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1 Best Riding Lawn Mower for 2 Acres

If you own a larger sized lawn, like around 2 acres, and you are looking for a riding lawn mower to trim down the lawn grasses, you need to be more concerned and analytical in choosing the correct lawn mower. Considering the size of the lawn, you would need a powerful ride-on mower that is capable of meeting all the necessary requirements.

A stronger power source option and greater charge holding capacity are two of the many factors you must need to analyze first. But the problem is there are a few such machines that will match your demand.

So, finding the best riding lawn mower for 2 acres area is a very tedious task, and I know it very well as I had to go through this. A little help or guidance might help you, right? Here, I am to give you the short reviews of the 9 most effective riding lawn mowers for 2 acres and a buying guide with some common FAQs to resolve your problem. Let’s get underway!

Best Riding Lawn Mower for 2 Acres

First, let’s take a brief look at the best products.

  • Husqvarna YTA24V48: Best riding lawn mower for hilly area
  • Ariens 915223: Best commercial ZTR mower
  • Swisher ZTR2454BS: Best industrial ZTR mower
  • Snapper XD 82V: Best 2+ acres hilly terrain mower
  • Craftsman T225: Best gas powered riding mower
  • Husqvarna Z242F: Best ZTR mower for 2 acres golf course
  • Sun Joe 14 inch cordless: Best battery-powered mower
  • Troy-Bilt Mustang: Best inexpensive riding mower
  • WORX WR150: Most innovative 2-acre riding mower

1. Husqvarna YTA24V48 24V Pedal Tractor Review

Husqvarna YTA24V48 24V Pedal TractorHusqvarna YTA24V48 24V Pedal Tractor

Husqvarna is a well-known mower brand. They have a versatile product line to feature a vast range of lawn mowers of different types. It also includes the riding mowers of varied engine output and diverse cutting deck sizes. Husqvarna YTA24V48 is one of their best products that can ensure the large cutting blade with a powerful engine that makes this machine a perfect one for mowing any 2-acres hilly lawn.

Powerful engine for mowing bumpy hills

The YTA24V48 model comes with a powerful Briggs & Stratton Intek V-Twin engine having 24HP capacity. If your residence is located at a higher altitude, this machine is quite strong enough to overcome the hilly terrains of your lawn. The engine is a perfect one up to a steep angle 15 degrees. If your lawn is at a higher steep angle, this mower is no longer an ideal choice for you. There might be a chance of the machine getting flipped over in such a case.

One thing that you will like about this lawn mower is the capacity of its 3-gallons gas tank. That’s the reason; this machine will serve the users for a very long period, and they will get ample time to trim their 2-acre lawn grass. In case you need to draw patterns on your lawn, you would need much gasoline. As the machine isn’t battery-powered, there’s no such hassle. You can frequently refill the fuel of this mower at no time in case you are in the middle of shaping your gigantic lawn.

Steady Mowing performance

Another issue to discuss this mower machine is its smart features like sophisticated debris management, solid mechanical compression release, and full-force lubrication system, etc., which makes this machine a real powerhouse with facilities like choke-less start and steady run. It also generates enough horsepower to properly run an extensive range of different compatible accessories. The cruise control, along with the automatic, fast pedal-operated transmission, ensures a highly steady speed than the other rivals.

Larger lawn, larger cutting deck

In order to get speedy trim of your 2-acre lawn, you would need a high speedy mower with a larger cutting deck diameter. Husqvarna YTA24V48 ensures such a deck with 48-inch to ensure faster performance. For example, if your ride on a mower has a speed of 3 Mph, you would need around a few minutes over an hour. If you can double the speed, the cutting time would be almost half an hour. Choosing the most analytical route and turning the corner points efficiently are also the factors to mow your lawn faster.

Smart air induction mowing technique

A very useful grass-cutting feature coming from Husqvarna YTA24V48 is the air induction technology associated with its cutting deck. It allows airflow from both the top and bottom area and lets grasses be at the upright position so that the mower can easily cut them off.

Good for the elders

Due to the choke-less start of the machine, it is perfectly suitable for elderly people. They can easily sit on the mower and shape up their lawn stably. The larger, stronger deck, along with a tight turning radius, ensures better cutting and easy-to-use operation due to the advanced design.


