What is the Recommended Bolens weed eater fuel mix ratio? If we answer this question straight, the recommended Bolens fuel mix ratio is 40:1.

But what is the importance of maintaining this fuel mix ratio? It is essential for the engine and life length of the Bolens weed eater machine. There are other options for the fuel mix ratio too.

You should have deep knowledge of this perspective to get the best performance from your weed trimmer. So, let’s explore this page and understand the fact.

Bolens Weed Eater Fuel Mix Ratio

Check out this table for the fuel mix ratio of different series of Bolen’s weed eaters.

Bolens Weed Eater ModelsGas-Oil Fuel Mix Ratio
Bolens BL10050:1 or 40:1
Bolens BL11040:1
Bolens BL15050:1 or 40:1
Bolens BL16040:1

Well, most weed eaters are two-stroke engine machines that demand a proper mixture of oil and gas. This mixture determines the weed eater’s performance.

There are a few 4-stroke Bolens weed eaters, and there is no need to make an oil and gas mixture to run these machines. These weed eaters have separate fuel and gas tanks. You just have to fill the fuel tank and gas tank.

Now, what is the fuel mix ratio for Bolens Weed Eater? As almost all Bolens weed eaters have a 2-stroke engine, we should have good knowledge of the gas-oil mixture for weed eaters. The Bolens weed eater gas-oil ratio is 40:1 mostly. It means that you must add 40 parts of gas to one amount of the oil. If you take one gallon of gas, you must add 3.2 ounces of oil.

Does this Bolens weed eater fuel mixture ratio vary for different models? Not very much. If we talk about the primarily used Bolens BL110 fuel mix, it is also a 40:1 gas-oil ratio. There are other models of Bolens like Bl100, Bl150, and BL160 weed eater. They also work well with a 40:1 gas oil mixture system.

Sometimes manufacturers recommend mixing gas and oil at 50:1. This ratio works well too. So, there is nothing to confuse between these two ratios. Consumers may like to know about the Bolens BL160 fuel ratio as it is the recent model. As the manufacturers recommend, this model also requires a 40:1 gas-oil mix ratio.

How can we measure the 40:1 Bolens 25 cc weed eater fuel mixture? It is simple. If you take one gallon of fresh gasoline, you must add 3.2 ounces of oil. If the gas is 1L, then the oil will be 25 ml. If the gasoline is 1L, you must add 20 ml of oil.

In the case of a 50:1 fuel mixture ratio, the one-gallon gasoline will mix with 2.6 ounces of oil. If the gas is 1L, you must add 20 ml of oil.

Another gas-oil mix ratio is 32:1. This fuel mix ratio is used in the older versions of the weed eater. In this case, consumers had to mix 4 ounces of oil with 1 gallon of gasoline.

What Is the Importance of Maintaining Fuel Mix Ratio?

The two-cycle engines in the weed eater use string as a weed trimmer. This structure needs lubrication using a mixture of gas or fuel and oil. Basically, Bolens BL110 weed eater fuel mixture lubricates the piston and crankshaft. If the combination is incorrect, it creates service and longevity problems. A proper gas-oil blend ensures efficient engine operation.

If you add more oil than the requirement, it will create engine problems. If the oil is too low, it will severely decrease the engine’s longevity.

Important Note:

Within the gas-oil ratio, another important part is to use fresh oil. It cannot work even if the fuel mix ratio is correct if you use expired or older oil than six months. Besides, never use the automobile motor oil in the weed eater, including the Bolens weed eaters. Motor oil has non-combustible additives, and it can damage the engine.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What kind of gas does a Bolens Weed Eater take?

Bolen’s weed eater can take regular unleaded gasoline. The present day’s gas or fuel is a mixture of gasoline and alcohol. For the Bolens weed eater, 87 octanes with less than 10% alcohol are the correct fuel type. If you use the alcohol blended gasoline, it should not be older than 60 days.

How much oil do I mix with gas for a Weed Eater?

We must maintain a gas-oil mix ratio for a weed eater to get the best performance from the trimmer. However, an improper fuel mix ratio can foul the weed eater machine. So, we should mix gas and oil in a 40:1 or 50:1 ratio. For the 40:1 ratio, we have to add 3.2 ounces of oil to one gallon of gasoline. For the 50:1 ratio, 2.6 ounces of oil is excellent for one gallon of gas.

What is the ratio of 40 to 1?

A two-cycle weed eater machine needs a gas and oil mixture to maintain the lubrication of the piston and crankshaft. It ensures the proper performance and longer life for the weed eater engine. The gas and oil mixture for Bolens BL110 fuel mixture should be done according to the 40 to1 ratios. It means that one part of oil can be mixed with 40 parts of gasoline.


By maintaining the proper Bolens weed eater fuel mix ratio, we can have the best service from our weed trimmer and the chance to use this machine for longer without interruption. With proper gas-oil balance, we should also be careful about using fresh oil and the right gasoline.

Bolens weed eater is a magical machine to decorate your lawn or garden as you like. Doing trimming is also smooth and non-tiresome if we always keep the gas-oil ratio perfect. So, happy garden trimming with the correct use of a weed trimmer.

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