What is the difference between Arden 15 and Blackjack Bermuda? A common difference between these two is that grass from Blackjack seeds is more tolerant of heat than Arden 15.

Both Arden 15 and Blackjack Bermuda grass seeds are resulting in a mind-blowing beautification. Still, it seems challenging to distinguish one from another.

So, considering the fact Arden 15 vs Blackjack, the differences are vital. These distinctions also help to choose the right seeds to purchase.

Please keep your eyes on our words to find out the appropriate seeds you can throw to germinate and plant grass.

Arden 15 Vs Blackjack

SubjectsArden 15Blackjack
ToleranceCan tolerate the cold temperature. Can tolerate extreme hot temperature
Germination PeriodIt takes 7 to 8 days to germinate properly.10 to 14 days to germinate properly.
Minimum Mowing HeightMinimum mowing height is 1.25 inch.Minimum mowing height is 1 inch.
Fully Growing TenureMaximum 45 days.60 to 90 days.

From the differences, we can identify one thing definitely. If you are dwelling in a warm climate, you must choose the Blackjack Bermuda grass seed. Other than that, you can go to Arden 15.

Color & Look- The Noticeable Contrast

While considering the color and look, we can barely differentiate between Blackjack Bermuda grass and Arden 15. However, Arden 15 has the ability to tolerate cold weather and yet to fade the color.

In contrast, plenty of reports says that the grass from Blackjack grass seed remains the same in scalding temperature as in the winter.

The primary color of Blackjack grass is deep green. On the contrary, the grass from Arden 15 Bermuda grass seed, a successor variety of Princess 77, holds the color dark green.

We can merely differentiate if we examine simultaneously, and the result will be Blackjack has a lighter color than Arden 15.

Best Purposes

About the purposes, both the Blackjack ii Maya turf Bermuda grass seed and Arden 15 are best for similar purposes. For example, golf courses, playgrounds, carpeting yards, sports fields, etc. But, the differences in the application comes depending on the availability of water, soil quality, and temperature of the area.

If you are enthusiastic about having a greenfield in a premise where winter is not freezing but summer causes scorching heat, you must choose the Blackjack seeds rather than the Arden 15.

We also must disclose that the texture of Arden 15 is more pleasing than the Blackjack seeds. It allows the fields to be more verdant. Hence, we can also conclude that it is ideal for golf courses.

Moreover, Arden 15 is highly effective for commercial purposes since it has the ability to grow faster than the Blackjack Bermuda grass.

But for your yard carpeting and playground purpose, Blackjack works amazing.

Seed Requirement- Another Common Fact

The seed requirement is the same for both types of grasses. Assuming the mission to cover a 1-acre field, we need 87 pounds of seeds of Blackjack Bermuda grass.

We need the same amount to cover a 1-acre field. And, the Arden is not dissimilar.

Germination Time- The Major Case

The growing time differs from grass to grass type. However, Blackjack Bermuda grass seed can germinate within 10 to 14 days, whereas Arden 15 takes a shorter time, like 7 to 8 days.

The duration of germination also depends on the quality of the seeds. Here we mentioned the term the best quality seeds.

Both of the grass seeds may not germinate if the soil is dry, too cold, or too hot.

Difference In Growing Tenure

The Blackjack Bermuda grass takes at most 90 days to fill up the desired fields by growing properly. On the other hand, the other type of Princess 77 called Arden 15 takes at most 45 days. Both the grasses require fertilization and watering for healthy growth.

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If you want to ensure the right time to form the growth entirely, you must plant the seeds of Arden 15 in the time between April to October. And, about Blackjack, the best time to plant the seeds is from February to June.

After the entire growth, you can mow the lawn from the field and put a disciplined growth among the grasses.

Maintenance Difference

Let’s consider the wagering requirements first. The Blackjack Bermuda grass requires plenty of water, and so does the Arden 15. If you are planting the Blackjack bermudagrass, you must water the field 2 to 3 times a day.

You must add one more time during the summer or drought as the water vaporizes concisely. If you are planting the Arden 15, you must do it exactly 2 to 3 times a day.

But, you may lower the power of the sprinkler, which means Arden 15 can rely on less water supply.

Regarding the sunlight requirement, both of them require 6 to 8 hours of sunlight. But, the grass of Arden 15 can survive through less sunlight.

Price Difference

The price varies from brand to brand. So, you will find different prices in different stores. However, the mean cost for 1 LB Arden 15 is $35, and the Blackjack is $20.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Will Arden 15 take over common Bermuda?

Yes, Arden 15 has the ability to take the place of common Bermuda. The right amount of water and fertilizer can serve you with common Bermuda carpeting.
Moreover, it can have a green effect in both summer and winter. The maintenance of Arden 15 is not complex, and it has incredible growth.

How long does it take Arden 15 to germinate?

Arden 15 is immensely popular with the people who desire to see their yards green within a short while. The standard time of germination of Arden 15 is 7 to 8 days. However, it also varies on the quality of the seeds.

How do you keep Bermuda from spreading?

There are plenty of ways to prevent the spreading of Bermuda. The most effective way is to cover the border with a plastic wrapper. It will stop the sunlight instantly and stop spreading Bermuda unexpectedly. Another way you can follow is to use gravel around the area to stop the spread of Bermuda. First, cut a trench around the premises by 5 inches. Then fill-up the trench with 2 to 5 mm gravels. It will stop the grasses from spreading their roots, and you will block the complete spreading.

Who makes Arden 15?

Arden 15 is a variety of the immensely famous Princess 77. Behind this hybrid grass and mastermind development, Dr. Arden Baltensperger is responsible. He designed the genetics of this hybrid grass, and served the development process to the seed maker to produce in bulk.

So, Which One Is Your Pick?

Blackjack and Arden 15, both of the grass, are amazing to carpet your yards and provide a greener effect on the sites. Yet, you have to choose one of these, comparing Arden 15 vs Blackjack. If you reside in a place with a warm climate, you ought to select blackjack grass.

Despite slow growth, the lasting and green effect can cause a grin on your face. But, if you want to use grass carpets for commercial places like golf courses or parks, you can choose Arden 15.

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