Mower Type: Ride on

Output engine power: 24HP

Cutting deck size: 48 inches

Fuel tank storage capacity: 3 gallons

Turning radius: 16 inches

Mower speed: 3Mph

2. Ariens 915223 IKON-X 52” Zero Turn Mower Review

Ariens 915223 IKON-X 52” Zero Turn MowerAriens 915223 IKON-X 52” Zero Turn Mower

If you’re looking for a mountable lawn mower to get switched to from your manual one, then zero turn mower should be your top choice. This type can present more professional cutting performance by manipulating the front wheels and thus turning the machine at a zero-meter radius. I personally love this type of machine as it easily gets rid of all the obstacles laying on your lawn ground, for say, cables, broken wood pieces, gazebo, patio furniture, etc. Get the maximum maneuverability with its powerful Kawasaki FR691 Engine machine. You can attain maximum speed up to 7Mph and easily mow 2 or 3-acres lawn.

Incredible cutting performance

The best feature of this zero-turn mower is its amusingly large cutting deck of 52 inches. Due to its larger deck size, it can cover a greater area. Thus, it can easily be a good choice for your 2 acres lawn. But there is an issue here. If the lawn is a bumpy, uneven one, then there is a chance of the machine getting flipped over easily. In short, Ariens 915223Ariens is a good mowing option for your flat lawn rather than the rough uphill terrain.

Versatile cutting options by adjustable trimming height

915223Ariens is one of the most versatile riding lawn mowers for 2 acres as it offers adjustable cutting height and suits for multiple tasks. You can use it to trim football pitches, golf courses, Community Park, corporate front yards, etc. It features 3 knives to ensure height adjustments. You will get 13 different adjustments ranging from 1.5 to 4.5 inches of height.


This mower machine is too big to suit your smaller yard. Again if your residence is on hilly terrain, this is not an ideal machine. There is no headlight with it as well.


Type of mower: Zero turn

Output engine power: 23HP

Cutting deck size: 52 inches

Fuel tank storage capacity: 2.8 gallons

Mower speed: Up to 7Mph

Grass adjustment height: 1 5 to 4.5 inches

3. Swisher ZTR2454BS Zero Turn Mower Review

Swisher ZTR2454BS Zero Turn MowerSwisher ZTR2454BS Zero Turn Mower

ZTR2454BS is a recent installment of the premium line of Swisher’s vast collection of lawn mowers. It comes with much improvisation and reformation than the earlier series. It is considered as one of the best industrial zero turn mowers 2 acres around the world. It is capable of carrying plenty of fuel to trim the bigger yards and its wide cutting deck accompanied by the hydrostatic transmission makes this machine a real convenience for the tasks. The response time of this mower is faster, which works as an ideal requirement for mowing bigger yards.

24HP Briggs & Stratton engine

The reason behind the amazing strength of this mower machine is its powerful 24HP Briggs & Stratton Engine. Despite its extended durable, and reliable design, it performs quietly. It also comes with a digital hour meter alarming you to know the requirement of any maintenance services.

Great trimming with higher cutting deck

Built with fabricated steel, the cutting deck of ZTR2454BS comes with a dimension of 54 inches. It features 3 Gator mulching blades to ensure high-end trimming of grasses. You can just use your feet to make proper adjustments to the deck. The speed of the machine can raise up to 8Mphs to easily eat through the lawn grasses. The highly responsive newest rapid response control system allows the users using the joystick controls to easily operate the machine. Using the control levers, you can perform the functions like acceleration, deceleration, turning, etc.

Easy-to-use function

The swift response of Swisher ZTR2454BS makes the machine a very convenient one to operate. The seat is perfectly placed at a bit higher position above the lawn surface and ensures a wider view range for the users. Many automatic features like the inclusion of an electrically engaged blade in addition to the hydrostatic engine’s variable speed make the machine a more versatile one. Due to the lower center of gravity and ideal weight distribution, better maneuverability is ensured while handling this mower.

The goods

Swisher ZTR2454BS Zero-Turn Mower comes with good traction on its wheels and works as a good mower option for the hilly terrains. You’ll enjoy the fuel tank capacity of up to 8 gallons of gas and a faster speed of 8 MPH. Its easy functionalities, super-comfortable seating arrangements, better maneuverability, 360-degree revolving around, etc., make this mower a user-friendly one.


Mower type: Zero Turn

Output engine power: 24HP

Cutting deck size: 54 inches

Fuel tank storage capacity: 8 gallons

Mower speed: 8Mph

4. Snapper 1687914 82V Cordless Self-propelled Lawn Mower Review

Snapper 1687914 82V Cordless Self-propelled Lawn MowerSnapper 1687914 82V Cordless Self-propelled Lawn Mower

The best thing about the self-propelled mower is its ability to save the user’s effort. If you don’t want to force your machine to push around the rough lawn of 2 acreage area, the self-propelled machine should be your top priority. These machines are less tiring to use and specially designed for the less strong or elderly users.

