Bad Boy Mower Blades Won’t Engage

Bad boy mower blades won’t engage how to resolve? If you’re continuously failing to engage the mower blades while working, you might have been overlooking the internal component fails. Mostly the PTO clutch can be the main culprit behind blades malfunctioning.

But no need to get panicked! Because we have all the possible issues that are the core criminals, each with a solution. If you do not have a piece of good knowledge of your lawn mower, then we are also offering the essentials just for you.

So, keep reading till the end. Please don’t skip a part because we hate to see our readers leaving without resolving. Let’s get into the deep.

Bad Boy Mower Blades Won’t Engage: What’s Wrong!

In this part, we will discuss 3 of the major components that disrupt the blade’s engagement. Riding lawn mower blades won’t engage until these issues are solved. Have a look and try to figure out if any of these are causing the problem in your lawn mower as well.

Possible ReasonsSolutions to Try  
A too stretched or too loose beltMake it fit correctly
Faulty PTO switch knobReplace the knob
Erosion and tear of clutchContact some expert to replace it

Fixes to Try When Lawn Mower Belt Won’t Engage

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In a lawn mower, the belt works as the pulley synchronizing the blade (or blades) with the mechanism. So, while the issue is about the blade engagement, see if the belt is perfectly engaged.

As mentioned above, the belts might be set too tight, so it creates a stretchy situation on blades or loose that is continuously slipping off the track. The blades may also fail when the belt is snapped or packed up as a result of over process, i.e., cutting too many leaves or grasses that pack up under the desk and push off the belt from the track.

To resolve, we suggest the following,

  1. If the belt is stretchy and tight, try loosening or replace with a longer one.
  2. If it is too loose, find a shorter belt.
  3. Avoid over processing. Better to work in short segments.
  4. If packed up with the grasses and leaves, take your time and have a clean-up.
  5. In case the belt is too old and starts losing elasticity, it is better for the machine to get a new belt.

Resolve When Lawn Mower PTO Won’t Engage

The PTO (also called Power Take Off) is a mechanism that transfers power as a secondary component with the flywheel. When the reason behind blade disengagement is PTO, you need to check the knob, whether it is faulty or just failed.

In this case, you will need a replacement with a good one. So, while purchasing, keep the model and the serial number of the lawn mower in mind. Otherwise, the dealer might end up recommending another mismatch, which may eventually not benefit the replacement at all.

Fixes for Lawn Mower Clutch Won’t Engage

Now the clutch is the closest component with your lawn mower engine and withstands the highest of the frictions. As a result, it surely faces erosion and, at some point, starts tearing.

While the material faces a loss of dimensions, it definitely will not serve as the new product. In this case, replacing the clutch would be a better idea. You can also try re-adjusting the component closer to the clutch if you have good control over the internal mechanism.

The clutch is the most expensive among the components mentioned in the table above, i.e., $200- $300. So it is better to take your lawn mower to a dealer to see the condition of the clutch, whether you need to change it or any adjustment could be applied, before making any decision yourself right?

Bad Boy Zero Turn Mower Blades Won’t Engage

Now a Zero-turn lawn mower is a mower that has a turning radius of zero while the two driver wheels rotate in opposite directions. It can be compared with the turning of a tank. In this part, we have a bonus bad boy zero turn mower blades engagement tutorial for you.

So, how to engage the bad boy zero turn mower blades? Simply follow the following instructions and see if it works,

  1. Insert the ignition key and try to start the engine.
  2. Slowly push the choke inward,
  3. Release the parking brake.
  4. Pull out the PTO switch.
  5. Pull it horizontally towards the driving seat.

This Video Will Help You Too!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why won’t my mower blade engage?

It can be the belt, PTO, or the clutch that is not helping the blade to engage. Have a check or take the lawn mower to the dealer.

How to engage the blades on a Bad Boy mower?

Insert the ignition key and try to start the engine. Then slowly push the choke inward, and release the parking brake. Lastly, pull out the PTO switch horizontally towards the driving seat.

Where is the fuse box on a Bad Boy mower?

It varies but is generally located along with the wiring harness in between the battery and key switch.


Did you just make it up to this far? Found what the issue with your bad boy mower blades engagement was? Then congratulations! We love to see our readers happily operating their machines.

Bad boy mower blades won’t engage if you are unaware of these problems related to the internal components. So to have the desired performance of the machine, it is essential to keep some basic knowledge of them, which will help you resolve any minor issues in further processing.

If you are not an expert, we suggest you take advice from the dealer you have purchased the product. Any noob actions can make the situation worst than ever.

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