is a budget-friendly heavy-duty trimmer. The brushless motor has max efficiency with which the motor life and the runtime are maximized. You can use it daily on the strongest overgrowths without worrying about any damage as it’s heavy-duty. Even though it’s a heavy-duty trimmer, it’s very lightweight with an ergonomic design.

A user review from Dewalt says the weight feels balanced and packs a lot of power. Furthermore, he included the fact the battery life is top-notch. Get this trimmer if you need a lightweight, heavy-duty trimmer with reasonable control.

Dewalt 27cc Gas Trimmer Comparison

 ConcernDewalt 27cc Straight Shaft Gas TrimmerDewalt 27cc Curved Shaft Gas Trimmer
Weight13.5 lbs12.9 lbs
Length9.5 inch9.5 inch.
Swath17 inch17 inch
Trimmer Line0.095 inch0.095 inch

Dewalt 27cc Straight Shaft Gas Trimmer

Dewalt introduces its 27cc Straight Shaft Gas Trimmer that is packed with a robust performance. Furthermore, it includes a  good quality commercial grade engine and full crank. Trim your grass swiftly with a lesser effort by using the gas trimmer. The unique design ensures that it does not cause any hand strain for users.

The gas trimmer is different from the battery-powered one as you need to use gasoline regularly. Hence, you need to keep an eye out for the fuel economy. Asides from that, it works wonderfully as your trimming time is reduced.

Dewalt 27cc Curved Shaft Gas Trimmer

Looking for an advanced result for your lawn? Then check out the Dewalt Curved Shaft Trimmer. It has such power you can rely on without any doubt. The 17-inch cutting swath increases your productivity while trimming large lawns. Moreover, you can quickly re-spool with the unique bump head feature. As it has a curved design, you can get a better grip.

You can choose this curved trimmer if you require a firmer grip. Due to its curved design, holding it is easy, and the gas trimming takes comparatively less time. So, you can choose this trimmer for the best performance as it is powered by gas.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can you use a 60V Dewalt battery on the 20V tool?

Yes, you can use a 60v Dewalt battery on a 20v tool. Most DeWalt trimmers have backward compatibility. Therefore you can use a 60v battery on a 20v tool with ease.

Can a Dewalt string trimmer be used as an edger?

There is a dedicated edger attachment for the Dewalt string trimmer. You can use the trimmer as an edger without any complications.

What is the difference between Dewalt 20V and 20V max?

The major difference between the two is Dewalt 20v has a typical brushed motor while the 20v max models have brushless motors.


In the above, you can see some of the Dewalt string trimmer comparisons. The trimmers have various feature that serves a specific purpose. Choose any models from the 20v series if you have a smaller lawn. On the contrary, if you have a harsh and extensive property, choose from the 60v series.

Furthermore, in this Dewalt string trimmer all model comparison, we also included models that can give you a better idea of the feature difference along with the two popular models of each 20v and 60v. To conclude, the Dewalt string trimmer is good and has various excellent models.

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