Battery-powered brushless motor technology

Snapper 1687914 has the facility of being operated with battery power and without the hassle of the corded system. It is run by 2aH Lithium-ion batteries, each of which provides an excellent run time of 45 minutes. The battery life may be shorter in case you take the mower to trim hilly terrain grasses due to the consumption of greater energy. Otherwise, the transmission speed of the machine is good to cut the grasses of plain surfaces. The brushless motor technology also ensures effortless start-up just with a single push on the button.

Battery vs. gasoline power

Battery powered lawn mowers emit less volatile and harmful organic compounds compared to gasoline powered ones. That’s why electric mowers are well accepted as more environmentally-friendly machines to domestic or corporate users. If the batteries run out of charge, you can quickly recharge and use them, unlike the possible delay that occurred while using the gasoline driven machines. Again, batteries run out just within 30 to 45 minutes, whereas gas cylinders may last a longer time. This is an issue that you might need to consider.

Vertical storage option

A very common issue with 1687914 models is the shortage of storage space. If your garage is much smaller, or your shed is too narrow to fit in this machine, you can store the item vertically to solve your issue. While keeping the machine upright, you can also save some base areas.

Keep in the mind: While placing the machine in the vertical position, always remember to face the deck side to the wall so that nobody gets hurt by the sharp edges.


Mower type: Cordless, battery powered, self-propelled

Cutting deck size: 21 inches

Batteries included: Yes

Batteries capacity: 2 Ah

Batteries run-time: 45 minutes 

5. Craftsman T225 46-inch Gas Powered Riding Mower Review

Craftsman T225 46-inch Gas Powered Riding MowerCraftsman T225 46-inch Gas Powered Riding Mower

Craftsman T225 model is the right combination of the larger cutting deck and the fast-moving tractor. Thus, it can present you with one of the fastest mowing performances for your 2-acres lawn. This unit comes with a powerful machine of 19 HP capacity, whereas the cutting deck dimension is 46-inches. Overall, this ride on mower model can deliver you professional services and get rid of the tedious grass cutting job within a shorter period.

Quick refueling of the gas tank of the mower

While using the lawn mower, one limitation is very common and frequently faced by the users; and that is the inability to tell how much mowing work can be completed by the specific tank capacity of the machine. It depends upon two factors-the speed at which you decide to steer your lawn and your adopted mowing route. While using the Craftsman T225 model, refueling is no such hassle for the users. As this model is run by gas, you can quickly refuel the tank when it runs out of gasoline. It is certainly an advantage you will enjoy while using a gas powered mower instead of the electric ride, especially when you got 2-acres of your turf to mow.

Comfortable seating arrangement of the mower

While mowing your turf that contains a size of around 2-acres, you need to spend a plenty of time on the seat. A comfortable seating arrangement is much necessary for this reason. The high back seat of Craftsman T225 ensures proper lumbar support, which reduces the chance of catching up on lower back pain or problematic knees in the long future. Elderly people suffering from arthritic issues also can ride on the machines easily due to this optimized facility.

Mow-in-reverse function to save your time

Mowing is not an easier task. A very common technical issue while driving the mower machine is steering it in the wrong direction while riding on it. In such a case, you might need to bypass a vast circular path in order to return yourself to the original position. To solve this problem, the Craftsman T225 mower comes with a user-friendly mow-in-reverse function that enables mowing in the reversed direction temporarily. Unlike many neighborhood riding mowers, you need not stop and change position while mowing with this model. This feature can save you time and trouble.

Moreover, using the deck wash port, you can also deal with clogging occurred while trimming the taller grasses. You can clean out the bottom part of the machine by removing grass, leaves, residues, debris, etc., simply by hooking up a hose. It will take just a couple of minutes. Maintaining this lawn mower takes just half time as others due to these amazing features.


Type of mower: Ride on

Output engine power: 19 HP

Cutting deck size: 46 inches

Fuel Type as power source: Gasoline

Mow-in-reverse included: Yes

6. Husqvarna Z242F Hydrostatic Zero Turn Riding Mower Review:

Husqvarna Z242F Hydrostatic Zero Turn Riding MowerHusqvarna Z242F Hydrostatic Zero Turn Riding Mower

One of the finest riding mowers for 2 acres coming from the Husqvarna’s Z200 series is Z242F. This ride on zero turn mower is an excellent balance of both performance and durability. If you want a cheaper alternative, then this model is a must for your 1 to 2-acres lawn or golf course. Its 42-inch sized grass cutting deck diameter makes this machine a versatile option for many other purposes as well.

