What is thef Agri-Fab spreader settings chart? It’s a sort of guideline allowing gardeners to spread fertilizer over lawns evenly.

But every time, it doesn’t remain as helpful as it should be. Sometimes, some gardeners fail to discharge lawn chemicals correctly even after following the chart. There can be varied reasons behind this failure. As such, they must have followed the wrong chart to set the spreader.

But we don’t want you to experience such a hassle and thus, included the correct Agri-Fab spreader settings chart and described how to calibrate your spreader accurately in this content. Let’s read on.

Agri-Fab Spreader Settings Chart: Let’s Figure Out Your Preferred Spreader Setting

Every gardener wants their lawns to look beautiful with healthy grasses. That’s why they take various steps to ensure the top-notch condition of their yards and among those steps spreading high-quality fertilizer, seeds, and more is a significant one.

And to accomplish this job, various gardeners utilize different spreaders. However, most gardeners’ favorite machines remain Agri-Fab spreaders. Some use broadcast spreaders; some adhere to drop spreaders, while others go with handheld spreaders.

Regardless of which spreader types gardeners choose to spread fertilizer evenly over lawns, most of them, especially newbies, spend hours drooling in anticipation when it comes to setting the spreader correctly.

Consequently, they ask other gardeners to help them figure out the right spreader setting based on the applications. Some even search queries like Agri Fab 85 spreader settings chart, Agri Fab seed spreader settings, and more online.

Mostly, they don’t find what they are looking for, but you did, and you will get the correct information concerning the settings for the Agri Fab spreader in the chart below. Not only that, but we will also tell you how to find out the ideal spreader setting following the trial and error method. Hence, let’s get straight into it.

Agri-Fab Spreader Settings: Everything You Need To Know About

Usually, most broadcast spreaders’ settings remain between 3 and 5 for light to heavy applications while operating at 3 mph. But the setting can vary depending on the fertilizer you choose. That said, let’s look at the Agri-Fab spreader settings conversion chart below.

