Is your Husqvarna robotic automower failing to detect the edges of the lawn? The most probable cause can be a defect or damage in the existing boundary wire. So, what is the best alternative to Husqvarna boundary wire?

The Extreme 14 Gauge automatic lawnmower boundary cable can be a decent Husqvarna boundary wire alternative. However, most available automower boundary line wires in the marketplace work similarly.

But for a better experience and longevity, look deeply into the wire, such as the resistance, diameter, outer sheathing, etc. Let us give you a walk-through to decide wisely while picking an alternative.

Husqvarna Boundary Wire Alternative

You should avoid the cheap ones as a Husqvarna alternative as they have a very low-efficiency rate and build quality. Let’s explore some good alternatives for the Husqvarna Boundary Wires.

Extreme Universal Lawnmower Boundary Wire

Firstly, it is a certified wire identical to the original Husqvarna boundary wires. It comes from the popular and recognized Extreme Consumer products.

The outer layer of 60mil polyethylene keeps the internal wire core safe from heavy accidental or animal-caused impacts. Compared to the official wire (20 gauge), it comprises 14 thick gauge wires, ensuring better longevity and workability.

Besides, it has a lower resistance due to the thicker wire core. This means a high flow of electricity through the wire keeps the robotic lawn mower well guided and on track.

Robomow OEM FR-MRK0040A Wire

Although it is the official perimeter wire for the ROBOMOW automowers, it still works great with the Husqvarna automatic lawn mowers. This wire also comes with a 14 gauge thick solid copper, which works better than the Husqvarna 20 gauge wires due to lower resistance.

The best thing about this boundary wire is the price-to-quality ratio. You will get a lot more wire at almost half the price than other boundary wires. There is no degradation in the quality due to the cost-cutting as well.

Its PVC wire jacket is strong enough to withstand most rough impacts caused by vehicles, animals, or humans occurred.

Bosh F016800373 Boundary Wire

These boundary wires work identically to the wire provided by the Husqvarna automower.

As a result, you can conveniently use it as an alternative wire for area expansion or a replacement of the Husqvarna. The good thing about the wire is you have to pay comparatively lesser than the Husqvarna wire kit.

However, the drawback of this wire is that the outer covering is relatively thinner and more fragile than other types of wire. You can avoid this by laying the wire sufficiently under the ground level.

Automow 3,6mm Safety Cable

It is designed to be compatible with all types of robotic, automatic lawn mowers. The 10-year guarantee is quite convincing to use as an alternative to the Husqvarna boundary cable.

This wire includes packaging of 150m, 250m, 500m, and 800m, allowing you to select the best-suited one for your lawn area. It features a dual-layer build, making it very different from the other wire types.

A thick and durable PVC coating is the first layer of protection to keep the wire away from being worn and torn. The metallic mesh layer shields the wire from external interference and rodents, making the lawnmower move smoothly around the lawn.

Its twisted metal core ensures lower resistance for high electrical flow. All of these make the wire a suitable alternative to the Boundary wire of the Husqvarna automower.

Check out this chart to decide what type of boundary wire you want to pick as an alternative to Husqvarna boundary wire

Comparison Chart

SpecificationeXtreme UniversalRobomowBoshAutomow
Thickness14 gauge14 gauge20 gauge3,6mm
Wire layerSingle LayerSingle LayerSingle-layerDouble-layer
Core typeSolid Copper CoreSolid Copper CoreSolid CoreTwisted Alloy core
Availability500ft to 2000ft100m100m100-800m

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can you use any wire for the robot mower?

You can use any type of wire, provided it has a relative build quality compared to the original boundary wire from the manufacturer. For modifying or increasing length, the wire type must be identical to the existing boundary wire. But for lawn area expansion, any wire can be used.

Do all robotic mowers require boundary wire?

Not all robotic automatic lawn mowers require a boundary wire. However, most popular brands of robotic auto mowers use boundary wire technology. Some auto mowers use a guided GPS technique, wifi/Bluetooth technology, or an onboard camera to detect the authorized perimeter.

What is boundary wire?

A boundary wire is a jacketed metallic wire usually used to set up a perimeter around your lawn or house for different purposes. The robotic automatic lawn mowers detect signals from boundary wire laid underneath the ground as an authorized perimeter of movement.

Is all boundary wire the same?

In terms of workability, all boundary wires are similar to each other. But in terms of build quality, they are different. And the difference between the boundary wires is found in the resistance of the core, thickness, and type of the metal used as the core, protective layers, and making of the outer jacket.


We understand it can be hectic and a hassle when your existing boundary wire of the Husqvarna automower gets ripped off. In such circumstances, you either need to replace the wire or join in with an additional wire.

We hope by now it is clear to you what can be used for the Husqvarna boundary wire alternative. There are several options which you can use.

Take help from the chart above to pick the best-suited boundary wire. We advise you for the “Extreme Universal Boundary Wire” as the best alternative for the Husqvarna one.

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