18 HP powerful Kawasaki engine

The reliable Kawasaki engine of the Z242F unit comes with a capacity of 18 HP power and is powerful enough to ride on your terrain, even the slightly uneven one with a speed of 6.5 Mph. If there is no repetition of the cutting route, you will need just 30 to 40 minutes to finish mowing your 2-acre lawn. The tank has a greater capacity of 3.5 gallons. You would need to have such capacity for mowing your larger lawn.

Maintenance free hydrostatic transmission of this machine provides complete control to its users. Thus, it ensures free and trouble-free operation. The machine also delivers fast air filtration, a better crank support system, smooth start, etc. make this lawn mower a must pick item for the professionals.

A mowing tip for you:

Always start mowing from the lawn edges. It will save you from repeatedly mowing around the same place and unnecessarily wasting your time or fuel.

Added Comfort to the users

This mower machine comes with plenty of rubber isolators on its body and sets apart the users’ feet, hands, and other parts of the body from the mower frame. Thus, this device eliminates vibration and produces less fatigue while using the mower. There is also an anti-slip footrest region which allows a good amount of non-slippery surface for added comfort and protection. The seating arrangements come with comfortable padding in consort with vinyl cover proper ergonomic design that ensures back support. The seat is located at 15 inches in height, but you can change it at your convenience.


Type of mower: Zero turn riding

Fuel type: Gasoline

Output Power: 18 HP

Cutting deck size: 42 inches

Tank capacity: 3.5 gallons

Maximum speed: 6.5 Mph

7. Sun Joe MJ401C-PRO 14 inch Cordless Push Lawn Mower Review

Sun Joe MJ401C-PRO 14 inch Cordless Push Lawn MowerSun Joe MJ401C-PRO 14 inch Cordless Push Lawn Mower

Riding or a robotic lawn mower can cost you many bucks. If you can’t afford them and have an intent to purchase a relatively cheaper item, then you can take a look at any push lawn mower. Compared to the zero turns or ride on mowers, the price range of the push lawn mower is absolutely shocking. Among the most popular such items, Sun Joe MJ401C-PRO Cordless Lawn mower takes the topmost position. This machine is gas powered, and it neither requires numerous parts nor needs much of the maintenance. Let’s dig a bit further and know the details of this amazing machine.

Easy functionality of the mowing machine

MJ401C-PRO is a small and extremely lightweight body. It only takes 28 pounds, including the battery being installed into it. Almost the entire body of this machine is made of plastic. Very few mowers come with an assembled condition as Sun Joe Mj401C does. When your machine is ready to get mowing, all you need is to just insert the key, followed by pressing the safety switch and squeezing the trigger. After having your mowing job done, you can easily fold the mower and store it in your garage. Due to its limited size, this mower needs no much space when it will be put away.

Easy maintenance and safety features

This mower unit requires less maintenance than the gas driven machines. While servicing it on a regular basis, keep all the nuts and bolts tight. After having a mowing session, clean the machine immediately to keep it safe from grass, leaves, or debris buildups. Try to keep the mower handles dry and free from grease or oil. Otherwise, it may occur accidents when it gets slippery. Keep yourself extra cautious while servicing or handling the sharp mower blades. Store the machine in a clean and dry place.

Make proper arrangements so that the storage room temperature does not exceed or lower the room temperature. Otherwise, they may affect the battery run time. The mower machine is a kid enticing toy. Keep it away from their reach. If it is possible, try to arrange a key plugging system to start the mower and keeps the key in your possession to avoid any accidents.

Cordless mower to ensure easier mobility

Having a battery powered and the cordless mower is a plus in case you want to cover the area of your 2-acres lawn. In case you want to use the corded machine, you have to connect the outlet at every distance of 300 to 400 feet, which will create a hassle for sure. Avoid such things with the Sun Joe MJ401C-PRO model. With its 28V 5Ah Lithium-ion battery, it is to mow around your 2 acres lawn; but the batteries need to be recharged around 8 times for that. If you can use two mowers at a time, you can cut the time to half.

Superior cutting quality

You would love the durable steel blade of this powerful, eco-friendly that can precisely cut a 14-inch path in a single pass. It also features a 3-position manual height control feature which enables adjustable grass tailoring height as per the user’s demand.