Product NameMaterials WeightCoverage AreaDrop Spreader SettingBroadcast Spreader Flow SettingBroadcast Spreader Spread Width
Howard Johnsons All Season Turf Food20 lbs5000 sq. ft.6-½3-¾8
Howard Johnsons Weed & Feed20 lbs5000 sq. ft.6-½48
Howard Johnsons Farm & Fleet Crabgrass Prevent Plus Fertilizer20 lbs5000 sq. ft.648
Howard Johnsons Hardware Hank Weed & Feed20 lbs5000 sq. ft.63-½8
Lebanon Chemical Corp Green View Green Power15 lbs5000 sq. ft.63-½6
Lebanon Chemical Corp Green View Green Start20 lbs5000 sq. ft.6-½3-¾ 7
Lebanon Chemical Corp Green View Spring Crabicide10 lbs5000 sq. ft.93-½ 3
Lebanon Chemical Corp Green View Expel Dandelion Killer10 lbs5000 sq. ft.103-¾3
Lebanon Chemical Corp Green View Carbicide Green Crabgrass Preventer & Lawn Fertilizer20 lbs5000 sq. ft.63-½7
Lebanon Chemical Corp Green View Winter Green17 lbs5000 sq. ft.5-¾3-½7
Lebanon Chemical Corp Green View Bug Out Insect Control20 lbs10000 sq. ft.63-½7
Lebanon Chemical Corp Green Gold Lawn Food17.5 lbs5000 sq. ft.6-¼3-¼ 6
Lebanon Chemical Corp Green Keeper Fertilizer50 lbs10000 sq. ft.N/A4-¼ 8
Lebanon Chemical Corp Green Keeper Fertilizer50 lbs5000 sq. ft.N/A510
Lebanon Chemical Corp Country Club50 lbs8930 sq. ft.N/A48
Koos Inc. Green Thumb Lawn Food17 lbs5000 sq. ft.6-¾46
Koos Inc. Organic Lawn Fertilizer25 lbs2500 sq. ft.146-½7
Earthgro Best Lawn Food40 lbs5000 sq. ft.1256
Earthgro Fall Fertilizer30 lbs2500 sq. ft.1566
Earthgro  Best Sod Feeding & New Seeding40 lbs2500 sq. ft.177-½6
Bandini Maxi Green Lawn Food20 lbs5000 sq. ft.4-½3-½8
Bandini Supergreen Lawn Food20 lbs5000 sq. ft.5-¾ 3-¾8
Bandini Superblade Grass Food20 lbs5000 sq. ft.5-¾ 3-¾8
Bandini Weed Control & Lawn Food20 lbs4000 sq. ft.53-½ 8
Ortho Consumer Products Oftanol  Grub Control Surface Insects Soil Insects10 lbs1-½lbs 1000 sq. ft. 3lbs 1000 sq. ft.5-¾ 6-¾3-¼ 48 8
Ortho Consumer Products Dursban Grub & Insect Control Surface Insects Soil Insects10 lbs2lbs 1000 sq. ft. 4lbs 1000 sq. ft.6 7-½3-¾  4-½8 8
Ortho Consumer Products Diazinon Soil & Turf Insect Control10 lbs2lbs 1000 sq. ft. 2-½ lbs 1000 sq. ft. 3 lbs 1000 sq. ft.8 8-½ 93-½   3-¾  48 8 8
Ortho Consumer Products Lawn & Garden Food20 lbs1lb. 100 sq. ft. 3 lbs 480 sq. ft.  3-½ 4-½4-¾    4-¼    7 7  
Parker Fertilizer Sta- Green Lawn40 lbs10,000 sq. ft.6-½4-¼6
Parker Fertilizer Sta- Green Weed & Feed36 lbs10,000 sq. ft.74-¼6
ACE Lawn Fertilizer For Florida16 lbs5000 sq. ft.6-½3-½8
ACE Premium Weed & Feed16 lbs5000 sq. ft.5-½3-¾8
ACE Lawn, Shrub & Tree Fertilizer30 lbs5000 sq. ft.7-½4-¼ 8
ACE Winterizer16 lbs5000 sq. ft.6-½3-¾8
Ringer Lawn Restore25 lbs2500 sq. ft.1278
Scott & Sons Disease Control Plus Lawn Fertilizer7-⅝ lbs5000 sq. ft.5-¾3-¼6
Scott & Sons Lawn Repair Fertilizer15.91 lbs5000 sq. ft.5-½3-½6
Scott & Sons Insect Control Plus Lawn Fertilizer15-½ lbs5000 sq. ft.6-½3-½7
Scott & Sons Lawn Insect Control9-¼ lbs5000 sq. ft.6-½3-½6
Scott & Sons Starter Fertilizer20.88 lbs5000 sq. ft.6-¼3-¾5
Scott & Sons Turf Builder15.52 lbs5000 sq. ft.6-½46
