How To Pick Up Thatch After Dethatching

Do your lawn need dethatching, but you are worried about the after mess of this? If that is yes, then there is always a question of how to pick up Thatch after dethatching? You can use a rake, leaf blower, and even lawn mower, applying some tricky ways.

It is essential to dethatch lawn every 2 to 3 years. It helps to keep the grasses healthy. But after dethatching the grounds, there is a lot of thatched grass spreads all over the lawn. That thatched grasses make the yard look very bad.

Here in this content, we are going to tell you how you can get free of the Thatch and make your lawn clean again after you dethatch.

So let’s look for the details of how you can make your lawn clean after dethatching.

How To Pick Up Thatch After Dethatching

The first step to getting rid of the messy look of the lawn after dethatching is to pick up thatching grass. It is hard to do with a bare hand. Some tools may help you with this.

Lawn Thatch Removal Equipment

You can not pick all the thatches with your hand. To pick up the thatches from your lawn, you can use different tools. You can choose a suitable one and clean up thatches from the lawn with less effort.

Below we listed some common types of equipment that you can use to clean thatches from your lawn after dethatching.

How To Remove Thatch From The Lawn with Different Tools

Now you may want to know the processes of picking up the thatches after completing dethatching. We have given here the process of picking up Thatch with the equipment above.

You can use more than one toll to pick up the thatches correctly from the ground. To clean the area around the trees or a lawn rake works grate. For a level area, you can use lawn sweepers.

Picking Thatch With A Rake

If you have cleaned a small lawn or a small portion of your yard, then you can choose a rake and sweat. It is the traditional way of cleaning the yard. Rake is a handy and cost-effective tool for Thatch removing.

While having obstacles like rocks, and trees on the lawn, then raking is the best option rather than the others. With a rack, you can clean debris from the tree side easily.

The steps of picking Thatch with a rake are given below:

Step 1: Take Caution

Wear supportive shoes, gloves, protective glasses, and an apron first to keep you safe from the dirt.

Step 2: Start Raking

Take a garden rake or leaf rake and start raking. Rake the thatches in one direction. Do not rake vigorously, or it will harm the root of the grass.

Step 3: Trap the Thatches

Drage the thatch piles to the place you wanted to dispose of them using a tarp. It will reduce your effort.

Step 4: Gater Them To The Disposal Site

After gathering all the thatches in a place, you can use them to produce compost for your garden. Or you can bag the dry grasses and dump them at a disposal site.


Picking Thatch With a Leaf blower

Instead of a rake, you can choose a leaf blower to clean up the mess of your lawn after dethatching. It will make raking and bagging the thatches more quickly than a lawn rake.

The leaf blower is heavy to carry and makes noise. Some people may not like it. The cleaning process steps with a leaf blower are given below:

Step 1: Gear up Yourself

Before you start using a leaf blower to clean thatches, it is essential to wear glass and ear protection.

Step 2: Decide A Place For Disposing Thatches

Before you start collecting the thatches, you have to allocate a place to gather all your lawn thatches.

Step 3: Blow Thatch On One Direction

Start blowing the thatches in one direction from a corner of your lawn. It is best to start from the left corner of the lawn. It will help you to avoid blowing thatches from the same place again and again.

Step 4: Use Back-And-Forth Motion  and Walk Slowly

To blow all the thatches clearly, you should point the front end of the blower at a shallow angle to the ground and hold the blower at your side. Now slowly walk and make back and forth motions towards the disposal area.


Pick Thatch With A Lawn Vacuum

With a leaf blower, you can only trap the dry grasses, but it is hard to pick up the dethatched grasses and bag them with them. If you want to pick up the thatches right away, then a lawn vacuum is a good option.

With this, you do not have to worry about further removing or ranking the thatches with your hand. The vac has a collecting bag with it. That collects the thatches in it that make it easy to handle the grasses.

The cleaning process steps with an outdoor Vacuum are given below:

Step 1: Wear Protection Gear

To protect your hand, eyes, and ears, it is always essential to wear rubber gloves, glass, and ear protection when working on the lawn or garden.

