Cub Cadet Lawn Tractor Cranks But Won't Start`

Have you ever used the cub cadet lawn tractor previously? Do your Cub Cadet Lawn Tractor Cranks But Won’t Start like others? Most probably, the faulty ignition coil or spark plug issue is the main culprit here.

Frankly, finding the actual problem of why it’s happening isn’t that easy. The problem can be internal as well as external; who knows?

However, to make this troubleshooting way more flexible, we’ve described all possible problems, including safety switch issues, flywheel key, or ignition coil problems.

If you aren’t sure which one is your problem, check all of them and try the suggested solutions.

6 Reasons Why Cub Cadet Lawn Tractor Cranks But Won’t Start

When your lawn tractor isn’t starting but cranks, multiple functional problems can be responsible for that. Here, we’ve shared as many points as possible.

Safety switch problemTurn it on
DefectedSpark plugSet it again/Replace
Fuel Solenoid IssueCheck solenoid
Valve IssueMake it tight
Faulty Ignition CoilInspect the coil
Flywheel Key ProblemClean and reinstall

Safety Switch Problem

Honestly, this is the most uncomplicated problem people often face. Those who have lawn tractors surely have experienced this issue.

Well, what happened in this case? Most often, the safety switch, which is situated under the driver seat, got unplugged or disconnected. Therefore, the safety switch is a big reason for cub cadet zero turn mower turns over but won’t start problem. Anyway, don’t worry, the solution is easy.

To fix this issue, you just must turn the switch on, and recheck the site mount plague. It’d be great if you unplugged and plugged it back quickly before starting the tractor.

Defected Spark Plug

The spark plug problem is a genuine tractor problem that often happens when the tractor gets old. This problem is even hard to find.

Sometimes the spark plug gets defective for various reasons, and the cub cadet zero turn cranks but won’t start.

Well, what spark plug does? It actually produces a spark for the fuel so that the engine gets power.

After troubleshooting the spark plug, you’ll experience a misfiring motor and a hard starting engine problem. The solution would be to change the spark plug or fix it. This problem can happen again and again unless you use a good product.

Fuel Solenoid Issue

Another problem creator is fuel solenoid. This thing is situated just beside the fuel tank.

Fuel solenoids help to get the fuel inside the tanks. If the fuel solenoid has any specific damage or disfigurement, it doesn’t let the fuel inside.

What would be the solution for that? Well, first of all, make sure whether it’s clogged by something or not! If it’s clogged, then clean it. Otherwise, if the problem is disfigurement, replace it.

Check the Valve

There’re enormous valves in the main function of the tractor. If those valves aren’t tightly connected to the targeted parts, it’ll start creating trouble. Basically, the pressure, ball, and hydraulic valve are the main connectors of the function, so check them out first.

What’s the solution, then? Here you just have to check all the valves serially to see whether they’re properly connected or not. If some of them are loosened or damaged, you need to change or refix that.

Even when your tractor is good but old, you should replace all the old valves. After ages, when your cub cadet zero turn turns over, but won’t start, the reason would be nothing but the old valves.

Ignition Coil Issue

There’re two types of starting problems. The first problem is when the car doesn’t properly start, but engines make sounds for a moment. And the other reason is when engines don’t even respond or make a sound.

When you face the second problem, you can be sure that this is an ignition coil damage issue. The ignition coil mainly supplies voltage to the spark plug. And then, the spark plug passed the spark to the engine directly.

The key solution is to clean the ignition coil because rust and dust jammed in the entrance. Clean that properly and reinstall again; otherwise, replace it if things seem very bad.

Flywheel Key Problem

When the flywheel gets damaged, it becomes a huge problem for the tractor. Though it’s a less critical point compared to others, it can still be a big reason for cub cadet tractor turns, but does not start a situation. This flywheel basically creates the rotational energy to do various tasks. In addition, it also works as a defender of the lawn engine.

If the flywheel key is broken or dysfunctional, the engine will start creating problems. As a result, the cub tractor will crank but won’t start anyway.

Replacing is the only solution because the key is small and near impossible to refix.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why is my lawn mower turning over but not starting

Multiple reasons can be found for that problem, but the most common problem would be the Safety switch issue. This switch is just under your driver’s seat. Get to the switch, turn it on if it’s disconnected. In case the problem is still there, check the spark plug, fuel solenoid, and other related stuff.

What are the symptoms of a bad starter on a riding lawn mower?

Symptoms of a bad starter on a riding lawn mower are more than one. First of all, it’ll make weird noises that are easily understandable. Secondly, the engine will start, but it’ll stop suddenly. Another reason is the control panel; it’ll do some weird behavior.

Why won’t my Cub Cadet stay running?

Mostly the problem is created from the carburetor. If the carburetor gets jammed or clogged in any way, it’ll stop the cub cadet from running for a long time. Jammed carburetors stop the engine after every 1 or 2-minute break. Therefore, check that first. Then you can inspect the pulley and plugs.


The issues we’ve discussed here are just the related to why Cub Cadet Lawn Tractor Cranks But Won’t Start. There’re also many other reasons leading to other symptoms. If you’ve basic knowledge of cub cadet lawn tractors, you can fix them all by yourself.

After all, if the problem seems unfindable and hard to fix, it’d be better to take your tractor to the service point.

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