Scott & Sons Turf Builder Plus 214-13/16 lbs5000 sq. ft.656
Scott & Sons Turf Builder Plus14.29 lbs5000 sq. ft.647
Scott & Sons Weed Control5 lbs5000 sq. ft.6-½ 3-½4
Scott & Sons Halts Crabgrass Preventr10-1/16 lbs5000 sq. ft.6-½ 3-¾7
Scott & Sons Moss Control Plus18-⅜ lbs5000 sq. ft.63-½5
Scott & Sons Winterizer Lawn18-7/16 lbs5000 sq. ft.6-¾ 46
Scott & Sons Summarize11.88 lbs5000 sq. ft.53-½6
Scott & Sons Lawn Pro Program Step 1 Crabgrass Preventer Plus Fertilizer15 lbs5000 sq. ft.5-¾ 3-¾9
Scott & Sons Lawn Pro Program Step 2 Weed Control Plus Fertilizer14-1/16 lbs5000 sq. ft.5-¾ 47
Scott & Sons Lawn Pro Program Step 3 Insect Control Plus Fertilizer15-½ lbs5000 sq. ft.747
Scott & Sons Lawn Pro Program Step 4 Lawn Fertilizer14.07 lbs5000 sq. ft.5-½3-½8
Scott & Sons Lawn Pro Starter Fertilizer With Crabgrass Preventer22 lbs5000 sq. ft.74-¼7
Scott & Sons Lawn Pro Weed & Feed14.59 lbs5000 sq. ft.6-¼47
Scott & Sons Lawn Pro Lawn Fertilizer12-3/16 lbs5000 sq. ft.6-½ 3-½7
Scott & Sons Lawn Pro Super Turf Builder16.07 lbs5000 sq. ft.6-½ 3-¾7
Scott & Sons Lawn Pro Super Turf Builder Plus 214.71 lbs5000 sq. ft.6-½ 3-¾6
Scott & Sons Emerald Estate2.2 lbs3000 sq. ft.5-¾36
Scott & Sons Shady Splendor2.8 lbs3000 sq. ft.64-½6
Scott & Sons Suddenly Elegant3 lbs3000 sq. ft.5-¾47
Scott & Sons Picture Pride3 lbs3400 sq. ft.5-¾3-¼6
Scott & Sons Shady Area3 lbs3100 sq. ft.64-½6
Scott & Sons Playtime3 lbs3400 sq. ft.5-¾47
Scott & Sons Quick Cover3 lbs750 sq. ft.1059
Scott & Sons Sun Mix1 lb.1300 sq. ft.646
Scott & Sons Shade Mix3 lbs4000 sq. ft.6-½4-¼ 6
Scott & Sons Sun & Shade Mix3 lbs4000 sq. ft.6-⅛4-⅛  7
Scott & Sons Wear & Tear Mix3 lbs3400 sq. ft.5-¼ 3-¾   7
Scott & Sons Quick Mix1 lb.250 sq. ft.95-½7
Scott & Sons Shade Survival3 lbs1300 sq. ft.8-¾  5   8
Scott & Sons Drought Survival3 lbs1300 sq. ft.8-¾  5   8
Vigoro Deep Green Plus Fertilizer28 lbs8000 sq. ft.74   7
Vigoro Deep Green Plus Weed & Feed28 lbs7000 sq. ft.74   7
Vigoro Industries Deep Green Lawn Food20 lbs5000 sq. ft.6-½ 4   7
Vigoro Deep Green Crabgrass Preventer Plus Lawn Food20 lbs5000 sq. ft.6-½ 3-¾    8
Vigoro Starter Fertilizer20 lbs5000 sq. ft.6-½ 4-⅛     7
Vigoro All American Lawn Food20 lbs5000 sq. ft.5-¾  3-⅞     7
Vigoro All American Weed & Feed20 lbs5000 sq. ft.6-½ 4     7-8
Vigoro All American Crabgrass Preventer Plus Lawn Food20 lbs5000 sq. ft.73-¾      7
Vigoro Fall Winter Starter18 lbs5000 sq. ft.74      8
Vigoro Weed Control Plus Lawn18 lbs5000 sq. ft.7-½ 4-⅛       7
Vigoro Gro-Tone Lawn18 lbs5000 sq. ft.6-½ 4-⅛       7
Franks Longlife Premium Lawn Fertilizer18 lbs5000 sq. ft.5-¾  4       8
Franks Nurseries Premium Fall Lawn Fertilizer18 lbs5000 sq. ft.6  4       9
Franks Nurseries Premium Weed & Feed18 lbs5000 sq. ft.6-¼  4       7
Franks Nurseries Longlife Twelve Professional20 lbs5000 sq. ft.5-½   4       9
Franks Nurseries Crabgrass Preventer18 lbs5000 sq. ft.6   4       9
Franks Nurseries Broadleaf Weed Killer10 lbs5000 sq. ft.5-¼    3      6
Franks Nurseries Longlife Lawn & Garden Insecticide10 lbs5000 sq. ft.5-¾     3-¼       6

