What are the symptoms of a bad fuel shut off solenoid? The most common sign you will notice is when the starting performance is cold. Apart from this, there are multiple other symptoms as well.

Due to compressions, your fuel may shut off or fail, for which the solenoid shuts off. There are certainly ways to fix those. To know more, check out this article we made with proper research.

Symptoms of a Bad Fuel Shut Off Solenoid

symptoms of bad fuel solenoid

Firstly you should know what an engine stop solenoid is. It’s a particular component designed to stop the fuel supply to the engine so that it shuts off. Such solenoids are present in mechanical machines.

Typically the solenoid remains in an energized position when you start the car. So, when it stays that way, the fuel cannot pass as intended. But sometimes, the solenoid fails to cut the energy due to specific reasons.

If you want to find the component, check the entrance of the fuel pump. Otherwise, check-in the line of the fuel before the injection pump. Typically solenoids have no power and need the energy to function.

The control panel of the generator controls it. So, when you start your tractor or lawnmower, it passes power to the solenoid that regulates the fuel supply. Check the following symptoms of bad fuel solenoid to get a better idea.

 Symptoms How to Detect
Engine Shut OFFVehicle shuts down abruptly
Troublesome AccelerationSlow speed while accelerating
Cold StartsWhen the engine takes awhile to start
Rushing NoiseLoud noise while starting the engine
SmokeHints of black smoke from the engine
Unsteady IdlingSudden shutdowns while idling

Engine Shut OFF

When using your lawn vehicle, if you see that it is abruptly shutting off, then one of the primary reasons is a lousy fuel shut off in the solenoid. It usually occurs when the electromagnetic component does not get adequately energized. So, when you try to start the engine, it shuts off without any preemptive warning.

It’s tough to start the vehicle once the solenoid gets at fault because your engine does not receive the proper fuel. To fix the problem, just replace the solenoid with a brand new one to correct the problem. It is pretty inexpensive so replacing the solenoid isn’t an issue.

Troublesome Acceleration

Among the various symptoms of a bad fuel shut off solenoid on riding mower is when the acceleration isn’t smooth. To test the theory, we tried a mower with a faulty solenoid. When we put a load of 50lbs, the mower had a hesitating acceleration. Furthermore, the average speed of the vehicle was lower than usual.

It usually happens when the solenoid gets stuck while controlling the fuel flow. You can fix it manually by adjusting the solenoid. Otherwise, we suggest you go to your nearest mechanic.

Cold Starts

There are brands of shut off solenoid components as well. The most common you will see is the Kohler. However, there is an issue you might encounter with Kohler. There might be poor engine starts among the other kohler bad fuel shut-off solenoid symptoms. When you try to turn on your mower or tractor, you will see the startup is not smooth.

It’s another example that shows your solenoid is faulty. We suggest you clean the solenoid and try starting the engine again. If you still see a similar problem, you can claim a guarantee or buy a new one.

Rushing Noise

If you hear a harsh sound while starting the car for a few seconds, it’s time to check your solenoid. Generally, the rushing noise doesn’t last much. It appears when you start the engine and lasts for a few seconds. However, this can get annoying to various users. And if you leave it unchecked, the problem will increase, ultimately leading to a complete engine shutdown.

Get your solenoid cleaned or ensure that it isn’t stuck. We also suggest you go to the mechanic if you have trouble fixing it to the correct position.


Sometimes you will notice smoke coming out from the engine. Also, there will be an annoying noise following up with slow acceleration. It happens with older diesel model engines. You won’t find this problem with the latest engine types. Yet, this issue might pop up if you use older diesel engines.

The only way to overcome this situation is by replacing your solenoid. There are no better alternatives other than replacing the component.

Unsteady Idling

When there is a lousy fuel shut-off, you will see that it’s precarious while idling your garden vehicle. It can be very annoying sometimes while idling your mower. You can’t focus on your other activities. It shuts off, or some noises throw up upon you. Just replace your solenoid or clean it properly to fix the problem.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a fuel shut-off solenoid?

It’s a specific component meant to cut off the engine’s fuel supply and cause it to shut down. Solenoids like this can be found in mechanical machinery. Furthermore, the part is electromagnetic.

How do I know if my fuel solenoid is bad?

Various symptoms will let you know if your fuel solenoid is terrible. The most common one is when your engine does not start even when you crank it a couple of times. Again, if you see cold starts with your machine, you can guess that your fuel solenoid went bad.

What controls the fuel shut-off solenoid?

Firstly you will find your fuel shut-off solenoid near the injection pump. If you follow up the fuel line on some other vehicles, you can find it before the pump. As the solenoid has no power, it is controlled by a generator panel.

How do you test a fuel shut-off solenoid on a Kohler engine?

There are multiple methods to test a shut-off solenoid on a Kohler engine. The most popular way is by testing the battery. You can do that by using a specific meter that lets you know the negativity and the positivity rate.


We discussed the symptoms of a bad fuel shut off solenoid above. The signs we listed will show up if your solenoid is faulty. Generally, such issues arise if you use old diesel engines, yet some of the latest ones still contain shut-off solenoid. So keep an eye out for these symptoms to know whether you have to change your solenoid or not.

Hover through the faq section if you have any queries. If you checked out the article appropriately, you could also fix the lousy fuel shut-off solenoid symptoms.

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