Mower Type: Cordless push lawn mower

Cutting deck Size: 14 inches

Grass bag capacity: 1.6 gallon

Battery capacity: 5Ah

Height adjustment level: 3 levels

8. Troy-Bilt Mustang 22HP 46-Inch Zero-Turn Mower Review

Troy-Bilt Mustang 22HP 46-Inch Zero-Turn MowerTroy-Bilt Mustang 22HP 46-Inch Zero-Turn Mower

One of the best zero turn mowers for 2 acres focusing on inexpensive price range with quality. It’s unlike many other commercial mowers and mainly focuses on the homeowner’s priorities. They have superior cutting abilities and, with little maintenance, can go a long way. This machine comes with a powerful engine, and considering the performance, it’s one of the few highest efficiency ensuring mowing devices.

Silent and powerful engine

The powerful Briggs and Stratton engine pack delivers 22 HP and is driven by gasoline. With a fuel capacity of 2.8 gallons, this mowing machine can effectively cover 2-acres lawn turf. The cleaning and maintenance process of the machine is totally effortless. Accessing the filter and changing it also causes no trouble. The overhead valve coming with the engine ensures to protect itself from overheating effects. Thus, the engine lasts longer than many others.

Enhanced ergonomic design with increased control & comfort

The Troy-Bilt Mustang offers a high back seat having a width of around 18 inches which ensures enough comfort to sit for a longer period. It features dual suspension to offer a smoother ride even while diving the mower on bumpy terrain. There is more leg space coming with this machine, so there is less chance that your legs will get cramps. The lap bars are fully adjustable and thus ensure increased control. If you wish to enjoy a quick drink, there is a cup holder on the device to ensure you have the drink.

Highly precise grass cutting

This Mustang model features a larger sized 46-inch deck. It is enough to handle any average and big sized suburban lawn. Moreover, the aluminum deck is stamped with 54-inch triple blades that can precisely work on both flat terrain and hilly conditions.

Built quality and performance

The lap bar seating of this mower delivers the power users want in order to get around their lawn efficiently. The size of the front casters is pretty big enough to handle the pressure of riding around a perfectly clean and firm soiled lawn. They are perfectly okay to take occasional one or two bumps. But if you have sandy lawn soil or the soil gets frequent rain, it might soften the soil, and in such case, there is the possibility that caters get dug in and stuck. Highly durable mower belts offer longevity as they are built with high-quality metal pulley instead of cheap plastic. The frame and wheels are also highly durable due to the heavy-duty components.


Mower Type: Zero turn mower

Deck Size: 46 inches

Fuel capacity: 2.8 gallons

Engine Power: 22 HP

Blade size: 54 inches

9. WORX WR150 Robotic Lawn Mower Review

WORX WR150 Robotic Lawn MowerWORX WR150 Robotic Lawn Mower

If your top most priority is to automatically cut your lawn grass, then the robotic lawn mower should be your best option to pick. Even despite such a user-friendly feature, this robotic mower usually comes with a cheaper price than the usual zero turn riding mowers.

Smart robotic mowing technology

The robotic mowing technology of this machine can easily detect the lawn edge and thus stops itself from going outside of the turf. Again, its “cut-to-edge” technique removes the chance of the machine’s quitting any peripheral spot. Due to these intelligent technologies, WORX WR150 does tedious lawn trimming work easier than you can ever expect.

Prevention of theft by intelligent GPS system

This smart machine comes with an additional “Find my Landroid” function, which is actually the GPS tracking system that will notify you if your mower is being stolen away from the garage or any other designated spot. Grab this machine, and get rid of the tension of theft.

Best mower for ½ to 2 acres turf

You would love the weather-resistance attributes of this mower. It survives all mild adverse climate conditions like gusty wind, rain, or mild shower. But never think of leaving the machine on heavy snowfall or severe thunderstorms. This robotic machine is well capable of reaching uphill or downhill, varying up to an angle of 20-degree. Another helpful feature coming with this unit is the variable cutting height adjustment feature. It will enable you to decide on trimming the grass height as per your preferences.


Type of machine: Robotic

Battery charging time: 90 minutes

Cutting width: 9 inches

Cutting height: 1.6 to 3.9 inches

Applicable steep angle: Up to 20-degree

Buying Guide

Before purchasing a riding mower machine for your lawn trimming purpose, at first, you need to analyze some factors to decide which brand and model would be best for you. Let’s know them:

Engine Power

The first guarantee that a mower should provide is its engine power before you pick it up for mowing your 2 acres lawn turf. If you choose any underpowered machine, it would ultimately make the mower strain, and you will feel frustrated. The ideal power range of the engine should be between 19 to 29 HP.

