How much antifreeze do I mix with water in tractor tires? You have to mix at least a 50/50% ratio of water and antifreeze in your tires.

Well, the ratio may depend on various occasions, but if you do not keep the antifreeze ration minimum of 50%, the water can become ice making the tractor slow.

However, the task is not very easy, and it requires proper guidance to get good results. Keep reading to learn thoroughly about the antifreeze to water ratio chart for tractor tires.

What is Antifreeze to Water Ratio Chart for Tractors Tires

Antifreeze is a certain type of substance that keeps the water from becoming ice. It is a chemically developed substance known as ethylene glycol, and it prevents the water from getting too cold or becoming ice. 

Antifreeze is very popular on the cooler sides of the earth, meaning the places where snowfall is common and the temperature is too low.

Usually, the water becomes too cold and drops the temperature to become ice in those places. It creates many problems, especially on the farming side, as tractors have water in their tires. 

A tractor tire without mixing antifreeze can become very heavy due to ice. The movement becomes slow, which can harm both the engine and also the suspension of the tractor. So, in the case of living in cooler places, it is basic knowledge to learn about antifreeze and its ratio. 

The antifreeze to water ratio for tractors tires is very specific and you have to follow it exactly to get perfect results. If you put too much antifreeze into the water, it can also create unnecessary problems. 

One of the most important items alongside antifreeze is a tractor tire fluid fill kit like the most recommended Slime Air & Water Adapter Kit, as, without this type of kit, the entire process would not be possible.

Antifreeze to Water Ratio Chart for Tractors Tires

antifreeze to water ratio for tractors tires

Here in the chart, you can see the capacity of the antifreeze by its percentage. It will help you measure the amount of antifreeze you need depending on the region you live in. Moreover, there are times when the temperature will go down unexpectedly, you can also use it at that time.

% of Cooling System CapacityProtects from Freezing Down toProtects from Boiling Up to

If you keep the antifreeze up to 50% and keep water at 50%, you can easily sustain the water below -34 degrees, and if you keep it at 60/40%, it will sustain below -62 degrees. So, you can understand how capable it is. 

Antifreeze is especially useful when you live in a cold place, and your main method of living is farming. Farming equipment needs water to run properly, and one of that main equipment is a tractor and which needs water in the tire.

But the cold weather can easily make it ice which can become heavier, thus ruining the engine. Filling tractor tires with water and antifreeze can solve this situation.

A Helpful Tutorial You May Need!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much water is in the tractor tires?

It usually depends on the temperature of your living area, and how much water you should put in. But keeping a 50/50 water to antifreeze ratio is the best practice all over the world. But if you think it might freeze because of the cold, you can keep the ratio to 60/40 antifreeze to water ratio.


Living in a cold area is a hard thing to do and at the same time, having your tractor tires frozen is a real struggle. But this struggle will become fun by adding a substance that is nothing but called antifreeze. 

We have discovered the perfect antifreeze to water ratio chart for tractor tires which you can follow. It is simple, and you don’t have to do any math to figure it out, as we have given a chart mentioning the amount of antifreeze.

Just keep in mind to keep the ratio checked to have everything operate safely.

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