Here, we have shared some sought-after lawn products’ spreader settings to help you understand the mechanism.

Anyway, as you can see, the hopper size doesn’t affect the spreader setting; but the materials you pour inside indeed do. Hence, you should avoid searching the spreader settings by mentioning the Agri-Fab hopper size, such as the Agri-Fab 130 lb spreader settings chart or any other size you own.

Instead, you need to include the fertilizer, seed, or ice melter you will be using on your lawn while searching for the spreader settings on and offline. For example, you can search for Agri Fab spreader settings for Lesco fertilizer. But if it’s about the Lesco spreader, the settings might be different. However, here’s a quick recap from the above chart to help you better comprehend this matter.

Agri-Fab Broadcast Spreader Settings For Powdered Fertilizers

To apply powdered fertilizers, you need to set your Agri Fab 100 spreader settings from 3 to 5 while the spread width should be around 3 to 4 inches, and your spreader’s operating speed should be 3 mph.

Agri-Fab Broadcast Spreader Settings For Granular Fertilizers

For granular fertilizers, the flow setting will remain under 3 to 5, but the spread width will change slightly. It should be around 8 to 10 inches while operating the gardening equipment at 3 mph.

Agri-Fab Broadcast Spreader Settings For Pelletized Fertilizers

Pelletized fertilizers are thicker than granular fertilizers, so you need to keep the spread width around 10 to 12 inches, but the rest settings should be the same, which are 3 to 5 for the flow setting, and the speed range should be 3 mph.

Agri-Fab Broadcast Spreader Settings For Organic Fertilizers

If you choose to spread organic fertilizers using your Agri-Fab spreader, you need to set the flow setting and spread width 6 to 8 and should operate the machine at a speed of 3 mph.

Agri-Fab Broadcast Spreader Settings For Fine Grass Seed

For fine grass seed, the flow setting should be 3 to 4, and the spread width needs to be around 6 to 7 inches while running the spreader at 3 mph speed.

Agri-Fab Broadcast Spreader Settings For Rough Grass Seed

While applying the rough grass seeds on your lawn, you need to set the flow setting at 4 to 5 and the spread width at 8 to 9 inches. Lastly, you must operate the machine at the speed of 3 mph.

Agri-Fab Broadcast Spreader Settings For Ice Melter

For most ice melter brands, you should keep the flow setting between 6 and 8, and the spread width should be around 10 to 12 inches. Finally, the speed of your spreader must be 3 mph.

So, these are all the Agri-Fab spreader settings for different applications. Anyway, to eradicate the guesswork, you can follow the method mentioned below.

How To Calibrate Your Agri-Fab Spreader Like A Pro

Before beginning the actual spreading job, you should calibrate your spreader. Here’s how you are gonna do it. Suppose you want to put organic fertilizers on your 1000 sq. ft. lawn. So, after selecting your preferred brand’s organic fertilizer, you need to read the instruction manual printed on the pack.

For example, suppose the manufacturer says gardeners can spread 5 lbs of fertilizers on a 1000 sq. ft. lawn with a spreader set of around 6. In that case, you should use half of a pound and spread it over a 100 sq. ft. area for testing purposes.

For that, you need to pour 0.5 lb of fertilizer inside the hopper and then set the spreader to 6; finally, start spreading the fertilizer over your chosen 100 sq. ft. area while walking at a speed of 3 mph.

After finishing the job, if you see no leftovers inside the hopper, then you need to understand that spreader setting 6 is ideal for the rest of the spreading chores.

And if you see there are a few or more fertilizers still inside the hopper, you should set the spreader setting to 7 and rerun the test.

However, if you are left with no fertilizers in the middle of the spreader, you should set the spreader back down to 5 and start spreading again.

This way, you can figure out the ideal spreader setting for specific applications and lawns. We hope you won’t face any problems calibrating your Agri-Fab spreader next time.

This Video from Agri-fab May Help!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Do You Adjust Agri Fab Spreader?

First, you should loosen the wingnut on the flow control bracket. Afterward, pull it toward the adjustable stop you want and tighten it. Finally, you should pull the flow control arm against the adjustable stop to avoid accidental discharge of chemicals.

How Do You Use Agri Fab Lawn Spreader?

First, fill the hopper with your preferred materials according to the guideline you will find on the pack. Now, set the spreader setting and start pushing the lawn spreader. Pull the control lever to the on position when you begin moving to let the materials spread. While turning or stopping, keep the control lever in the off position.


Finding the correct Agri-Fab spreader setting chart can be daunting, but it won’t be anymore, as you have read our article. We assure you that you will face no issues while setting up your spreader following the chart mentioned in this blog post and, indeed, the guideline. And if you check our spreader setting chart for STA-Green spreader, you might get the overall concept for the application.

So, if you find it helpful, you may share this content with your friends, help them distribute lawn chemicals correctly, and let them witness a stunning yard. That’s all for this blog post; we will catch you with the next one. Happy gardening!

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