Power Source

The gas-powered engine emits many harmful compounds, whereas the battery-powered machine is a totally eco-friendly safe mower. Batteries last for only 45 minutes up to 2 hours, but they need around 10 to 12 hours to be fully recharged. In contrast, gas powered devices last longer and mow faster. The tank capacity is usually 2 t0 5 gallons.

Cutting Deck Width

Another crucial factor to consider of your 2 acre lawn mowing machine is its cutting deck dimension. The wider the deck, the faster the mowing, as more dimension means the machine would cover a larger area at a time. Considering the lawn size of 2 acres, the ideal width that the cutting deck would offer should be in between the range of 42 to 54 inches.

Zero Turning Capability

Zero turning mowers usually have a zero-degree turning radius and thus can move around obstacles of your lawn like the rocks, trees, roots, etc. In order to attain maximum safety, this feature is necessary.

User Comfort & Ergonomic Design

If you are up to mowing a large lawn of 2 acres size, you have to spend plenty of time on the mower seat. Depending on the width of the cutting deck, machine output power, and the chosen mowing route, the complete task might require 45 minutes to around one and half hours. Considering this greater time span, you need to consider the ergonomic seating arrangement of the mower and the user comfort being offered. A high back seat with proper padding and footpads is a must. Moreover, user-friendly features like cup holders to enjoy drinks, mowing height adjustment settings, easy speed adjustments, a bumper to prevent any obstruction, battery meter, snow blades, etc., can ensure more user convenience.

Safety Features

You need a chosen lawn mower that is actually safe for you, no matter how long you use them. The machine should have bumpers to protect the users and the mower from possible damage that may occur due to the device hitting any obstacle. It may also include features like flip prevention, blade clutch, reverse awareness technique, etc.


Covering a larger lawn requires better maneuverability, which depends on your lawn mower’s transmission system. Lightweight construction can offer better mobility. Try to pick a machine with a better transmission system.


There are some questions that are commonly asked or discussed frequently. Let’s unveil their answers here.

Why do I need a riding mower?

If you own a property with a lawn area of around half to two acres, then in order to mow them efficiently, riding on mowers would be the best topic. If the area is half an acre, electric or battery powered machines would fit perfectly. But in the case of more than 1 and up to 2 acres, gas-powered models can do better duty.

How often the mower blades need sharpening?

If you keep your mower blades unattended for a longer session and don’t sharpen them, they will go blunt. The efficiency of the machine would be dropped miserably. Uneven cutting would occur, and your lawn would eventually get shabby. So, you should sharpen the lawn on a regular basis, like once every two months.

What accessories usually come with a riding mower?

Some lawn mowers come with accessories and attachments like additional cables, garden dump carts, baggers, lawn sweepers, Tow-behind spreaders, aerators, easy hitch platform or plug aerator, lawn roller, etc.

What maintenance requirements do you need to follow for your riding mower?

The mower needs servicing and proper maintenance every now and then to keep it operationally fit. Change the oil and spark plugs frequently. You also need to clean out the carburetor as well.

What is scalping, and how to prevent it?

Sometimes, you may cut chunks out of your lawn turf, resulting in a bare patch on it. This bare patch is known as the scalp. In order to avoid scalping, you need to adjust the cutting deck height before starting the mowing. After that, raise and lower the mower blades while going for the clearest cut, and there will be no scalping.

How to store the mower efficiently when it’s not in use?

You can store your lawnmower in a garage or tool shed if they match the size of the machine. Some people prefer to store it outside. In such a case, do not forget to use a weather-proof cover. Otherwise, the machine may get damage or corrosion.

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Bottom Line

After going through this entire article, you must have got a good idea about the best riding lawn mowers for 2 acres of your lawn turf, right? If you have any medium-ranged or larger lawn area, your top pick should be Swisher ZTR2454BS for its larger cutting deck.

But if your top priority is the powerful engine, then you should go for Husqvarna YTA24V48. Ariens 915223 is the best choice if you intend to complete a professional mowing task. If you have a budget in your mind, Troy-Bilt mower models should be your main priority. Now it is up to you which one you need to pick considering every ins and outs of your lawn. Enjoy your mowing sessions!

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