Step 2: Decide A Corner To Start

First, you have to decide where you are going to start. To clean thatches from a dethatched lawn, you should always start from a corner.

Step 3: Start Vacuum

Start the vac and pull it back and forth to collect the thatches in the bag.

Step 4: Empty Bag

After collecting thatched in the bag with vac, you have to empty the bag. Dump the thatches to a disposal site that was selected before. Then start again if the lawn still has the thatches.

Note: An outdoor vacuum can suck up the thatches from places where a rake can not reach.

Picking Thatch With A Push Lawn Sweeper

This push lawn sweeper is an excellent choice for cleaning up manually after dethatching than a lawn rake or a leaf blower.

The push lawn sweeper has a brush connected with the wheels for your lawn cleaning.  There is also a rear hopper to collect the thatches and leaves.  When the wheels of the sweeper rotate, the brush contains the thatches on the hoper.

The cleaning process steps with a push lawn sweeper are given below:

Step 1: Gear up

Before you start cleaning your lawn, it is always essential that you put on your protection gears.

Step 2: Start From the Left Corner Of The Lawn

It is best to start cleaning the lawn from a corner in one direction—this help to avoid the same place twice.

Step 3: Push The Sweeper To The Foreground

To clean your lawn with a push sweeper, you have to push the sweeper to the foreground. As the sweeper wheels rotate, the brush rotates and collects the Thatch to the collecting bag.

Step 4: Dump The Thatch To The Disposal Area

Once the collecting bag gets full, dump the thatches to a selected disposal area.


Thatch Picking Process With A Lawnmower

You can also use a lawnmower to clean the mess of the lawn after dethatching. Without throwing the thatches, you can make a good mulch for your yard with it. You have to ride your lawnmower over the thatches.

Otherwise, to remove the Thatch of grass, attach a collecting bag with your lawnmower. If you have a tow-behind Lawn Sweeper can also be strapped behind the mower. I will help to collect the thatches easily. It is larger than a push lawn sweeper.

The cleaning process steps with a lawnmower are given below:

Step 1: Gear up

Put on safety gear like glasses, and gloves to protect your eyes and hands from sharp objects. 

Step 2: Adjust Lawn Mower And Collecting Bag

Then attach a collecting bag or lawn sweeper with the lawnmower to collect the dry grasses.

Step 3: Start Cleaning

Now you are ready to pick up the thatches from your lawn. To do that, turn on the mower and drive it to the place you wanted to clean.

Step 4: Empty Collecting Bag

Whenever the collecting bag or the hopper of the sweeper gets full of thatches, dump the thatches at a compost pile or trash bin.

Note:This lawn sweeper will work good a lawnmower

Should I Mow After Dethatching?

You perform dethatching before and after mowing. For the best result, mow your lawn to half of its standard height before you dethatch. Mowing will help to dethatch your lawn thatches easily. You can also cut grasses after dethatching. It will also clean up the thatches after dethatching.

A Helpful Tutorial You May Need!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Should I Pick Up Thatch After Dethatching?

Yes, you should pick up the Thatch after dethatching your lawn. It is the most important step after you finish your dethatching.

How Do You Clean Thatch After Dethatching?

After dethatching the lawn, you can clean up the Thatch with the help of a rack, leaf blower, push lawn sweeper and lawnmower.

What Do You Do After You Dethatch Your Lawn?

After dethatching your lawn, I will clean up the thatches. Then mow the grass clips, and for new grasses, I will fertilize the lawn grasses.

What To Do With Thatch After Dethatching?

After dethatching the lawn, I will pick up the thatches pile to a site and turn them into compost for further use in the garden and yard.

Can You Mulch After Dethatching?

If you want to overseed after dethatching, then do not mulch the lawn. Mulch will prevent most of the seed to touch the soil.


Did you glance through this content? If the answer is yes, now you know how to pick up Thatch after dethatching.

Dethatching is essential for a beautiful green lawn. It helps to keep your lawn getting proper nutrition and growth. But after dethatching lawn thatches, the yard looks very bad and needs cleaning up.

Here we have listed all the tools essential for cleaning up the lawn. If you are a beginner at grounds care, you also find the processes of using the equipment to clean thatches from your property.

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