What are the common Bad Boy mower transaxle problems? The most common transaxle problem of a Bad Boy mower is leaking hydraulic fluid. It is not a secret that the Bad Boy mower provides the best types of zero-turn mowers. However, they are surely not flawless.

We discovered that some other transaxle problems exist with this mower, including a defective charge pump, motor problem, and more. If you are worried about these problems happening on your Bad Boy mower, then we have your back. In this article, you will get the reasons and solutions behind these issues. Therefore, stay tuned.

Bad Boy Mower Transaxle Problems

The Bad Boy mower has an excellent suspension system. It can make the ride very smooth while keeping the mower deck steady even during mowing on rough terrain. At the same time, you will get a smoother, matchless, and cleaner cut.

However, because of transaxle problems, the cuts cannot be of good quality, and the rides can’t get smoother. It can harshly damage sensitive turf grasses like Bermuda grass that need a tolerable mowing height and clean-cut.

Transaxle Problems Of The Bad Boy MowerSolutions To Try
Leaking hydraulic fluidInstall a new seal kit
A defective charge pumpShow your mower to a mechanic to inspect it
The left transaxle lacks torqueMake sure that the drive belt and bracket are not stuck
Broken transaxleReplace the transaxle
Motor problemNo oil in the motor

Let’s take a detailed look at the Bad Boy Zero Turn Mower problems regarding transaxle.

Leaking Hydraulic Fluid

Several people have reported this transaxle problem. It happens when the hydraulic fluid of the Bad Boy mower starts leaking.

Solution: The best fix for a leaking hydraulic fluid is to install a new seal kit.

A Defective Charge Pump

Another common transaxle problem of the Bad Boy mower is a defective charge pump. This problem happens if the hydro system is defective or damaged.

Solution: To solve this issue, you have to show your mower to a mechanic to inspect it. He will then fix any defects found in the hydro system.

The Left Transaxle Lacks Torque

We have found out that some people complained that their Bad Boy mowers’ left transaxle lacks torque. A customer reported the same problem. This issue happens if your transaxle drive belt and bracket are stuck.

Also, a loose drive belt can cause this issue by affecting one transmission while the other looks ok. Another customer said, “Your piston inside the drive isn’t making good contact with the plate it sits on. It’scavitating when it gets warm and basically not doing a damn thing.”

You can also check these 3 reasons why Bad boy mower blades won’t engage and how to fix them.

Solution: In this case, you have to make sure that the drive belt and bracket are not stuck. Also, you need to ensure that the drive belt is not loose. In addition, check whether the piston inside the drive belt is making a good connection with the plate it sits on or not.

Broken Transaxle

Oh, sometimes, it happens that the transaxle gets broken after a long period of use or lack of maintenance. And the same thing one user reported in Houzz that one of his Bad Boy mower axles is broken.

Solution: In this case, nothing to do but replace the transaxle on your lawn mower to make it run smooth again.

Motor Problem

Sometimes, your Bad Boy MZ Magnum zero-turn lawn mower can have transaxle problems. As a result, the grass cutting can be of poor quality. These issues occur if there is excessive wear or no oil in the motor.

Solution: To solve these Bad Boy MZ Magnum transaxle problems, you need to fill the motor with oil. If the problem persists, then you have to replace the motor.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do you adjust the steering on a Bad Boy zero-turn mower?

It is crucial to adjust the steering on your mower for a Bad Boy mower speed adjustment. For doing that, firstly, swing out the tanks. Then, remove two nuts and move the piston to the top and the rod to the bottom hole. The final result would be feather-light inputs on your mower’s sticks and extremely little stick travel. Before tightening it all up, ensure that you do not have to adjust the rod ends.

Why does my Bad Boy mower keep breaking belts?

There are many reasons that your Bad Boy mower’s belt can get broken. The most common cause is the belt can become shredded. As a result, it will become weak and more likely will break. Generally, a belt can become shredded from scratching on a bracket that has shifted out of place or from incorrect installation. Also, rust can cause your belt to dry out, and it will more likely get cracked and broken.

How do you adjust the belt tension on a Bad Boy mower?

To adjust the belt tension on a Bad Boy mower, firstly, you need to tighten the two ¾ inches jam nuts on the right side of the belt tensioner. It will also raise the belt tension on every model of the Bad Boy mower. The factory setting is around .030 inches between the coils of the belt tensioner. This space is just sufficient to put a credit card inside.

Final Verdict

The Bad Boy brand has created a reputation for making some of the most heavy-duty zero-turn lawn mowers for landscaping for many years. However, there are some issues and errors that can take place in the Bad Boy mowers. As it is tough to find something faultless, we can still say that a Bad Boy mower is one of the best zero-turn lawn mowers.

So, we recommend you not to take the problems mentioned above as a reason not to buy them. It is because there are many more reasons to purchase it, and it is better to concentrate on those. Also, if you are already facing Bad Boy mower transaxle problems, hopefully, this article will help you to solve those problems.

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