What are the major Dewalt 20v blower problems? One of the most common issues people face with the cordless DeWalt 20V leaf blower is it stops working.

However, there are other problems too that you can meet while operating this outdoor power equipment. But why it happens and how you can fix them is the primary concern.

The DeWalt 20V leaf blower is a popular electric blower that helps clean your lawn, garage, or deck. This essential year-round tool is handheld and lightweight, making it easier to keep your yard, deck, and patio neat and clean.

But a faulty blower might get you frustrated. You must first identify the reason before you fix or repair the defective blower. So, In this article, we will talk about all the possible issues you may face with a Dewalt 20v blower and why they occur.

So without any further delay, let’s jump into the article!

Reasons behind the Dewalt 20v Blower Problems

Here’s a short brief about the DeWalt blower problems and the potential causes.

The blower keeps shutting offElectric short circuit or damaged wire connection
The battery won’t chargeDrained or damaged battery
Vibrating excessivelyFaulty fan or impeller and damaged fan blade
The leaf blower won’t startBattery issues or electrical problems
Blower making rubbing or clicking soundDefective housing, nuts, or impellers
Blower doesn’t blow airFaulty fan, tubes, nuts, or impellers

Let’s check out some common Dewalt leaf blower 20v problems along with the causes and symptoms. And this section will help you determine your issue with your leaf blower.

Vibrating excessively

Continuous or excessive vibrating in the blower is a symptom of having issues with the blower’s impeller or fan. A broken fan blade can cause a vibrating sound while the blower fan spins to create airflow.

Sometimes, debris and dirt clog up the fan blade and damage it. You can easily clean or replace the congested blade to eliminate this excessive vibration.

The blower doesn’t blow air

If your DeWalt 20v leaf blower is running but does not blow air, there might be a problem with the fan, impeller nut, or tubes.

The impeller or fan blades need to rotate to provide airflow. Dirt and debris clogging up the fins or blades can cause malfunctioning in the fan. And it may prevent the impeller fins from spinning and blowing air.

Besides, the blower fan is attached to the crankshaft by an impeller nut. So when the impeller nut gets loosened, the crankshaft may spin or rotate without moving the impeller. This also leads the leaf blower to run but not blow air.

Visually check the following parts. If there are any damaged parts, try replacing them to solve the issue.

The Blower Keeps Shutting Off

 The Dewalt 20v blower won’t stay on when there is an electrical short circuit. Failing or damaged battery and/or low power can cause the motor to stop working.

However, if the Dewalt 20v blower stopped working, check if there is any interrupted power supply or not. Fix the damaged wires and connections to prevent your leaf blower from shutting off unexpectedly.

Dewalt 20v Blower Making Rubbing or Clicking Sound

Loose impeller nuts can create loud noises or rubbing sounds. You can easily replace the faulty impeller nut if needed.

A defective flywheel magnet is another potential cause behind a leaf blower making a clicking or rubbing sound. Replace the flywheel to fix this problem.

The Battery Won’t Charge

Another big issue many users face is that the blower battery won’t charge. Well, it can happen for many reasons. First, check if the red charging light is illuminated after inserting the battery into the charger.

Check the current by plugging an appliance into the receptacle. Make sure you have plugged the battery charger into a working outlet.

The Leaf Blower Won’t Start at All

If your DeWalt 20v leaf blower is not starting, visually inspect the battery level. Most of the time, the leaf blower battery loses wattage due to overuse. 

However, your leaf blower battery may need a long charge, or you can also try out a spare battery if you have one. It might help.

Besides, inspect the battery installation and the charging requirements.

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Why does my electric leaf blower keep shutting off?

An electric leaf mower can not stay on if there is an electrical problem in the blower. A clogged air filter and impeller can also cause this trouble. Besides, your electric leaf blower won’t stay on if there are any loose or broken ire and connections that are interrupting the power supply.

How long does the Dewalt battery fan last?

The DeWalt battery fan has a limited three years warranty. The company claims it can run up to 4.5 to 12 hours max with a 5Ah battery.

Why does my leaf blower shut off when it gets hot?

An overheated engine can not operate the leaf blower properly. And that’s why your leaf blower won’s stay on if it gets hot. This problem mainly arises in the gas-powered leaf blower, when the heated gas can not escape from the engine due to air filter blockage.

Final Verdict

So that was a short discussion about the most common DeWalt 20v blower problems and their potential causes. Hopefully, this article was helpful for you. 

Now you can easily troubleshoot and fix if your DeWalt 20v leaf blower stopped working. However, if you face any issue with your leaf blower within one year of purchase, get it solved from the manufacturer as it comes with one year of warranty.

Even if it’s older than a year, you can still call the manufacturer and get suggestions about fixing it.

The DeWalt 20v leaf blower is a low-maintenance tool. But with proper use and maintenance, you can run this tool for longer.

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