What is the difference between the Intek and the professional series engines from Briggs and Stratton? The major difference is noticeable in terms of their performance, which is moderate in the intek and high-end with the professional ones. The professional series has upped its design and technology to provide better performance.

We did hours of research to present and break down the factors that can help you decide your ideal engine.

So, this Briggs and Stratton intek vs Professional series comparison will help you understand which engine can meet your requirements.

Briggs and Stratton Intek Vs Professional Series Comparison

Key PointsIntek SeriesProfessional Series
Horsepower10 to 24 HP22 to 27 HP
Warranty90 Days to 1-year commercial warranty2 years consumer and commercial warranty
Lifespan500 to 1200 hours800 to 2500 hours
PriceAffordableBit Expensive

Let’s have an in-depth tour of the two series engines.


The Intek series provides a moderate performance. In contrast, the professional series is built in a way that provides high-end performance. The intek series can deliver between 10 to 24 horsepower, and the professional ones deliver from 22 to 27 horsepower. 

Because of the low horsepower, the intek series cannot produce much power or speed to mow rough grasses smoothly. It will face a mower choke. In other words, the engine will not start or perform smoothly against high slopes or dense grasses.

However, the Ready start system of the intek series helps to eliminate mower choke in small to medium-sized lawns with thin grasses.

The professional series can run smoothly on slopes and against thatches. Its advanced crankshaft seal prevents oil leakage and burnout. So, in terms of performance, the professional series is a step ahead.

Ease of Use

The engines are consumer-friendly as they are easy to maintain and use. However, the intek series is easier to install than that of the professional series. Because the former does not have high-end designs or accessories. It will take a tad bit more time to install the processional series.

The Intek series takes your riding comfortability into consideration. So its two-piston design makes it easier to balance your mower smoothly. And the professional series takes care of your sound sensitivity by operating as quietly as possible.

Both of them come with an operating manual to make their use easier. The manual includes an oil recommendation section. The manuals guide you to understand which oil or fuel to avoid or use to keep the engines more durable. 

Technology System

Both of the series have configured technologies that make them reliable and efficient. The Intek series is engineered with an anti-vibration system so that you can be more comfortable while mowing. The system prevents the mower from turning too right or left. It helps you to mow straight lines.

The professional series has an overhead valve (OHV) engine technology to keep the engine cooler even after heavy-duty work. The series is fuel-efficient as the OHV prevents the oil from burning out quickly. It also prevents the engine parts from wearing out easily. 

The advanced debris management system in the professional series is a blessing if you have thatches all over your lawn. The technology ejects the thatches and debris so that the engine remains clean. The debris can minimize longevity if they get stuck in the engine frequently. But the upgraded technology is a lifesaver here. 


Both the series are durable. They are built to provide long service even against extreme weather conditions. And their durability might increase if you maintain them properly. 

The lifespan of the processional series is generally from 800 to 2500 hours. Upon higher horsepower and maintenance, it can run smoothly beyond these hours. But the Intek series is less durable than the professional ones. Intek can serve you up to 500 to 1200 hours.

Price Difference

Briggs and Stratton provide comparatively affordable mower engines. But the professional series engines are slightly more expensive than the Intek ones. So, if the professional one goes well with your requirements, you need to make a compromise on your budget.

The professional series price ranges from $275 to approximately $800. On the contrary, you can save up to $120, including the shipping charge on the intek series. Intek engines’ price ranges from $200 to approximately $700.

Do remember that the intek engine repairing can cost you $350 or more. But with the professional series, you might not need a rebuilding anytime soon because of its upgraded design and performance. Even if you need, the 2 years consumer and commercial warranty is likely to cover the rebuilding cost. But the Intek series offers only 90 days to 1-year commercial warranty.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Many Hours Will a Briggs Intek Engine last?

Any model from the Briggs Intek series can easily last up to 1000 to 1200 hours. If you can maintain your engine with high-end maintenance parts, it can last up to 2000 hours. However, without changing their oil filter and cleaning the cooling fins once in a while, you cannot expect it to run for over 400 to 500 hours.

Who Makes the Intek Engine?

The owner of Briggs and Stratton is KPS Capital Partners. But the manufacturer of the Intek engines is Briggs and Stratton Corporation. And it is one of the largest 1000 American companies. So they make their own Intek series engines. But some of the OEM replacement parts of the engines are from other manufacturers.

Are Briggs and Stratton Engines Any Good?

For over a century, Briggs and Stratton have been manufacturing and upgrading outdoor power equipment engines. All of their models provide long service, and they are easy to repair. So, they are reliable and consistent to get your work done.

What is the Most Powerful Briggs and Stratton Engine?

The 900PXi series is the most powerful engine from the Briggs and Stratton lawnmower engine family. It is a small vertical shaft line engine that is engineered with Over Head Valve (OHV) technology. Because of the OHV, the engines are fuel-efficient and provide longer service. The technology makes the performance smoother yet more powerful.

Which Engine Is Ideal for You?

It’s not a no-brainer to pick the ideal lawnmower engine. This can get a bit overwhelming to do so. So, let us help you out a bit more.

If your lawn is around 30 to 250 square meters, go for the Intek series. However, for a lawn beyond 250 square meters, more HorsePower and fuel efficiency are a must. In that case, go for the professional engines.  

Hopefully, from our detailed and easy-to-understand Briggs and Stratton intek vs professional series comparison, you have understood which facts to keep in mind before picking your ideal engine. No matter which engine suits your needs, do not forget to maintain it properly.

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