Tym Tractor Problems

T.Y.M. tractor is one of the heavy-duty work tractors ruling the industry with its high-end performance and user-friendly design. But unfortunately, the lack of maintenance and servicing makes them prone to some basic issues.

One of the most common Tym tractor problems you can notice is on the tractor’s transmission system, which causes due to contaminated fluid and inadequate speed of R.P.M. 

Believe it or not, it’s too tougher to diagnose the issues of your tractor if you do not know their probable causes. So, we are here to break down the problems, their causes, and quick fixes to make your experience with the T.Y.M. tractor smoother and even better.

So let’s dive in!

Tym Tractor Problems and Quick Solutions

Let’s have a look at the issues and how you can fix them quickly.

Transmission System Pressure Cannot be Increased or DecreasedLow R.P.M. seed contaminated FluidImproperly Positioned Control Lever  Adjust the R.P.M.Set the Lever to Lowering PositionChange Fluid
Lights do not IlluminateLoose Connection or  Discharged BatteryCharge the Battery and Tighten Cable
The engine is Low on PowerLow Fluid LevelDamaged Nozzle  Add FluidRepair Nozzle

Tym Tractor Transmission Problems 

Because of the hydraulic transmission system, some tym tractors are susceptible to transmission issues. Specifically, it is one of the common tym t474 problems

Sometimes the hydraulic pressure will increase on its own. And it will be difficult to set the pressure as recommended. Because of the increased pressure, the transmission will not be able to provide the correct power to the wheels. Sometimes the engine might overheat. This is also another reason for TYM tractor electrical problems.

However, hydraulic pressure increases mainly because of the control lever’s improper position, defective valves, and damaged cylinders. Also, a damaged lift shaft can affect the pressure level. 

And to fix this, you need to set the control lever to the lowering position from the stop position. However, you need to call a professional to repair the other parts. 

The transmission system starts dropping its pressure, and with this issue, you cannot expect to get heavy-duty work done.

Well, the low revolution (R.P.M.) speed of the engine is one of the main causes behind it – also, debris build-up around the transmission, contaminated fluid, and low fluid level. Also, if the suction pipe has air inside it will not let you increase the pressure.

Oh, don’t forget to purge the air from the suction pipe and tighten it. Then keep the engine R.P.M. from 1000 to 1500. Also, keep a fluid level recommended in the manual. Remember not to filter the contaminated oil. Instead, change the fluid. And these steps should be enough to increase the pressure.

TYM Tractor Steering Problems

Your tym tractor steering system might not perform well on slopes. It happens mainly because of improper alignment and pressure levels of the wheels.

Because of the improper to-in, you will struggle to turn the steering, and it will vibrate. Again, the tym tractor shuttle shift problems lead such steering problems also.

Also, the steering play or free movement can be excessive if any of the metal parts and steering wheel shaft start wearing out. Because of the excessive steering play, the tires might turn too left or right.

To fix it, you can adjust the toe-in level, set the tires to the recommended pressure level, or tighten or replace each of the steering wheel connections. 

Unresponsive Brake System

Not always, but sometimes the brake system does not operate. Even if it operates, only one side of the brake works. And you might notice that the brake pedal will not come back up.

Also, you might face no free pedal play to excessive play. If the pedal play is not between ⅛ to ¼ inch, the brakes will feel mushy or wear out quickly. 

The probable reasons for improper pedal play and unresponsive brake are rust build-up on the sliding section, damaged return spring, and burnt disk brakes.

To get rid of the excessive play, keep the right and left play amount to the same level. Also, take a rag, apply some grease on it and clean the rust. And replace the damaged brake liners.

Lighting System Issue

If you are in traffic, especially at night, a proper lighting system is a must. But if you do not maintain the connectors and battery regularly, the lights can give you hard times. Individual or all lights might not illuminate. And they might burn out.

The defective voltage regulator, burnt-out fuse, and discharged battery are the main causes of faulty lighting. 

You need to check and renew the regulator or fuse to illuminate the lights in such cases. And keep the battery charged before riding your tractor. Also, make sure to tighten any loose battery cable connections. Otherwise, the turn signal lights will flicker.

Engine Problems

If you carry an excessive load, your engine will start producing black smoke. Also, if you avoid using recommended fuel in the manual, it also causes the engine to produce excessive smoke. It can make the engine fuel inefficient.

Also, sometimes if the nozzle pressure drops, the engine does not provide sufficient power. To fix engine issues, always add quality fuel and have the nozzles inspected and repaired.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Mahindra Tractors Are Made by T.Y.M.?

Mahindra is in association with a few manufacturers to produce a majority of their engines and tractors. And T.Y.M. manufactures some of the larger Mahindra tractors. The tractors usually provide 25 to 65 H.P. T.Y.M. usually manufactures the Shuttle and H.S.T. series Mahindra tractors. Other than those, Mahindra 2310 and 7010 are also made by T.Y.M.

Are TYM Good Tractors?

Yes, they are TYM tractors that have been in the automobile industry for more than fifty years. So, they know their way around integrating user-friendly design and powerful engines. They are a good fit for heavy-duty work, even for 70 hours. You can carry or skid logs, brush hog and push snow easily. Tym tractor dealers’ services are also quick to help you out with any issues.

Who are the Manufacturer of the Tym Tractor’s Engines?

TYM is a machinery manufacturing company located in Seoul, South Korea. So, TYM Corporation manufactures most of the engines. But sometimes, the Japanese company Yanmar Co. manufactures some of the engines such as 3TNV80F and 3TNV88-CR.

Are Tym Tractors and Branson the Same?

No, they are not. TYM is the owner of Kukje Machinery now which is a parent company of Branson tractors so you can confuse both the brands. But they are maintained as separate brands.


Most of the Tym tractor problems occur not because of the faulty system but because of the lack of maintenance. It is necessary to call your local T.Y.M. dealer for maintenance and parts support.

Also, if you maintain the fuel quality, cleanliness, and suggested pressure and load level in the manual, you shall not struggle with the brake and steering system. 

Also, you should not think of maintaining worn-out metal parts. Otherwise, they will cause more damage to the performance of your tractor. It is better to replace or repair them in a workshop.

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