Can You Put Topsoil Over Sand To Grow Grass

Can you put topsoil over the sand to grow grass? Yes, absolutely. In fact, it’s a wise idea to utilize the sand by properly tilling it with soil. In some cases, you need to mix compost as well.

It’s true that some plants and veggies grow better over the sand. But that’s not the case for grasses. As grasses need more moisture to grow vigorously, you must amend the sandy surface to let them grow.

But you must follow some rules to be successful in this method. Such the soil and sand should be well proportioned to sprout the grass properly. Let’s talk about the process in detail below.

Can You Put Topsoil Over Sand To Grow Grass?

As already said, you can. In fact, you should do so to let the grass grow without difficulty.

Well, to be honest, grass can grow over sandy soil. But sands drain too fast, and that’s why it lacks moisture and other sources of nourishments.

But if you water the sand frequently and add some topsoil over it, the scenario could be different. Moreover, applying fertilizer would loosen the soil to be prepared to grow any type of grass.

When you plan to start a lawn, you must prepare the subsoil first. But if the subsoil is sand, you must add topsoil over it to ensure sufficient nutrients and drainage. You can either rely on the existing topsoil or purchase new.

Choosing the TopSoil

We recommend going for better quality soil enriched with organic compounds. Because in most cases, the lawn or garden soil contains too much clay or sand. If both the topsoil and subsoil become sandy, they won’t retain water and therefore, the grass could face slow growth.

However, while putting topsoil over sand to grow grass, never compromise with quality. Only high-quality soil contains balanced nutrients that enhance the grass sprouting.

So, you must cover the sand with mineral-rich soil to leave enough room for the grassroots to grow healthy.

On that note, you might ask, does this method work for commercial purposes? Or it is just applicable for homeowners.

Honesty works better for homeowners. On a larger scale, you need to mix topsoil with fertilizer, compost, and other components to grow grass better. Moreover, mix them well with rakes.

Though we cannot completely deny that commercial grass growers are also considering mixing sand and subsoil together, it is still better for home uses.

How Much Topsoil Over Sand To Grow Grass?

If you ask how much topsoil over sand is needed to grow grass, it should be at least 4 to 6 inches. Usually, grassroots are 4-6 inches deep. So, if you don’t cover that space without topsoil, the roots will be in the sand. Resultantly, the plants would suffer nourishment deficiency.

Apart from that, the roots will not be able to get enough oxygen due to inadequate drainage and a lack of mineral substances. So, 6 inches of topsoil cover above the sandy subsoil is preferable.

Will Grass Grow Over Sand?

Yes, any sort of grass will grow over the sand. But the growth rate will be hindered. But if you can ensure their uninterrupted access to adequate nutritional elements, surely, they will grow vigorously.

Of course, sandy and gritty surfaces can affect the grass seeds after germination.But, it’s also true that only sand cannot cause the grass to grow vibrantly. So, you must build up a topsoil layer to let the roots avail adequate energy.

That being said, new grass growers or gardeners frequently ask- will grass grow in 2 inches of soil? The answer is not a complete no. Yes, it will grow, but a minimum of 4 inches of topsoil is highly recommended.

Frequenty Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I put topsoil on top of sand?

Absolutely yes. Honestly speaking, a topping of 4 to 6 inches of high-nutrient soil over sand is better for the growth of seeds and plants.

Can you plant over sand?

Truth be told, yes. But if you live in coastal areas with only sandy and gritty soil available, you should go with the native plants to have a better result. After all, some specific plants only grow over sands.

Can you turn sand into soil?

You can turn sand into soil to create better-growing conditions for some specific species of plants. To do so, add at least a 3 inches layer of topsoil mixed with organic compost before tilling the surface.


The discussion above clearly answers the question can you put topsoil over sand to grow grass- with a big yes. If you can make sure to amend the sands by properly tilling with power-packed topsoil, then why not?

In fact, this will increase their growth rate much higher. As topsoil retains moisture and nutrients more, a little bit of trick would certainly bring out an outstanding outcome.

You will not always get ready surfaces to grow plants, flowers, or vegetables. Even grass needs properly cultivated lands. So, beautify your garden or lawn with a balanced mixture of soil and sand to grow grass densely.

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